Rockstar party theme

Rockstar and Disco parties seem to becoming more popular recently – perhaps because of shows such as X-factor, The Voice etc or just generally because music will always be loved by kids!

I’ve based my selections on this blog post around the colours of pink, purple, gold, silver and black. By no means am I suggesting you combine all these colours for this party, but most girl rock star parties seem to feature one or two of these colours. For boys – any colour scheme seems to work although red seems to be a popular inclusion. Another way to style this party is use neon colours to make it really bright and bold!

For this theme think disco balls, guitars, music notes, stars, shimmer and sparkle with bold colours. Have fun activity/areas such as a rockstar dress up station, photobooth area, karoke area and craft such as ‘decorate your own guitar’.

Hope this blog post gives you lots of ideas! Remember to visit the Life’s Little Celebration’s party directory for vendors to use for this theme. Plenty of suppliers who can also create something custom made to match your theme and colour scheme.


Rock Star party Invitations/Printables

I’ve chosen printables suiting a range of colour schemes because really anything can work as long as you decorate the party to match your chosen colours.


Rockstar invitation – Ham & Pea Design & Paperie


Pink rock star invitation and stationery – I Will Invitations



Rock star printables – Tomkat Studio


Rock star printables – Chickabug


Disco dance party printables – The Dreamery Designs

Party like a rockstar printables – Eye Candy Event Details


Rockstar invitation – With Love Greetings

Rockstar printables – Simone Madeit


Decorations & Tableware

Bring some sparkle to your party with some of these decorations:


Acrylic hanging decorations – Easy Entertaining


20 cm mirror ball – Easy Entertaining


Disco ball foil balloon – Balloons galore online


A tinsel curtain such as this would be great at the entrance to your party area or perhaps serve as a backdrop for a photo booth area:

Tinsel door curtain – The Party People

For your main hanging decorations and backdrop I think anything can work as long as it’s bold in whatever colour scheme you are going with.



Cereis tissue paper ball – Sweet Style


Silver lanterns – Just Party Supplies




Music notes balloon – The Party Table


Confetti and Neon tassel garland by Studio Mucci – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Guitar streamer decorations like this would be great used in any part of your party area:

Guitar streamers – The Paper lion


A cute guitar garland for a boy’s rock star party that you could then hang in his room afterwards:

Tiger Tribe paper moon guitar garland – Little Styles


Another lovely decoration which would be great in a kid’s bedroom for after the party. Simple and stylish:

You rock bunting – Mirtillo Shop


A few possible items for your tableware for your kid’s food table:

Gold table runner – The Party People


Purple polka dot plates – Mum’s Little Party Secret


Fuschia pink plates – The Party Studio


Guitar ice cubes/stirrers – Party Supplies Now


Sweet Treats

A few items which could be used on your dessert table:

Gold sixlets – Sweet Style



Disco mirror balls – The Cake Pop Bakery


Chocolate guitars – Chocolate Workshop



Unique cupcake wrappers which can be made in your choice of colour:

Rockstar guitar cupcake wrappers (available in your chosen colour) – KandH Designs


This bright cake stand is  perfect for the party table:


Pink cake stand – Leo and Bella



Love this cake topper !

Guitar cake topper – Giddy Niddy

Bright neon candles perfect for a rockstar party:

Glitter neon candles – Lombard


Rock Star party – special theme items

This ‘design your own guitar kit’ would be a fantastic party activity for the kids:


Design your own guitar kit (makes 12) – Ezy Kids Parties



A photo booth area is perfect for a rock star party. Have some props such as glasses, wigs and inflatable items for the kids to pose with:


Pink tinsel wig – The Party People


Hot pink mullet wig – Party Lovers


Inflatable microphone – Ezy kids parties


Inflatable guitars – My Costume

Give out VIP passes to all the kids as they arrive at the party:

Rock star VIP pass – Cupcake Cutiees Pary


These items could be used as favours or given for the kids to wear during the party itself. You could have a ‘dress as a rockstar’ station with various items for them to get dressed up in.

