Issue 3: Celebrating Little One’s Magazine

I am so excited to share with you Issue 3 of Celebrating-Little One’s FREE e-magazine which is produced by Life’s Little Celebrations!


In this issue you will find a host of inspiration, business tips and party finds including:

  • – Gorgeous party features for Christmas, NYE and other kids party themes
  • – Unique partyware for Christmas and all celebrations
  • – An interview with Cristina Re sharing her business wisdom!
  • – Tips on choosing stationery for your event and a link to a FREE Christmas printable download

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Donut themed party inspiration and finds

Donuts are the hole (!) party package. Confetti sprinkles, vibrant colours and deliciousness.

Watch out for the Winter Issue of the free online Celebrating Little Ones magazine which will be out next week and features a gorgeous donut themed LLC shoot!

This humble bakery treat really has officially hit celebrity #hashtag social status, becoming the inspiration for special occasions of all types – crazy huh?!

However you can see  the gorgeous styling which can evolve from a party theme or dessert table based around the delicious donut!:

donut party style inspiration

Donut party inspiration, styling by Mon Soiree Event Styling in Sydney


donut party inspo

Donut dessert buffet styling and backdrop by Joyful Invitations


donut party inspo

Dream A Little Dream Events, Perth


So if you’ve been tempted by these tasty morsels and planning a donut themed celebration yourself, you donut need to look far for inspiration, and we’ve found some fantastic items so you donut (!) need to worry about hunting them down.

That’s it for the donut jokes, promise ūüôā

Donut party invitations

Guests don’t need to be asked twice to get along to a party that screams everyone’s favourite treat! Count us in!


donut invites

Donut invitations, The Party Parlour




donut party invitations

Donut party invitations, Eve & Co Stationery




donut party invitations

Donut invitations, Emma Smith Stationery





donut party invites

Donut invitations, Giggles & Grace





donut printables

Coordination Donut printables, Joyful Invitations





donut party

Donut invitations, Pretty and Print



Donut party decorations

Let colour reign supreme with your styling and decoration choices and let the donuts do all the hard work for you. This is the perfect theme to incorporate sprinkles and lots of colour also!:





donut party decorations

Honeycomb cluster, Poppies for Grace





donut party decorations

Pastel pinwheel fans, Ruby Rabbit Partyware




donut balloon

Foil donut balloon, The Party Parlour




pastel donut party inspo

Giant pastel confetti balloon, Ruby Rabbit Partyware





donut party confetti

Confetti, Merc & Jones





donut party

Paper fan, Little Boo-Teek



donut party decorations

Tassel garland kit, Ruby Rabbit Partyware




donut party inspo

Gelato fringe banner, Lavender Honey & Co


Balloons – Design My Party



A fun way to personalise a party setup or to create a “donut bar” sign:


donut party inspo

Lightbox slides, Merc & Jones



Donut walls are hugely popular at the moment and are a must for a unique way to display your donut desserts!:


donut prop hire

Petite Events Hire, Sydney



Love this customised authentic chalkboard design for unique signage!:



Donut party tableware

Continue the colour and confetti to your table and match with fun donut themed plates, cups and napkins. There will be no mistaking this theme, that’s for sure!


donut party tableware

Confetti table runner, The Party Parlour



donut party plates

Striped square plates, Ruby Rabbit Partyware





donut plates

Donut cake plates, The Party Parlour





donut party finds

Pink striped plates, Emiko Blue





donut plates

Donut plates, Favor Lane Party Boutique





donut party tableware

Donut paper cups, Little Boo-Teek




donut napkins

Donut napkins, Little Boo-Teek





donut party tableware

Donut party kit, Party Kit Co


Pink stripe straws – Emiko Blue



Donut party cakes and accessories

It’s fair to say the star attraction (besides the birthday boy or girl of course) is going to be the donuts. Whether it’s the real deal themselves and in their dozens, cookies trying to be donuts, cakes disguised as donuts or adorned with donut decorations, just spread them round in abundance. Here are some ideas for your desserts including some extra finishing touches with splashes of colour to suit this theme:



donut cake candles

Donut candles, Little Boo-Teek



donut party inspo

Cake flags, Emiko Blue



custom candles

Custom candle, Merc & Jones



Sprinke mixes – Something for Cake





donut cake topper

Donut cake topper, Glistening Occasions. Cake by All Things Sweet.




edible donut images

Donut Edible images, Custom Icing





edible cupcake toppers

Donut Edible wafer sheets, Something for Cake



donut cake toppers

Donut Cake toppers, Kaivalya Designs



donut cake toppers

Cake decor, Something for Cake


Donut tower – My Petite Sweets (Perth)





Donuts – Copper and Cocoa, Sydney



donut cookies

Donut cookies – Petite Cookies, Melbourne



donut cookies

Donut cookies. Frosted by Nicci – Melbourne.




donut macarons

Donut macarons, One Bite, Sydney





Donuts – SweetP Cakes and Cookies





Donuts – Sweets with Love, Sydney




tie die donuts

Donuts  РTaylor Made Gourmet, Melbourne





Vivalicious Sweets, Melbourne




donut cake

Donut cake – SweetP Cakes & Cookies



Donut party favors

Just in case your guests haven’t had enough of donuts, donut be concerned, there’s still more!




