Fire Engine Theme

A classic boy theme which so many little men seem to love at some stage of their childhood! It’s cute & boyish at the same time with lots of red, yellow and black & can also feature orange and blue. Tin & metal elements could also work into this theme and you could choose to go modern or vintage.

Key images you could work into your decor are fire engines, fire hydrants, fire helmets, whistles, torches, ladders, firefighters, fire alarm bell, hoses, dalmatians, sirens…just to get you started!

I hope these ideas will either contribute to your party planning or inspire you with some ideas!

Starting off with some modern and vintage printables, they really show off how different colour combination’s could work for this party:

Fire Truck printable - Style Me Gorgeous


Vintage Firetruck invitation - TomKat Studio


Vintage fire truck invite - Mon Tresor


Old Red Firetruck invitation - Paper and Pigtails

Onto your main table & decorations and I love the idea of using this brick backdrop behind the dessert table for a traditional fire station look:

Brick wall backdrop- The Party People

I honestly was in awe when I saw this vintage fire engine bunting! The images look so detailed and this would be a stand out in a party space:

Vintage Fire engine bunting - Collecting Feathers


For another great fire theme effect, try out these these string ball lights:

Red string ball lights - Mini Style

A cute garland which can be hung horizontally or vertically with a great colour combination of red, blue and yellow:

Paper garland, red, yellow, blue - The Princess & the Pirate

Paper chains are making a comeback and this red and white combo would be a cool addition to your decorations:

Red dot paper chain - The Little Big Company

These quality fabric buntings in vibrant colours would also make a great feature:

Liberty Smart garland - Little Sooti


Boo smart garland - Lovely Little Parties

These other hanging decoration options would really bring out the colours you have chosen and brighten your party space for a fire engine theme:

Honeycomb paper ball - Mon Tresor


Teal paper fan - Mon Tresor


Black Paper Lantern (Also available in orange) - The Little Big Company


Red tissue pom pom - Ah-Tissue

For the table setting I have chosen items for various colour schemes so depending on your invitations etc you can find some complimentary table decor. Make sure you also have a look at some of our other party themes where we have also featured red and yellow tableware items.

If you like any of the below designs you should be able to find matching plates/cups/napkins to go with them:

Blue white stripe table runner - Le Petit Party

Tablerunner red stars - The Party Parlour

Polka Dot Table runner - Le Petite Party

Black/White stripe Table runner - The Party Parlour

Red polka dot plates - Little Sooti

Party plates, red, aqua,white spot - Details, details

Red and white square plate - Mon Tresor

Polka dot black and white cups - The Party Parlour

Candy stripe cup - The Party Parlour

Orange spot napkins - The Party Parlour

Black tie napkins - Twiggi

Red star napkins - Twiggi

How “wow” are these mason jars with daisy cut lids? I think the metal lid would work in well with the fire engine theme. The below image is from an overseas website that does offer international shipping however you can find these in Australia from Ruby Ju. Combine them with a cool straw and wrap some twine around them for a unique look:

Mason Jar with straw - Magpie Paperworks


Charcoal Twine - Tout Mon Amour


Blue, red and white stripe straws - Sharnel Dollar Designs


Black & White stripe straws - Sharnel Dollar Designs


Orange stripe paper straws - Sharnel Dollar Designs

These chalk labels would look great for a fire engine theme to create a charcoal look. Use them to label your candy jars, drink bottles or even on your party favour packaging:

Rectangle chalkable labels - Little Sooti

Continue the charcoal effect through the use of these chalkboard placements on your table:

Chalkboard Placemat - The Princess and the Pirate

You could also pop one of the placemats on an easel and use it as a welcome sign to the party or a happy birthday message to the special boy:

Black easel picture holder - Ruby Maine

These tin buckets are so versatile and great for decoration or for holding cutlery or treats. Tie some ribbon around them or use a chalkboard label to top them off:

Bucket 12 cm Burgundy - Lily Chic Events

To incorporate more metal elements, these cute silver plated vases could be used in a myraid of ways!

10cm Silver plated cup vases - The Little Big Company

For a splash of red, this jar is sweet for a lolly buffet!

Jar Montana with red lid - The Bay Tree

Or for a more vintage feel, this rustic jar would look fantastic!

