Interview with Leanne from Sweet Style

You know those stylists who when their parties/events come up in your facebook newsfeed you just cannot wait to see the photos? Well – that is me when I see an event by Leanne Ambrogio from Sweet Style! I just adore her style and cannot fault her dessert tables.

Not only is she an amazing stylist, but she also runs the beautiful Sweet Style online store as well as her online blog (again one of my favourites). She is a wife, mum to four girls, involved with the Stillbirth Foundation Australia…yes you can imagine she is one busy lady! I have had the pleasure to meet Leanne in person and she is just lovely, warm and down to earth.

In this interview she shares her thoughts and tips for styling a dessert table, managing a work/life balance and having an event styling business. All the gorgeous images I’ve included in this post are Leanne’s work and are a true testament to her talent.

1) Describe your style when it comes to party styling
I describe my style as clean, fuss free with a few special details.  A number of people have said to me over the past year that they know when they see a dessert table I have put together – I love that I have a style that is mine.
2) How do you keep inspired to ensure your creativity keeps flowing?
I am constantly browsing blogs and online magazines for inspiration.  I have also been taking part in loads of online and e-courses that just help you think outside the box and give you access to other talented peoples thought processes.  They challenge you to try different things and recognise what you love best & making that creativity flow.
3) With a party styling business, online store, young family, husband as well as your work with the Stillbirth Foundation- how do you manage your time to ensure your priorities stay in order & you achieve all you want to? Do you have any advice to other working mums on achieving this?
 I am a big list writer – I am constantly writing new lists to make sure I keep on top if it all.  I also have had to get realistic about how much I can achieve in a day, asking for help and learning to say no.  Over the past 2 years I really feel as though I have grown so much as a person and I have become comfortable with saying no to jobs that really do not fit with my style.
4) What are your golden rules when it comes to styling a dessert table?
For me I like things to be balanced.  This doesn’t need to mean it is symmetrical (although I do love a symmetrically balanced table), it just means that you need to balance the various components of the table – jar heights, cake stands and flat items need to all work well together to make the table flow well. The other thing to remember is that you don’t need to put too much on a table – or every piece of food you want to serve on the table – keep some in the fridge or cupboard so you can fill the gaps later in the party.
5) What are some tips you have for the day of your child’s party to ensure it all runs smoothly?
Tip 1 is get a great party entertainer – a good party entertainer will make a party run so smoothly.  I would also send them an email explaining when you would like the kids to eat and cut the cake prior to the day, that way they can arrive and now exactly what is expected of them.
Tip 2 is make sure you order all of your party goodies a few weeks in advance so that it has plenty of time to arrive and allow for that change of mind if you don’t think the item is exactly right.
Tip 3 If you are putting together a dessert table, set up it up and ready to go as far in advance as possible (without the food of course).  I usually put my table together with all my cake stands and bowls at least a week in advance so I can play around with it.  On the day of the party put all the food out on the table early and take your photos and then put everything back in the fridge or away from little people and then get it all back out just before your guests arrive – it is far too stressful to try and take photos of a dessert table when other people are around.
6) Is there a party theme you would love to style for that you haven’t done as yet?
There are lots of themes I would love to try although a lot of what I want to do is currently based around my favourite colour combinations.
7) You have such gorgeous products in your store. What are your favourite and “must have” items?
My favourite must have item will always be the milk glass cake stand – they just set off any cake in any situation. They look good by themselves or group or stacked with others.  I also love all the drinks dispensers in the store!  They can be dressed up for a fancy wedding or dressed down for a casual bbq – guests just love them!

Milk glass cake stand in blue - Sweet Style


8.  There are so many new party styling businesses starting up – what advice could you share that has helped you with your own success
My advice to new people is don’t underestimate the time it will take to plan and execute a beautiful table.  I know that new businesses are desperate to get the job so they will give a cheaper price – in the long run it does not help your business as your next client is usually a referral from the previous client and they will want the same price.  Work out how long you think it will take to plan, put together and importantly pack up, take home, clean and put away.
9) What do you hope your daughters learn from you as they see you run a successful business from home?
 I would like to think that they are learning that having a passion for something is a fantastic way to ensure your work is enjoyable.  My dad was a huge inspiration to me as he left school very young and by 18 had started his own business and never looked back – he was an entrepreneur that just got out there and tried new things – some worked and some didn’t but he gave everything a go – he was my hero so I would love to think my girls realise that they just need to get out there and give everything their best.
10) What is your own favourite dessert ?
It is so hard to pick my favourite dessert as I have such a sweet tooth – it is either something with chocolate or a lemon meringue tart!  Mmmm
Thank you so much Leanne for all your tips and advice!
You can view Leanne’s work, her online store as well as her blog all from the Sweet Style site.