Rockstar wristband – Ezy Kids Parties


Rockstar glitter tatoos – Ezy kids parties


Guitar pick necklace – Ezy kids parties


Favour packaging

Some stylish options for your favour packaging:

Black chevron tote box – Sweet Style



Cookie box with star window – The Party Table


Silver sequin bag – Wedding bling


Top off your packaging with this twine in either silver or gold stripe:

Silver and Gold striped twine – Emerald and Ella


Real Parties

Lots of inspiration and ideas in this fantastic ‘World Tour’ rock star party by Sharnel Dollar featured on her blog

Great vibrant colours and decorations in this rockstar party by Cakes by Sharon featured on the Little Big Company blog

Love the giant black balloon backdrop used for this Rockstar party by Modern Moments Custom Design

Some great ideas in this rockstar party including a canvas backdrop with stars which wouldn’t be too hard to put together- from the Capturing Joy blog

I love the simple but effective disco ball decorations in this dessert table on the My Busy Little Life blog

A stylish disco party in fuschia and pink on the Thomas Robert photography blog

Wonderful ‘so you think you can sing’ party by Lilian from Lily Chic Events with some great styling ideas, on the Catch My Party website

Creative ideas in this “party like a rockstar’ party by Anders Ruff on their blog



As you can see, there are so many fun ways to decorate and plan for this party! Just keep it bright, bold and have fun with it as the kids are bound to enjoy this music theme!

Dorothy the Dinosaur gender-neutral theme

One of Life’s Little Celebrations followers requested a ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur for a boy’ blog post! This is a difficult one since a lot of Dorothy the Dinosaur items are for girls or have pink involved.

However I’ve tried to put together some ideas here of how you could perhaps decorate for this theme – however I apologise as I couldn’t find too much!

When decorating for a party based around a particular character, you don’t need to go down the track of having the licensed character’s plates, cups, decorations etc. You can base the decorations around the colour scheme of the character or some other aspect of the character.

So I’ve based the choices for this party around green and yellow and yellow polkadots with a few Dorothy the Dinosaur items. This is an easy way to style the party while still bringing the theme out.

I have done a previous theme on a general Dinosaur theme and you could incorporate elements from this also into this party theme. You can find that blog post here.


It was quite difficult to find Dorothy the Dinosaur invitations which had no pink! This was the only one I could source:

Dorothy the dinosaur personalised invitation - Greeting Cards for Kids

These bottle cap printables could be used on cups, mini bottles, gift tags or as toppers:

Dorothy the dinosaur bottle caps - Bottle Cap me



Decorate using the main colours of green and yellow polka dots. You could also choose another colour to mix in with this colour combination (possibly red, or perhaps brown/natural tones). Just a few Dorothy the Dinosaur items can be used around the party to emphasise the theme such as this Dorothy the Dinosaur balloon:

Dorothy the Dinosaur foil balloon - Party to Go


Yellow polkadot balloons - Saffy & May


Emerald green latern - Occasion by Design


Lemon polka dot lantern - Saffy & May


Yellow and white tablerunner - The Party Parlour

Paper eskimo apple green plates - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations


Forrest green plate - The Party Studio


Paper Eskimo limoncello napkins - Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations


This Dorothy the Dinosaur tail and plush toy (which both come in different sizes) could be used as decorations/props at the party as well as fun gifts for the birthday child after the party too:

Dorothy the Dinosaur tail - The Wiggles Shop


Large Dorothy the Dinosaur plush toy - The Wiggles Shop

I’d suggest having a look around the shops as well as it might be easy to find some Dorothy the Dinosaur items which you cannot find online or even things such as Dorothy the Dinosaur wrapping paper or cards which you could cut out and make some decoration items from.

Sweet Treats

These Dorothy the Dinosaur cupcake toppers can be ordered  as a way of decorating your cupcakes:

Wiggles cupcake toppers - Sugar and Spice Cupcakes


You could also use green icing for your cupcakes and then pop them in these baking cups and use the yellow polka dot cupcake toppers shown below:

Paper eskimo baking cups - Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations


Paper eskimo cupcake toppers - Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations

These cute cake pops look fantastic! Click on the link for the receipe:

Dorothy cake pops receipe - Manu's menu

These green and yellow polkadot cups are perfect for this colour scheme – you could fill them with various treats on the table:

Green and yellow icecream cups - Sweet Little Birdy

Favour bags:

For favours you could use general Dinosaur theme favours (some ideas are found in my Dinosaur theme post) or go with a musical feel such as mini musical instruments. Use a packaging option to match in with your colour scheme:

Paper eskimo apple green favour bags - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations


Yellow polkadot favour box - Occasion by Design

These jute sacks are cute and great if you are adding a natural element into the Dorothy the Dinosaur theme:

Jute bag - Occasion by Design

Cute dinosaur cookie favours with a Dorothy the Dinosaur colour scheme:

Dinosaur cookie favours - Little Dance Invitations

Rather than a few little novelty items or lollies you could give each child a Dorothy the Dinosaur book such as this one:

Dorothy the Dinosaur sparkle book - The Wiggles Shop


Real Parties

Dorothy the Dinosaur tea party by The Inspired Occasion on their blog

Some gorgeous cake ideas for this theme from the Blissfully Sweet blog


I hope this has helped somewhat for any of you planning a gender neutral Dorothy the Dinosaur party!