Vanders Rustic Lidded Jar - 1825 Interiors

A few other bright ways to present your sweet or savoury dishes:

Red polka dot bowl - Lark


Red plastic food basket - Mon Tresor

To dress up your cupcakes and tie them into your theme, here’s some cute cupcake decor to make sure your cupcakes don’t just drift into the background!

Fire fighter cupcake decorations - Cupcake City


Fireman cupcake toppers - Giggles Cupcake Toppers


Red Muffin Cups - Cupcake House


Cupcake tower baby blue spot - The Party Parlour


Black and white stripe cupcake stand - Mon Tresor

Isn’t this stand amazing? It could be used to house other treats as well, and again great for bringing the metal element into your party:

3 Tier silver plated trays - The Little Big Company

These bright baking cups wrappers are great even to be filled with caramel popcorn, lollies or other goodies:

Paper Eskimo baking cups black and white - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations


Paper Eskimo Baking Cups Red stars - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations


Paper Eskimo Baking Cups Blue Stripe - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations

For your main cake, this wire cake stand will look fantastic if you are using blue in your theme. The wire effect will work well with other metal elements too:

Wire cake stand, french blue - Little Sooti

Or for a bold statement this black cake stand is really something!

Rococo Noir Round Cake Stand - Little Sooti

Such a lovely cake bunting! It also comes in a cream/red colour scheme as well and can be personalised:

Twirling Betty handmade cake bunting - The Little Big Company

Try these 11cm long candles for a stand out effect!

11cm long red polka dot candles - The Party Parlour


For other goodies this cookie cutter set means you can create an array of designs to match this theme:

Fireman cookie cutter set - Sweet Themes

And a few other sweet treats to keep the little firefighters happy!

Orange and yellow swirly big lollipop - The Little Big Company


Strawberry swizzle stick - The Little Big Company


Orange Swizzle Stick - The Little Big Company

Toffee Apples are a unique treat and the deep red would look great with this theme. Love these Designer Toffee Apples which make delicious favours:

Toffee Apples - Designer Toffee Apples


Here are a few other little decor touches for this vibrant and cute party theme:

How stunning is this bright amber colour ? Definitely not a bowl you’d want to put away after the party!

Crackle bowl in Amber - Dusk

Some lovely wall decor:

Fire engine canvas - Oulike Kids Decor


Wooden fire engine wall motifs - Stix and Stones

This sweet toy storage basket is great for the birthday boy and could be used on the party day as a place to keep the birthday gifts, for you to keep items in for party games etc:

Fire engine storage basket - Oulike Kids Decor

For a unique prop this fire helmet would really set the scene for a vintage inspired Fire engine theme. Although it is a bit of a splurge so it depends on your budget and whether it would work into your home decor afterwards:

Fire Helmet - Mantorque

A cute fire bell decoration:

Fire bell alarm clock - Gifts Australia

Your little man may love to dress up in this smart costume and these firefighter gumboots which he can wear on a rainy day but will make authentic decor on the day of the party:

Fireman costume - Toys Paradise


Fireman kids gumboots - Wellies Online

A great treat for the little one’s to wear during the party are these Fireman hats along with the badges, whistle or party blower.

Fireman Plastic hat - The Fire Fighters Party Shop


Fire Badges - Sweet Themes


Achilles Plastic Pea Whistle - Rebel Sport


Party Blower - Speckled Freckle

These fire engines would look so lovely on the table and your little man is sure to have fun playing with them after!

Tin metal fire engine - Nik Naxs


Tin metal fire engine - Carousel Boutique


Wooden toy fire engine - Sweet Peas

For a bit of fun during the party how cute is this firefighter pin party game!

Firefighter pin party game - Speckled Freckle

To continue this theme through to the little one’s take home gifts, here are some ideas for packaging or for favours:

Orange Lolly Bag - The Princess & the Pirate


Black Tote Box - The Princess & the Pirate


Red polka dot noodle box - Mon Tresor


Blue Red Stripe personalised chocolate bar - Le Petit Party

Tiny Tin Toy fire engine - My Tin Toys

This pocket library comes with 6 books which you could divide up to give as useful favours:

Fireman Sam pocket library - Fishpond


Fire hydrant squirters - Gorgeous Little Paries


Fire Truck Eraser - Daisy Stationary


Pull back fire engine toy - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations


Lastly a sure to be adored gift for the birthday boy is this metal ride on fire engine. He will definitely feel like a true fire chief in this!