Send them home with donuts or other fun items in these party favour packaging options:


donut favor bags

Donut treat bags, Fantasy Kids Parties


Donut favour boxes – Glitter and Glue Designs



donut party

Scallop favor boxes, Emiko Blue




How cute is this necklace favour? Filled with little sprinkles it could definitely work into a donut theme!:


donut party favor ideas

Necklace favor, Merc & Jones



So there you go! All the inspiration and perfect finds to pull off a fun (and sugar filled) donut party for any occasion. You will have a lot of fun planning this one.


Save me a donut!


Pokemon Party Supplies

I’m not often lost for creativity – how can I when I’m surrounded by so many inspiring creatives! But every now and then a theme is put in front of¬†me and I’m thrown.

Today, that theme is Pokemon.

What is Pokemon anyway? All I know is that it’s yellow and millions of people are wandering around the world trying to find him on their phones. Period. The fact that my kids aren’t personally into it doesn’t help, but a quick whip around social media and asking other mums tells me it’s super popular and something I better brush up on ASAP!

So whilst I brush up on my Pokemon knowledge, I put the call out to our talented LLC vendors for some inspiration on what is clearly a popular party theme, just in case you’re like me and wondering what all the fuss is about and where to start (other than yellow)! Hopefully by the end of it both you and I will not only be able to pull together an awesome Pokemon party, but may even know a little more about the game too!


pokemon party inspiration

Styling by Mary Ronis Events. Backdrop by Edge House Design and printed by Jos Signs by Design


pokemon go party

Opulenticity Party and Buffet styling


So let’s get this party started!


Pokemon Party Decorations

Apparently Pinkachu is the name of the yellow character (who I thought was Pokemon) that we so often see, and there’s a gazillion other characters with strange names like Nidoking, Clefairy, Jigglypuff and Diglett. There is no way I can learn them all, but the best part is there is lots of colour to choose from for decorating your party! Use bold primary colours as your base, and build on it with any Pokemon themed finds like balloons to help distinguish it as a Pokemon party and not a super hero party!


pokemon invitation

Pokemon Go Invitation – Easy Breezy Parties



pokemon go party printables

Pokemon Go Printables – Easy Breezy Parties




pokemon party decorations

Backdrop by Edgehouse Design. Printed by Jo’s Sign by Design. Styling by Mary Ronis Events


pokemon party decorations

Tissue Fringe Garland – The Party Parlour


pokemon style signage

Name sign – A La Roch





Poke Ball Foil Balloon – This Party Started





black tissue fans

Paper Fans – The Party Parlour




pokemon party decorations

Theme It Party Boxes




jumbo balloons

Jumbo balloon – Ruby Rabbit Partyware




honeycomb decorations

Honeycomb balls – Love The Occasion




tissue paper garland

Pom Pom Garland – Hip & Hooray



yellow paper fan for pokemon party

18 inch Paper Fan – Emiko Blue



Pokemon Party Tableware

So far so good! Now comes the easy part, setting the table! Stick with the bold colours of the characters and simply introduce a little interest with patterns on plates and other coordinated tableware.




striped table runner

Table Runner – The Party Parlour




pokemon party tableware

The Little Event Company




pokemon party plates

Ruby Rabbit Partyware



pokemon tableware ideas

Happy Little Soiree


pokemon party ideas

Ruby Rabbit Partyware


pokemon tableware

Emiko Blue



pokemon party

Food boxes – Love The Occasion



geo paper plates

Hip & Hooray



Pokemon Party Cakes and Desserts

This really wasn’t as hard as I thought! We all know the main attraction of the party is always the cake too, so if you haven’t done too much in the way of theming up until now, let your cake maker bring it to life!