Somewhere new to find all you need for your “little” celebrations

Hello lovelies…thanks for taking the time to pop in and read my big news. I reached 4000 “likes” on my facebook page today so it makes it an extra special day to announce this =)

Yes I am just a tad excited because I had been thinking/questioning/dreaming about the future of Life’s Little Celebrations and I have  decided to take the next step with my site and offer something which I believe will help mum’s planning celebrations as well as mum’s running businesses which service ‘little’ celebrations!

I will be launching a newly redesigned gorgeous and practical Party Directory site very soon which will make it easy for you to  find what you want quickly when planning your children’s celebrations.

This new directory site will focus particularly on the many small businesses servicing children’s parties & promoting their products/services!

Of course my blog will continue to run as part of this new site as well so I can continue to provide you with party inspiration.

Every day I see people asking questions on facebook looking for someone to make macarons in XX state, or wanting to know who hires out cake stands, or looking for some unique partyware etc. This is what prompted me to start a Party Directory on my blog last year – however due to the limit in it’s layout I knew I had to redesign it to make it more user friendly!

I hope that the NEW site will assist you all in your party planning by making it easier to find who/what you are after in your State without trying to scroll through your facebook pages trying to remember who does what or search through google! =)

My other hope is that it will help support & promote the many beautiful small-medium businesses in this party industry – many of which are run by hard working mums!

You all have such amazing talent and products to offer and MORE mum’s need to find out about the beautiful party services and products available for all their “little” celebrations!

The newly designed Life’s Little Celebrations party directory will be a place to help you dream, source and plan for your children’s special occasions! I believe it will offer a much needed service to busy mum’s & help promote some beautiful businesses.

My aim is to launch this new site mid-year.

If you are a small business in Australia servicing the party industry then you should receive an e-mail from me very soon asking if you wish to be a part of this opportunity! This will be a paid service to ensure the directory only displays genuine businesses however the fee will be extremely affordable in keeping in line with supporting SMALL businesses!

If you do not hear from me soon, please feel free to e-mail me directly at

I will be able to unveil my new logo to you very soon and will keep you updated on the progress of this new exciting development!

For now you can still view the current Party Directory here.

Thank you print - Katie Daisy

Thank you so much to all of you for your support and encouragement of Life’s Little Celebrations so far.

I never ever ever EVER would have thought my blog would take me on this particular journey…but it has, and I am so grateful! I love being part of the community on facebook with all of you and I hope I can create something that will help you in planning your celebrations and/or promoting your business!




Confetti & Sprinkles Theme

Confetti and sprinkles are typical images which come to mind when I think of a kid’s celebration – and it is a wonderful “theme” to base a party around. It is very simple to decorate for since you can combine lots of colours together rather than find specific theme based partyware.

You could go for a really bright look or a more pastel confetti look – anything goes!

I also think it is a great theme if you don’t want to have a really detailed theme but still want some type of decorating pattern to set the tone/decor for the party!

You could combine it with an icecream based theme or use it for a baby sprinkle event (a baby shower for a 2nd, 3rd etc baby).

Hope you enjoy the collection I’ve put together:


Confetti party - The Little Soiree


This gorgeous range comes in blue as well as pink:

Confetti printables - Style Me Gorgeous


Confetti and tassel printables - Ham&Pea Design&Paperie


Sprinkled with love birthday printables - Kojo Designs


Although this confetti design is shown below for a wedding, I have seen it used for a birthday in this party styled by Leo & Bella featured on the Marabous site:

Confetti printables - Three Eggs


Printed Confetti invitations - Poppies for Grace



Pastel polka dot table runner - The Party Parlour


Polka dot plates - Partylish


Baby me dessert plates - The Baby Shower Shop



Multi coloured polka dot plates - Party & Co


Polka Dot party plates - Pink Frosting


Let's have a party napkins - The Party Table




Sprinkles wooden spoons - Sucre Shop


Paper straws confetti dot - Leo & Bella




Pastel spot pom poms - Ah-Tissue


Disc garland - Red Elephant Creative



Rainbow garland - The Party Studio


Tissue Paper garlands - Invite Me


Polkadot bunting - Giggleberry Creations


Confetti paper chain kit - Larkmade


This is a great DIY tutorial on how to create this confetti balloon look!:

Confetti balloon idea - Kidspot


Sweet Treats

Some cute containers to serve some sweet treats in:

Sambellina ice cream cups - Sweet Style


Confetti dots candy cups - The Social Boutique


Confetti cupcake holder - Larkmade


Rainbow polkadot cupcake wrapper - How Divine



Confetti lolly bags - My Garden Party


Confetti party bags - Pulp Creative Paper


Polka dot gift bag - Kikki.K


Washi Tape is brilliant for decorating anything from wooden spoons, paper bags, glass bottles etc. It’s a great and easy way to bring a confetti feel to your partyware:

Washi confetti tape - Kawaii Kids


100's and 1000's washi tape - The Party Table


Real Parties

This “Sprinkled with love” birthday party is bursting with inspiration – from the Kojo Designs website

A fabulous baby sprinkle with some nice decorating ideas for a sprinkle theme. Featured on the Kara’s Party Ideas site

A delicate confetti first birthday on the Sweetest Occasion site

Fantastic Confetti ideas in this rainbow confetti 3rd birthday featured on the Bondville blog!


Hope you enjoyed the inspiration! Just can’t help but love confetti!


Easter Theme 2013

Easter seems to be just around the corner this year so for those of you starting to plan and dream up ideas for celebrating this occasion, here is a round up of some Easter finds!

Obviously you can find some gorgeous shops in stores such as Bed, Bath and Table and even Woolworths this year has some cute goodies. However here are some items you can find online if that is what is easiest for you:


Your printables set the colour scheme for your party so I’ve chosen some in classic pastels as well as some different more unusual colour schemes for Easter:

Easter printables - Ham & Pea Design & Paperie


Easter printables - 2 Love Birds Sweet Designs


Bouncy bunnies printables - Pretty and Print


Rainbow bunny printables - Pretty and Print


Classic collection - Fairydust Stylish Stationary


Easter vintage printables - Fairydust Stylish Stationary


Primrose bunny party - Bumpkin


Easter flower garden printables - TomKat Studio


Easter fun printables - Style Me Gorgeous


Easter printables - Style Me Gorgeous


Little cottontail easter printables - Tiny Tiara Party Shop


Funky bunny bag toppers - The Little Soiree


Easter chalkboard art range - Bespoke Party Products



Easter damask collection - Kayden Ashley printable designs


Bags and toppers - Kristy Gray Designs


Easter bunny printables - Birds Party


Bunny tail printables - Pretty and Print


Easter printables - One Lovely Day


How gorgeous is this ruffle tablecloth in pastels?:

Custom made tablecloth - Saffy & May


Pastel check tablerunner - The Party Parlour


Easter tablerunner - Lombard

Cute egg decorations you can hang up:

Honeycomb easter eggs - The Party Table


12 spotty hand painted eggs - Larkmade


Sweet eggs from IKEA which you can fill up:

Paper easter egg - IKEA


Cute watering cans as a prop for your party table:

Watering can props - Saffy & May


Can’t resist cute bunnies around Easter!:

White moss rabbits - The Little Big Company


Mini ceramic rabbits - Candy Stripe Cloud


Plastic cottontail rabbit - Candy Stripe Cloud


A few garden props for this theme:

Green moss rocks - Occasion by Design


Mini picket fences - Saffy & May


Love the colour of this blue rabbit!:

Blue sitting rabbit - Larkmade

A cute little easter activity:

Make your own pom chicks - Larkmade


Sweet Treats:

Easter cupcake stand - Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations


Rabbit cake stand - available through Stella Bella Cupcakes


Take the cake plate - Rawspace


Menagerie plate rabbit - Rawspace


Blanc rabbit casserole dish - Provincial Home Living



Some cute items to fill with easter eggs or other goodies:

Pastel mini baskets - Saffy & May


Gingham treat boxes - Saffy & May


Love this Belle and Boo basket/tin!:

Belle & Boo's Easter basket - Larkmade


Woven basket - Alfresco Emporium


Sambellina ice cream cups - Sweet Style


Easter bunny gift box - Occasion by Design



Easter bunny cello bags - The Party Table


Choc frosting bitty bags - Sweet Style


Vintage paper bags - The Party Parlour


Hope this post gets you on your way for dreaming up some plans for your Easter Celebrations!


Colour inspiration

If you are deciding on a colour scheme for your next celebration then I have found the BEST site for you!

I somehow stumbled upon this site  – Design Seeds – and it is filled with colour boards which deliver inspiration for colour schemes and what colours work well together.

You can search for a particular style of theme (eg: summery, vintage etc) or search for a particular colour.

This is particularly perfect if you know you want to use mint green for example but want to find ideas for other colours which will work well alongside it.

Here are just a few boards I picked to share with you all – but there seems to be hundreds on the site to browse!

Happy colour browsing! =)


Colour taste board - Design Seeds



Holiday sparkle board - Design Seeds



Dessert tones board - Design Seeds


Color Pier board - Design Seeds



Gumdrop hues board - Design Seeds



Pinwheel colour board - Design Seeds




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