Steel toy ride on fire truck - Hip Kids


Hope you are feeling a bit inspired from this post! This theme is a real classic boy theme and definitely shows there is lots of fun ideas out there for boys parties. Hope your little man enjoys this party and feels truly celebrated!


Amy in Wonderland

There’s been a lot of excited chatter lately on Amy Atlas possibly planning a trip down under. Other lovely bloggers have been writing about how they found out about Amy Atlas, such as Leanne from Mrs A in the Cove and Jane from Homemade Parties!

Reading these made me think about how I discovered the world of Amy Atlas, which I thought I’d share with you today.

8 months ago I gave birth to my precious baby girl. In the midst of the neverending cycle of feeding, nappy changing, sleeping (or hardly sleeping!) I had to plan a little something for her Baptism in 2 months time. I wasn’t planning anything huge but still wanted something nice which didn’t involve the standard “Happy Christening” matching party decorations I had seen in all the party shops.

I then stumbled onto Jade from Super Organisor Mum’s blog where she presented her Christening party for her son Oliver. I was in awe and in love! I had never seen such a cute party before with so many precious details! I LOVE little details!

Oliver's Christening dessert table - Super Organiser Mum blog

Like Alice in Wonderland I felt I had stumbled into a new hidden world I didn’t know existed – a world of sweet parties organised by loving mum’s with so much thought, dedication and love being poured into them. It wasn’t about spending loads of money or outdoing other mother’s. They were about truly celebrating their little one’s!

Off I went on my merry way to explore this new land of parties, dessert tables and candy buffets. It was then that I discovered Amy Atlas.

She was the name I found constantly mentioned on so many blogs and websites I was uncovering.

When I visited Amy’s page I was blown away by the beauty of the dessert tables she had designed. The colours, the layout, the pieces she used and of course the treats!

Since then I have come across many amazing Australian businesses who style gorgeous parties/dessert tables – who also credit Amy Atlas for inspiring them.

I didn’t have the chance to put together a proper dessert table for my daughters Baptism however I am definitely planning on giving it a go for her first birthday party this year!

Through this journey I was also motivated to start this blog to help other mum’s like me who want to put together a celebration for their little one but may not be sure where to find different items for their theme.

I would never ever have thought when I was pregnant that having my daughter would take me down this path.

If it wasn’t for Amy Atlas and what she has brought to the party world, I wouldn’t have started this blog or enjoyed all the lovely inspiration I see each day when I view different parties which Amy features on her blog. Being a new stay at home mum whose life involves loads of the usual mummy things (poop, dribble & clothes stained with food!) I now have a little bit of pretty injected into my every day life through this new found wonderland!

So thank you Amy for not only inspiring me, but inspiring all the other party stylists who have inspired me as well!


Ice cream & Popsicle Party Supplies

With summer coming up what could be better than an ice-cream or popsicle party? Definitely a theme your little one and their friends are going to love!

This is such a fun theme to plan for as you can do so much with a ice cream bar with a range of toppings and sauces or with a bright and fun assortment of popsicles to choose from! Suitable for either a boy or girl and another theme with a range of colour scheme options!

Remember to visit the Directory section of the site to find a range of suppliers Australia wide for your next celebration!

Remember to click on any of the images below to be taken directly to where you can purchase the item from! 