pokemon cookies

Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes, Melbourne



pkoemon themed cake and cookies

Petite Cookies, Melbourne




pokemon chocolate

Poke Ball Chocolate Moulds



pokemon cookies

One Sweet Chick Couture Cookies & Cakes, Sydney



pokemon macarons

Macarons – Arelio Sweetbox, Sydney




pokemon cake

Pokemon Cake – Love That Lolly Bar, Sydney



pokemon character cookies

Pokemon cookies – Flyaway Pineapple, Sydney



pokemon cake ideas

Pokemon Cake – Sweet Treats by Jules, Sydney


A few finishing touches for any homemade desserts:


pokemon yellow baking cups

Paper Eskimo Baking Cups – Emiko Blue


pokemon cupcakes

Chevron Cupcake Wrappers – Love The Occasion



number candle for pokemon party

Red Number Candle – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Pokemon Party Favours

Send your Pokemon crazed fans home with some personalised treats, ready to keep searching for more characters.


party treat boxes

Sambellina Red Stripe Treat Boxes – Emiko Blue



red favour boxes

Sambellina Favour boxes – Emiko Blue




pokemon party favours

Glitter and Glue Designs




pokemon favours

Glitter and Glue Designs




fairy floss favours

Fluffy Crunch


Whilst I’m officially still in the dark on how to play the game, I must admit it looks like a lot of fun and definitely makes a great party theme! Thanks so much to our vendors for making this so much easier than I originally thought – this is definitely achievable, even for a Pokemon novice like me!


5 simple ways to give your party the WOW factor



Party planning comes with the territory once you’re a mum. For some of us, we love it! Others find it stressful and aren’t sure where to start for something that will look coordinated but also be EASY!

Thankfully there is a business like Party Pax Рwhich is a one-stop shop that makes DIY party planning fun and simple, so you can share in the delight of hosting for your loved ones.

You can choose from 16 different themes and you get everything you need in a box, delivered to your door.  In this post, the images share what could be created using the Ballet party theme box.

Party Pax offer DIY cake packs, DIY cupcake packs, decorations, tableware, balloons, invitations, lollies, and a little inspiration! Today they share their 5 simple tips to give your party the wow factor!


  1. Choose a theme

Choosing a theme will help with planning and styling your party. Consider choosing a colour, character, or activity. Integrate your theme throughout each element of your party ‚Äď invitations, decorations, tableware, food and games.


  1. Plan, plan, plan

Having a plan (and sticking to it) will ensure your preparations and party run smoothly, and you keep to your budget. Make as many elements of your party before the big day so you can enjoy a stress-free, fun-filled party!


  1. Add personal touches

Little details will make your party stand out and make the party personalised and special.

Whilst your little one may not remember all the details of the party, they will remember the effort you went to. Have a go at making the birthday cake or personalise the decorations.

  1. Organise games and activities

Party games will make your party come to life. Traditional party games can be loads of fun for kids of all ages (like musical chairs, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey) and having a chill-out area with craft activities can be a hit too, especially with older kids.

  1. ¬† ¬†Say¬†‚ÄúThank you‚ÄĚ

Don’t forget to thank your guests for helping to make your party special, and for their gifts. Hand out pre-prepared lolly/loot bags, and follow up with a thank you note and even a photo from the day.


For an easy way to style and decorate your kids party for a wow factor, view the range of party packs available at Party Pax to suit a range of themes!

The gorgeous party featured above is using their ballerina party pack – and as you can see a beautiful result can be achieved without too much stress!







Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Style

With all the Christmas preparations happening it is easy to leave NYE planning until last minute…but now is the time to organise what you need ¬†– so to help you get organised I’m sharing some NYE party supplies early to ensure they will arrive in time!

New Year’s Eve celebrations are one of my favourite – there is something special about a new year beginning and celebrating with close family or friends!



new years eve party style - opulenticity

Styled by Opulenticity Party & Buffet Styling


Our little ones are still quite little however for those of you with slightly older kids it is a perfect chance to organise a gathering that¬†doesn’t centre just around the kids!¬† It’s a chance to get together with¬†friends and family, letting the kids stay up a little longer than usual before having a slumber party on the floor, and¬†then it’s all about letting¬†the adults relax¬†into the New Year with a more¬†adults only style occasion (aka, champagne!).

When I look back at all the¬†many amazing new trends in themes we’ve seen this year, there’s one in particular that I’ve been saving for NYE and just screams sophistication and ‘Happy New Year’ to me, and that’s the classic black and metallics with a touch of marble. Adult opulence at it’s best!

So if like me, you’ve had a big year of parties filled with flamingos, doughnuts and unicorns and are just craving something a little more grown up, I’ve sourced the perfect pieces from our LLC Vendors¬†to pull together the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration¬†for the adults (and kids, until bedtime!) so you can start your planning now, and have something to look forward to after the Christmas ham is finished.


New Year’s Eve Decorations

Whether it’s a backyard BBQ, seafood buffet or canap√©s after watching the fire works, this theme looks stunning in the evening as the metallics shimmer and glisten when styled with plenty of candles, and black or metallics make a great backdrop for these to pop against in the evening.

