about life’s little celebrations…

Oh hi there you confetti shaker + party maker…you’ve found yourself at the right place on the web! I’m Tanya – the one in the kids event industry in Australia who loves to CONNECT fab kids party vendors with each other AND with party loving mums !

Yep that’s me below….but most days you will find me holding my kids hands more than a bunch of balloons

As a busy mum of 4 young children, I value little ones and believe they deserve to be celebrated! I also believe that those in business in the kid event industry deserve to FLOURISH so they can have the business of their dreams…the flexibility they crave…and the success they are desiring so they can be there with their family just as I love doing with my little ones (below!)

I am passionate about supporting and promoting small businesses who service children’s celebrations and creating connections and networks amongst them via our Celebrate Society!

I launched Life’s Little Celebrations in 2011 and have built up a trusted and well known brand in this industry across our directory, blog, magazine, conference and our membership network – The Celebrate Society! I absolutely love working with our members in supporting them reach their business goals and connect in this industry as well as be showcased to anyone who is planning children’s celebrations!

I live in Sydney with my husband and 4 young children. I love tea over coffee…..a great magazine over a novel…and delicious desserts over a savoury treat!

I believe in living a life of meaning, joy and purpose

I believe that a party is never fun on your own….and neither is running a business. It’s better “together”, and that’s why I created The Celebrate Society! Hope to see you on the “inside” if you’re a business owner!

Happy Celebrating,