Ice Cream & Popsicle party invitations and printables

Here are a few invitations, printables and backdrops in various styles to set the scene:


Ice Cream Invitation - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Ice Cream Invitation – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Popsicle Party invitations - Dream a little Dream

Popsicle Party invitations – Dream a little Dream


Vintage ice cream printable backdrop - Giggles and Grace Designs

Vintage ice cream printable backdrop – Giggles and Grace Designs



Ice-cream parlour sign - Jo's Signs by  Design

Ice-cream parlour sign – Jo’s Signs by Design




Ice Cream party social printables – Jo Studio




Ice cream parlour invitation printable – Amity Invites




Ice Cream party invitation printable - Paper Blossom Creations

Ice Cream party invitation printable – Paper Blossom Creations



Printed ice cream party invitation – Love JK



Ice-cream party printables - 2 Love Birds

Ice-cream party printables – 2 Love Birds



Ice-cream party invitations - I Will Invitations

Ice-cream party invitations – I Will Invitations


This sweet print could be displayed at the party and hung in your child’s room afterwards:


Ice- cream print - Fairy Dust Stylish Stationery

Ice- cream print – Fairy Dust Stylish Stationery



Ice Cream & Popsicle party decorations

To set up your party area, you’ll definitely want some bright pastel colours to continue the fun feeling that an icecream or popsicle party should invoke!


Happy Day Tassel Garland – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Candy pink honeycomb ball - Love The Occasion

Candy pink honeycomb ball – Love The Occasion



Peach honeycomb fancy decoration - Poppies For Grace

Peach honeycomb fancy decoration – Poppies For Grace



Diamond honeycomb decorations - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Diamond honeycomb decorations – Ruby Rabbit Partyware


How sweet and unique are these tulle pom pom ice-creams made into a garland?:


Ice Cream pom pom garland - Pom Pom Princess

Ice Cream pom pom garland – Pom Pom Princess


This is a fun garland to combine both an ice-cream and popsicle theme:


Ice-cream and popsicle Garland - Small Favours

Ice-cream and popsicle Garland – Small Favours


These ice cream honeycomb decorations are a must for any ice cream party and come in a few different colours!:


Mint ice cream honeycomb decoration - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Mint ice cream honeycomb decoration – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Very cute ice-cream and popsicle balloons to really brighten up the party:


Ice-cream balloon  - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Ice-cream balloon – Ruby Rabbit Partyware




Popsicle balloon - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Popsicle balloon – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



This fun ice-cream pinata not only provides a fun party activity but could make a fantastic decoration at an ice cream party!



Ice-cream pinata - Party Pony Designer Pinata's

Ice-cream pinata – Party Pony Designer Pinata’s



Love these colourful ice-cream and popsicle wall decals which could be used to create a fun backdrop!


Ice cream popsicle wall decalls - Kid Candy

Ice cream popsicle wall decalls – Kid Candy




Some colourful tableware selections starting with this amazing pastel tablecloth!:


Pastel ruffled tablecloth - Saffy and May

Pastel ruffled tablecloth – Saffy and May


Some paper tablerunners which would also suit:


Polka Dot Pastel tablerunner – The Party Parlour



Red/White stripes tablerunner – The Party Parlour



You could have lots of fun with tableware for an Icecream or Popsicle party! Here are some options:


Aqua stripe plate - Love The Occasion

Aqua stripe plate – Love The Occasion



Pink stripe plate - Little Kite

Pink stripe plate – Little Kite



Confetti plates - Love The Occasion

Confetti plates – Love The Occasion


Pink dot plates  - Favor Lane

Pink dot plates – Favor Lane



Fill these cute pine cones with snacks or fairy floss as a themed way of displaying some food:


Pine food cone - Deer Little Parties

Pine food cone – Deer Little Parties



Some cute spoons the kids can use to eat their ice-cream:


Wooden ice cream spoons – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Personalised ice cream spoons - Bespoke Party Products

Personalised ice cream spoons – Bespoke Party Products. Party by ‘It’s a cake thing by Jhoanee’




Plastic gelato spoons - Deer Little Parties

Plastic gelato spoons – Deer Little Parties



Ice Cream Party Dessert Table Items


These ice-cream tubs are fantastic for either filling with favours or a cute way of serving/display some sweet items:


Ice-cream tubs - Butterfly Kisses Celebrations

Ice-cream tubs – Butterfly Kisses Celebrations


Such cute ice cream toppers which could be used on your savoury food as well as cupcakes etc:


Ice-cream toothpick toppers – Party and Co


Some of the cute ice cream cup designs available for an ice cream party which you can use for ice-cream or these pretty acrylic bowls could be used for some toppings:


Gelato dessert bowl - Kitchenware Direct

Gelato dessert bowl – Kitchenware Direct




Ice cream van and cups - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Ice cream van and cups – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Pastel stripe ice-cream cups - Love The Occasion

