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Hello, it’s me again =)

It’s time to get back to blogging…perhaps a bit ambitious after only 6 weeks since the birth of my second daughter I know! My blog has been neglected for a while now due to busyness and tiredness with my pregnancy and moving house. I lost some of my inspiration and motivation for blogging during that time with all the other things going on.

However despite being sleep deprived I now feel excited about getting back into the Life’s Little Celebrations blog and providing you with party ideas and where to find items to match your themes =)

I won’t be posting as detailed and long posts as previously which contained sometimes over 100 products and would take a few hours to prepare! I do have 2 kids now under 2 years of age and they are my priority =)

However I will still be showcasing some great ideas and products for various themes and parties in general. I will also again be offering my Party Inspiration board service for those of you who want more detailed ideas and sources for decorations, printables, favours, tableware, etc.

Along with this I hope to write other blog posts on topics relating to parties generally – all written from the perspective of an average mum. I am not a stylist or party planner and I don’t have an unlimited party budget or a never ending stock of party items – I am a mum, like most of you, wanting to celebrate my little one’s with a lovely celebration!

So thank you all for patiently bearing with me and I hope you will join me once again!




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