‘Kid Magazine’ article – choosing your party suppliers


With 200,000 monthly views, I was excited to be able to contribute an article to the latest issue of Kid Magazine. See page 30 for my article focusing on what to consider when choosing suppliers for your next child’s birthday or other celebration.

View it here:


My article explains some of the things to consider when choosing suppliers in various categories when planning a party. Cost isn’t the only factor of course – my article explains more & I hope you enjoy it.


kids magazine page 1

The article also highlights some things which are important to keep in mind as a business provider (eg: customer service, having customer photos and testimonials on your page etc)

kids magazine page 2

To view the best selection of party suppliers in Australia, visit the children’s party directory!

Remembering to stop…and just enjoy the party!

It seems the busy time leading up to one of my children’s birthday parties always gets me in a reflective mood! I wrote a post back in 2011 in the lead up to my other daughters’ first birthday party  reminding myself on what the essence of her birthday party was all about!

I am finally feeling organised for Naomi’s 1st birthday party…. decorations are ready, treats have been collected, favours are packaged up and I feel on top of things.

Of course there is the minor detail (hurricane….tornado) of the actual set up and hosting of the party, ensuring guests are fed and enjoying themselves and my little girl is happy!

However this morning amidst me thinking of all the things I need to do the morning of the party (we aren’t having it at home – so whole setup at another venue) I decided to now….just enjoy it.

With the effort and time which goes into putting together a birthday party – it all goes to waste if I don’t enjoy the occasion and actually joyfully celebrate my child. It can be too easy to actually forget to do this !

So I am going to enjoy chatting to the guests, enjoy eating the treats,  enjoy watching the kids be entertained and enjoy seeing my daughter’s face light up when everyone sings her happy birthday and even try and enjoy the hurried setup in the morning.

Since the party is at another venue (with limited time) I actually decided to have our photographer come and do an early birthday photoshoot of my little girl to make sure we get some nice photos of her when she is calm and not too tired or overwhelmed at her party. It also takes a bit of the stress out from the actual day of the party without trying to squeeze in some special pictures of just her:

naomi grace

I know on the day of her party I will still need to run around and will still collapse in a heap at the end of the day…BUT I am going to enjoy myself while doing it and remember to celebrate this first year of my daughter’s life at her party.



Welcome to the new site!

It is finally here….the new site for the Life’s Little Celebrations party directory and blog!

I hope it saves you time in your party planning AND helps to promote your business (if you are advertising on here).

I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you – to the businesses who have sponsored the blog and also advertised on the Directory. You trusted me even before I had a website to show you – you still trusted me enough to book a listing and for that I am truly honoured! Truly honoured to be connected to so many wonderful, talented, passionate business owners who I am genuinely excited to help promote!

I never started the Life’s Little Celebrations blog with any intentions of it becoming a small business or evolving into a party directory. However I am truly happy this is the path it has taken and I cannot thank my husband enough for supporting me and believing in me as well as my 2 little girls who inspire me and remind me each day of why little ones like them are worth celebrating!

Thank you to all of you who have read my blog and joined my Facebook page and been a part of the journey and Life’s Little Celebrations community in many various ways!!

Please make sure you sign up for updates/e-mails so you stay informed with all the exciting things which will be happening on this new site, inspiring blog posts and more!

Also you will notice on the right hand side of my blog all my previous blog posts can be viewed by categories and also party themes (obviously my most earliest blog posts do need some tidying up/updating of links so please be aware of that when viewing them) for easy searching when you are party planning =)

If you wish to find out more about advertising opportunities, either e-mail me at lifeslittlec@gmail.com or complete the form on the Advertise page.

Thank you,

Confetti Fair – an inspiring affair

Heading to Confetti Fair I felt like the “online party world” I see everyday via FB, blogs etc was about to come to life.

So many businesses/business owners I follow online, comment on their pictures and truly admire – I was able to finally meet and see their work or products in real life.

This was at the entrance to the venue – love the colour combo!:

Entrance to Confetti Fair

It was amazing to be surrounded by so many different stalls – each styled so uniquely. It truly felt like you were at a different party at each table you went to.


Confetti fair - Photo taken by Milk & Honey Photography and featured on the Hello May site

However looking back at the pictures I realise I didn’t get to take in all the details of everyone’s stalls and displays – probably because I was too busy talking to all the lovely ladies behind the stalls!

I truly enjoyed meeting everyone at Confetti Fair – most of whom I had dealt with online. It was so lovely to finally get to meet in person these wonderful women who inspire me (& many others) online and see their work in person rather than just onscreen!

I don’t want to mention particular names/businesses because to be honest we could be here all day and I’m bound to miss somebody!  I’ve just picked different pictures to show you from various business to give you an idea of what was on display- please click on the image to be taken to the business/image source.


Sweet Celebrations stall - photo by Nikki Fitt photography

everyone I met….yes everyone, was friendly, down to earth and welcoming!

You know how you see these AMAZING parties styled by people online, or brilliant cakes, or such unique printables…and you realise just how talented these people must be – and wander how they will be if you meet them ? Well each and every single business owner who was exhibiting was so genuine, lovely and humble!

Ruffles & Bells stall


Cupcakes by Theme my Party - photograph by Milk & Honey photography


Bon Bon Boutique's stall


Tiny Tots Toy Hire stall


Sweet Bambini Event Styling Hot Air Balloon table

Besides specific stalls, there were all sorts of collaboration tables set up all around the hall – lovely kids tables & dessert tables with styling, decor, treats etc all by various businesses combined!

Collaboration table. Cake by Minnie's Sweet Creations. Photo by Milk & Honey Photography

I wish I could put up a lot more images to showcase everyone’s displays however you can see more on the Confetti Fair facebook page.

There were party boutiques, handmade decor suppliers, party hire businesses, cake makers, printable designers, event stylists and more all exhibiting –  everything you need when organising a party!

If Confetti Fair is coming to a city near you, you HAVE to go….!

Whether it be to find some party ideas or products or to meet in person the people behind the amazing party businesses in these states – I assure you, it is worth it.

Here are the upcoming dates, more details and tickets via the Confetti Fair website:

Brisbane: 14th July

Melbourne: 4th August

Perth: 23rd November

Congratulations & thank you to Claire for organising Confetti Fair and to all the businesses who exhibited and put together such inspiring displays of their work/products/services for all of us visitors to enjoy!


New logo unveiling

I mentioned to you all recently how Life’s Little Celebrations is getting a {big} makeover and will be developing into a Party Directory site while still continuing the blog on this new site as well. If you missed the news you can read about it here.

Along with this makeover comes a new logo and I am thrilled to show it to you!

Thanks goes to the talented & patient Anna from Design With Style who has seen probably too many different shades of blues and greens thanks to me! =)

I wanted something with a celebration feel while still being classic and unique and I believe the logo is all these things!

Do you love it?

I hope so!

Anna has also designed the new website for me and development is starting this week!

Media kits will be emailed out in the next week so I can have everything ready for when the website is ready to go live which should be around June or July….my daughters’ first birthday party is also in July…crazy times ahead!

I look forward to stepping into this next phase of Life’s Little Celebrations with you ‘party mamas’ and I just know that the new directory is going to save us ALL a lot of time and put us in touch with some great businesses’!