Pastel stripe ice-cream cups – Love The Occasion



Toot Sweet ice cream cups – Emiko Blue


Pink n mix ice cream cups – Emiko Blue



Lavender stripe ice cream cups – The Party Parlour


Sambellina confetti ice cream cups – The Party Parlour




Ice cream van cupcake stand - Confectionately Yours

Ice cream van cupcake stand – Confectionately Yours




For your ice-cream and popsicle themed desserts, make sure you visit the Directory to find a vendor in your location ! Here are some examples of creations by vendors on the Directory:


Ice cream sundae cake - JK Cake Designs

Ice cream sundae cake – JK Cake Designs



Popsicle cookies - Savvy Cakes by Lena (Sydney)

Popsicle cookies – Savvy Cakes by Lena (Sydney)


Ice-cream cookie - Love Every Detail

Ice-cream cookie – Love Every Detail




Popsicle Cake pops - Sugar Pop Bakery (posts Australia wide). Party/styling by Dream a Little Dream children's parties

Popsicle Cake pops – Sugar Pop Bakery (posts Australia wide). Party/styling by Dream a Little Dream children’s parties


Ice-cream cookies - Frosted by Nicci (Melbourne)

Ice-cream cookies – Frosted by Nicci (Melbourne)




Hire one of these stands for a cute ice-cream parlour setup at the party! Just visit the Hire category on the Directory if you are looking for something similar in a different state:


Ice cream stand for hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)



Candy cart for hire - Sweet Creations by Sharms (Melb)

Candy cart for hire – Sweet Creations by Sharms (Melb)


These real party pics from vendors on the Directory will be sure to inspire your ice-cream and popsicle party planning!:


Popsicle party - Dream a Little Dream (Perth)

Popsicle party – Dream a Little Dream (Perth)



Ice-Cream party - Dream a Little Dream

Ice-Cream party – Dream a Little Dream


Popsicle Party - Styling and desserts by Savvy Cakes by Lena

Popsicle Party – Styling and desserts by Savvy Cakes by Lena



Ice cream party - Red Wagon Events

Ice cream party – Red Wagon Events



Ice-cream party  - Emiko Blue

Ice-cream party – Emiko Blue



Ice Cream or Popsicle Party Favours


This is actually a craft kit that the kids can use to create a cute wall hanging to take home and double as a party favour!:


Ice-cream craft kit - Free Range Living

Ice-cream craft kit – Free Range Living


A few novelty items:



Ice cream sticky note set – Kawaii Kids



Ice Cream lollipops - The Little Big Company

Ice Cream lollipops – The Little Big Company



Ice-cream party favor bag - Small Favours

Ice-cream party favor bag – Small Favours



Ice cream popper favor - Lark Store

Ice cream popper favor – Lark Store


Love these cute printable favour boxes!!:


Ice cream truck favour box printable - Jo Studio

Ice cream truck favour box printable – Jo Studio


Real Parties:

One of my favourite Ice cream parties, styled by Sugar Coated Mama

Amazing pastel pink ice cream social by Red Wagon Events

This fun Frozen inspired ice cream buffet has great inspiration for a ice cream buffet setup, by Butterfly Kisses Celebrations

I adore this icecream parlour table from the Eat, Drink, Chic blog

The amazing icecream social party styled by Kara herself from Karas Party Ideas

A lovely light and fresh icecream party from Style Me Gorgeous


Hope you have found some inspiring ideas to help you in your planning for this fun summer theme for your little one’s celebration! Enjoy!



Little Birdy Theme

With spring just around the corner, now is a perfect time to be planning a cute birdy theme party for your little one! This is a party theme which can take on a myriad of different colour schemes so I’ll be sharing various items which you could use regardless of which colour path you go down!

I haven’t focused on plates/cups/napkins etc in this post since the tableware could be based around many different colour options! However perhaps you may draw some colour inspiration from some of the invitation ideas I have featured below.