So start with black as your base, and build on it with hints of metallic (either gold or silver) and marble accents for depth and interest. Use your marble kitchen bench top, a black trestle table or one covered with a table cloth for a more polished look, and create drama and interest with varying heights of stands and platters to serve your food, or set an opulent dinner table complete with candle light.


fringe backdrop

DIY Fringed backdrop kit – DD Brand


pop fizz clink balloons - ruby rabbit partyware

Ruby Rabbit Partyware


cheers gold balloons - ruby rabbit partyware

Ruby Rabbit Partyware


Black and white marble balloons - One Magic Day

Black and white marble balloons – One Magic Day



balloon arch kit - favorlane party boutique

Favorlane Party Boutique


Why not take cues from the countdown and incorporate giant helium number balloons.


new years eve decorations - ruby rabbit partyware

Ruby Rabbit Partyware


Or mix and match decorations with a mix of black, white, gold


Confetti balloons with tassel - Party Splendour

Confetti balloons with tassel – Party Splendour



Gold glitter star garland - Emiko Blue

Gold glitter star garland – Emiko Blue


Gold tissue pom - Hip and Hooray

Gold tissue pom – Hip and Hooray


paper fans

Gold paper fans decorating kit – The Party Parlour


Fancy decorator kit - The Kit Source

Fancy decorator kit – The Kit Source


For real wow factor, a gold sequin tablecloth creates the perfect setting for a gorgeous New years eve dessert table!:


gold sequin tablecloth - saffy & may

Saffy & May


Don’t forget the confetti at midnight! This would also look great scattered down the centre of your dining table.


metallic confetti - love the occasion

Love The Occasion

New Year’s Eve Tableware

Whilst it’s always nice to bring out your best dinner set (you know, the one you received for your wedding that’s still in the box ?) no one wants to be washing dishes on New Year’s Day – so opt for some stylish disposables instead!


new year's eve marble plates - ruby rabbit partyware

Ruby Rabbit Partyware


Noir hexagon large plate - The Little Event Company

Noir hexagon large plate – The Little Event Company



gold plate

Meri Meri gold plate – Emiko Blue


Gold foil napkins - Love The Occasion

Gold foil napkins – Love The Occasion


new years eve tableware - the little event company

The Little Event Company



gold confetti cups - the little event company

The Little Event Company



new years eve tableware - ruby rabbit partyware

Ruby Rabbit Partyware




How gorgeous are these Kate Spade coasters?


new year's eve tableware - ruby rabbit partyware

Ruby Rabbit Partyware


gold cutlery - ruby rabbit partyware

Ruby Rabbit Partyware


White and silver tassel horns - Love The Occasion

White and silver tassel horns – Love The Occasion



New Year’s Eve Sweet Treats

Finish the year off with a bang and start your diet resolutions the following day – it’s time to eat cake! Nothing beats a glass of champagne and delicious dessert now, does it? Here’s a sample of what LLC partners in the Directory can create for your event!:


new years eve desserts - sweetest jubilee

Sweetest Jubilee Melbourne


new years eve desserts - quincy lane

Quincy Lane Sydney


Black and gold chocolate coated strawberry tower - Chocobon (Melbourne)

Black and gold chocolate coated strawberry tower – Chocobon (Melbourne)




gold macarons - sweetest jubilee

Sweetest Jubilee


Mini desserts - Velvetier (Queensland)

Mini desserts – Velvetier (Queensland)



Custom gold lollipops – Niknaks Sweetest Treats


If the kids are a part of the NYE celebrations – why not setup a cute table setting for them complete with colouring, board games or other activities to keep them entertained? You can hire some stylish children’s table and chairs from LLC partners around Australia – here is a sample!:


Kids gold tiffany chairs for hire - Tiny Tots Toy hire (Sydney)

Kids gold tiffany chairs for hire – Tiny Tots Toy hire (Sydney)


Kids table and chairs for hire - Enchanted Party Hire (Qld)

Kids table and chairs for hire – Enchanted Party Hire (Qld)


How great are these take home bags? Perfect for the kids who would have missed out whilst they were sleeping!


new years eve favour boxes - confectionately yours

Confectionately Yours


Another fantastic idea are these labels for mini wine or champagne bottles for your friends:


wine labels

NYE Wine favour bottle labels – Emma Smith Event Stationery


Attach these tags to any take home gift for your NYE guests for instant NYE style!

gift tag

Cheers gift tag – Emiko Blue



Like all celebrations, New Year’s Eve is a wonderful excuse to get your nearest and dearest together and get creative with your styling. So say farewell to another big year by going bold, and celebrate the prospect of new opportunities, milestones and adventures together in style – cheers!