Delightful Drink Dispensers!

A drink dispenser is a wonderful way to serve a special refreshment at your party and can be used at both kids and adult celebrations.

I’ve noticed a lot of new styles being available lately so here is a run down of some beverage dispenser options if you are on the lookout for your next party! Just click on the image below to take you to where you can buy these from and in some cases – to view more beverage dispensers for sale at those online stores. There are so many different styles available – this is just a sample =)


Apothecary plain glass dispenser - Little Dance Invitations


Drink Dispenser - Alfresco Emporium

The touch of gold on this dispenser is just gorgeous!

Gold beverage dispenser - The Little Big Company


Elegant beverage dispenser with mercury lid - The Little Big Company


This two part drink dispenser has a lovely unique look and allows you to store ice or fruit down the bottom – looks great!

Two part glass drink dispenser - Occasion by Design


Love the wicker basket base to this dispenser:

Blairgowrie drink dispenser with wicker basket- Sweet Style


Nolan fleur drink dispenser - Sweet Style


Minnie ribbed glass beverage dispenser - Leo & Bella


Yorkshire mason jar beverage dispenser - Leo & Bella

A unique shaped dispenser – love the cute tap

Eco glass drink dispenser - Mai Style Party Boutique


Montauk recycled glass beverage dispenser - Dunlin


I’m loving the crown emblem on this dispenser:

Chateau La Belle Drink Dispenser - Crown Emblem - Lifestyle Home and Living

Enjoy your drink dispenser shopping!


Planning a small soiree?

We have recently welcomed into the world our second daughter and for her Baptism celebration I am keeping it very small with only immediate family. However I still want to do something special for this occasion and for her.

I know my family won’t care how nice the cake looks, whether there is any decorations etc and I really don’t NEED to organise anything that special! However my view is that the occasion is special, my daughter is precious and therefore deserves something lovely to celebrate this day! Not to mention the fact that I enjoy doing things like this when I get the chance =)

I won’t be having a full dessert table and I know that extra candy and sweets will go to waste if I order them. So I’ve been thinking about how to style something sweet and small when there won’t be many desserts. I think it is more enjoyable sometimes to create something small as you need to be more creative in how to decorate and style and present things since the table won’t be overflowing with a lot of sweet items.

Props and memorabilia can fill a table nicely and make it meaningful. Items such as a photo of the little girl/boy, their candle from the ceremony, fresh flowers and candy jars filled with decorative items rather than sweets are all some simple ideas of dressing up the table.

The other point to think about is where to set up the sweets/dessert. A small celebration means you may be able to be more creative with how you display the cake and desserts as you don’t need as much room as a trestle table/dining table provides. You may have a small occasional table in your home that would be perfect for a small occasion:

Dessert table - Somewhere Splendid blog


Wedding dessert table - Lee Mae Marie blog

Another wonderful example of something gorgeous but small is this setup by Bianca from A Little Delightful who put together a tea party for 2, for her 2 children:

Tea party for 2 - A Little Delightful blog

Here is some more inspiration of small dessert tables which use lovely props to style the table:

Easter dessert table - The White Library


Pirate princess mini dessert table - Cake ink events blog


Table by Imbue Weddings - Polkadot Bride blog

I am looking forward to styling something small and special.

What about you? What is the smallest number of people at a celebration you have organised? Do you prefer to style something for a small or a large celebration?


Hello, it’s me again =)

It’s time to get back to blogging…perhaps a bit ambitious after only 6 weeks since the birth of my second daughter I know! My blog has been neglected for a while now due to busyness and tiredness with my pregnancy and moving house. I lost some of my inspiration and motivation for blogging during that time with all the other things going on.

However despite being sleep deprived I now feel excited about getting back into the Life’s Little Celebrations blog and providing you with party ideas and where to find items to match your themes =)

I won’t be posting as detailed and long posts as previously which contained sometimes over 100 products and would take a few hours to prepare! I do have 2 kids now under 2 years of age and they are my priority =)

However I will still be showcasing some great ideas and products for various themes and parties in general. I will also again be offering my Party Inspiration board service for those of you who want more detailed ideas and sources for decorations, printables, favours, tableware, etc.

Along with this I hope to write other blog posts on topics relating to parties generally – all written from the perspective of an average mum. I am not a stylist or party planner and I don’t have an unlimited party budget or a never ending stock of party items – I am a mum, like most of you, wanting to celebrate my little one’s with a lovely celebration!

So thank you all for patiently bearing with me and I hope you will join me once again!




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