First up is this popular Alannah Rose invitation with a cute red bird featured. There are a few matching items available to go along with this design as well:

Lala Bird invitation – Alannah Rose

Printables are a great option if you want a range of matching stationary for your party! They keep everything coordinated which makes life easier for you as you don’t have to find matching invites/cupcake toppers/banners etc

This vibrant polkadot birdie printable collection is a delightful option for a girl:

Polkadot Birdie – Style Me Gorgeous


Close up of Polka Dot birdie printable – Style Me Gorgeous

However the little birdy theme can be used for boys as well, and this Owl & Bird party printable in a blue and green colour scheme is definitely the way to go:

Owl & Bird Printable – Style Me Gorgeous


For a different colour palette I love this bright Lovebird theme with a blue/pink/green combo:

Lovebird Printables – Fairydust Stylish Stationary

To decorate the party space think pretty birdies, rustic birdcages and lovely birdhouses! Here are some to get you inspired:

These birdy buntings are so sweet and a great alternative to the flag bunting for this party.

Handmade Golly Gosh Bird bunting – Twiggi


Bright pink and chocolate bird garland – Paperklip

For another cute idea, how about these Bird mobiles to hang down around your party area or over the table?

Tiger Tribe bird mobile – Twiggi


Tiger tribe hanging string bird mobile – Little Styles



For something really different which would look cute in a nursery afterwards, have a look at this delightful fabric birdcage!

Fabric Birdcage – Twiggi

Birdhouses are a great decoration either to place on your table or to hang around the party area. Both these below birdhouses have the option for hanging and would look lovely hanging from a tree outside:


You can’t get prettier than this handpainted wooden birdhouse!

Birdhouse dangly – Purkilicious

Another great option for decoration is some tree decor

Dress up your bird cages and trees with some delightful hanging birds.

This hanging bird tealight holder would be beautiful even without the use of the candle:

Hanging bird tealight holder – Dabble In Design

Or these fabulous felt birdies would look so pretty as part of your party decor and could even be used as favours. The tree is also available to order as another alternative to a tree decoration:


Felt birds – Fairydust Stylish Stationary

So very very precious! Beautiful handpainted birds:

Handpainted bird dangley – Purkilicious


This cute cake bunting is so colourful, would match a few different colour schemes and brighten up any cake!

Bird cake bunting – Fairydust Stylish Stationary


If you are making cookies for the little one’s then these cookie cutters in different shapes would be great for creating an array of different sizes and colours of birdy cookies!

Set of 3 bird cookie cutters – Sugartime

This footed bowl is so lovely to hold some great treats in but I also chose it for this theme as it reminds me of a beautiful large bird bath you would see in a garden of a mansion in the English countryside! Or is it just me who picks up these things? = )

Decor bon bon round footed bowl – Sweet Style

For a sweet touch on your table you could use these card holders for your food/dessert labels which also make cute decorations:

Love bird card holder – Dabble in design


Birdcage card & tealight holder – Pink Frosting

Have a look at this colourful table runner which would match a wide range of tablecloth colour options underneath and could be used for boys or girls:

Little Birdy Table Runner – Le Petit Party


For favours boxes these birdhouses are so so lovely aren’t they?

Birdhouse Favour boxes – Pink Frosting

These birdy paperclips would be great to attach onto a thank you tag:

Bird paperclips – Scrapbook Valley


For a girly touch then these pocket mirrors would definitely send your guests home smiling!

La La bird pocket mirror – Design Child

A fun alternative for a favour are these colourful bird whistles:

Wooden bird whistle – Twiggi


Well I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for a Little Birdy party to celebrate your little one! It really is such a sweet theme with many unique touches available out there and such flexibility with what colour combinations you can choose from. I hope you enjoy putting it all together!

Nautical Theme

Those of you with summer babies may just be starting to plan and think about your next birthday celebration and the Nautical theme is sweet & cool for little boys, although I think it could be tailored to be a cute girls party theme too!

If you want more ideas make sure you click on the image to take you to the store these items are from as there were many other products out there for this theme!

I hope you enjoy these Nautical finds….



Navy nautical collection – Ham & Pea Design & Paperie


Classic Nautical Invitation – The Little Soiree


Love the different colour combination of yellow and navy blue for this theme:

Nautical shower printables – Love the Day

Gorgeous printables for the little ladies!


Girls nautical invitation – Lollipopink


Preppy nautical invitation – Sweet Peach Paperie



So starting off with some tablesetting ideas, here are a few products which you could either use together or with other items to create a perfect Nautical look:

Navy Flag Blue Tablecloth – The Party Parlour


Red and white striped tablerunner – Le Petit Party


Blue, red and white tablerunner – Le Petit Party


Red and white plate – Invite Me


Palm leaf plates – The Party Studio


Blue and white striped napkins – The Party Table


Striped cups – Tiny Me

Some simple white straws would be perfect with a navy or red cup:


White retro paper straws – Mon Tresor

Or you could use these these navy, red and white stripe straws to compliment glass milk bottles instead:

Blue & Red mixed stripe straws – Piece of Cake parties & celebrations

Sweet Treats

A few ideas for your desserts and sweets:

Blue check baking cups – Little Styles


Red and white cupcake wrappers – How Divine


Red Flag picks – Piece of cake parties & celebrations

How gorgeous are these little chairs to use as cupcake holders! Love it!

Mini deck chair – The Little Big Company


Cookie cutter set – Urban Baby


Popcorn boxes – Occasion by Design


Navy swirl lollipop – The Little Big Company


Navy sixlets – Sweet Style

Now for the main cake, you can’t go wrong with a classic white cake stand. It fits into the nautical colour scheme and the scallop pattern on this cake stand reminds me of the ocean-  which is an added bonus for this theme.

Rosanna cake stand – Leo & Bella


Another option could be these navy blue stands for either a main cake or other treats:

Navy cake stand – Leo & Bella



Now onto some decorations & lovely extras! There are just so many great things out there – hope you see something which inspires you!

These buntings are perfect for your Nautical theme:

Alimrose Finn bunting – Little Styles


Blue and red fabric bunting – The Complete Kids Party

The deep red paper fan featured here also comes in white so you could definitely combine the colours together for a unique backdrop! The shape of this fan reminds me of a ship rudder which is why I chose it as a great hanging decoration for this theme.

Red paper fan – The Little Big Company

Balloons are still a much loved party decoration and this nautical design is simple and stylish!

Nautical Balloons – Born to Party

How unique and cute is this cloud mobile? It would add a great touch to your Nautical setting and could then be hung in the bedroom after the party!

Cloud mobile – My Little Jedi


White rustic star – Island Collections

This fish netting would be fantastic as a backdrop or perhaps even placed over a white or navy blue tablecloth:

Fish Netting – The Party People

These mini tin pails could be used to hold favours or small items such as cutlery or straws or perhaps some small sweets:

Tin pails – Saffy & May

Another sweet way of presenting some treats is in these little metal boats. They are adorable!

Metal Boats – How Divine


Now for some extra special items which would really help create a Nautical feel for your party! However obviously your budget isn’t limitless so as I’ve mentioned before I think it’s important to pick special items which could be used again in your home, nursery, playroom etc.


Barbarossa Brass Compass – The Little Big Company


Wooden sailboats – The Little Big Company


Driftwood party sign – Sweet Style


Lighthouse – Nautical Replicas


Glass floats – Alfresco Emporium


Wooden oar – Alfresco Emporium


Life Saving ring hanging decoration – Le Petit Party


Wooden anchor with rope – Click shop


Lastly are a few items for take home favours. These little sailboats could be combined with some lollies to take home and could also be used as table decorations as well.

Sailboat favour – Le Petit Party

How great are these treatboxes in this unique pyramid shape and Nautical design? Love it!

Pyramid Treatbox – Polkadot Prints

Love the look of these handstamped bags:

Anchor favour bags – What She’s Got

Real Parties

A starting point to find some more inspiration….

A stylish Nautical party by Polkadot Prints

This Vintage Nautical party featured on the Amy Atlas blog showcases a great way of styling various nautical props

Another great use of props and styling in this Nautical Party by the Little Big Company on their blog

One for the girls – a pink and navy nautical party on the Sweet Peach Paperie blog


I’ve had a lot of fun finding these many and varied items for a Nautical theme party and hope it will help in your party planning so it’s a little less stressful. At the end of the day, it’s all about showing our little one’s how special they are and celebrating this! That is what matters most so enjoy the journey!