Strawberry Theme

A sweet strawberry theme – perfect for a garden party & perfect if you are after a cute theme with a healthy feel =)

Red, white, pink and green are predominant colour options for this theme either with polka dots, stripes or gingham for a picnic look. However you could also work in creams or browns into this theme as well.

I haven’t specifically included Strawberry Shortcake items in this post as there are an abundance of them available online and easy to find. The items I’ve chosen could be incorporated into a Strawberry Shortcake theme or simply used on their own for a Strawberry party.

You could also combine a strawberry theme with another popular summer fruit such as watermelons, or combine this theme with a tea or picnic party.

This is a lovely one for birthdays as well as baby showers – I hope you enjoy this collection of ideas =)


Stripes? Polka-dots? Gingham? Set the scene with your invitations and printables starting off this with oh so cute strawberry printable collection from the new Modern Printables website:

Strawberry Invitation - Modern Printables


Strawberry printables - Modern Printables


Strawberry Picnic Printables - Love The Day


Berry Sweet Strawberry Printables - Dimple Prints


Strawberry invitation - Mon Tresor


Strawberry birthday invitation & printables - Love What U Do


Buntings in such sweet strawberry fabrics:

Strawberry fabric bunting - Couture Crafts


Strawberries bunting - Canterbury Belle

This bunting in spots, stripes and gingham is perfect for this theme, and red is such a versatile colour you could easily use this bunting again for Christmas and other party themes:

Strawberries and cream bunting - Giggleberry Creations

How cute is this chain of strawberries? So lovely for nursery/room decor after the party:

Bunny Patch Strawberry chain - Baby Bedding

If you’re using a gingham theme, you can’t go past these gingham pom pom’s!

Red gingham tissue pom pom - Ah-Tissue

Some spotty options also perfect for a strawberry theme:

Red polkadot lantern - The Party Studio


Red polka dot balloons - Kids Party Supplies



Set your table scene with gingham for a sweet picnic setting for this party:

Red gingham tablecloth - The Petite Party Company

Or use a green or white tablecloth and this spotty tablerunner:

Mini dot tablerunner - The Party Parlour

Carry on the spotty look with these plates:

Red polkadot plates - The Party Studio


Bring in a splash of green with these colourful plates:

Lime green paper plates - The Party Studio

Cute red polkadot straws for the little ones to sip from:

Red Polkadot straws - The Princess and the Pirate

 Sweet Treats

Your sweet treats are what really matter in a dessert table more than anything else! The kids will love having items which are theme related and different to what they normally have at home. So use these items to carry your theme through. Of course don’t forget strawberries & other fruit on the dessert table and finding some fun ways to incorporate strawberries into some healthy treat options! Why not even have a strawberry bar with lots of cute options for the kids to dip their strawberries into? There is so much you can do with delicious strawberries!


Strawberry cupcake topppers - Mon Tresor


Strawberry shortcake cupcake toppers - Opal and Mae


Pinwheel cupcake toppers - PaperNPeace


Strawberry baking cups - The Party Studio


Red polkadot cupcake stand - Invite Me

The gorgeous colour of this cake stand would be beautiful with a red strawberry themed cake sitting on top:

Jade milk glass cake stand - Sweet Style


Special Themed Items


Some more ideas of items you could work into your party area:

Removable strawberry chalkboard sticker - Bright Star Kids


Strawberry cushion - Brats n Rugrats


Red polkadot suitcases - Papier D'Amour


Wooden Strawberry Tea and Cake set - My Little Star


Strawberry miniature fruits - Clay Decor

Party Favours/Take Home Gifts

These felt strawberries could be used as decorations or also would make fabulous party favours too:

Felt play food - Tree Frog toys

Wooden Strawberry hair clips - Just Us Kids Online

Love the idea of giving the little one’s some strawberry seeds to plant when they get home. A lovely educational & environmentally friendly gift:

Strawberry seeds - Yates


Strawberry themed ribbon wands – little one’s love twirling these!

Strawberry Shortcake ribbon wand - Pinwheels and Pearls

For your packaging, these berry baskets are perfect to packaging some strawberries or other items to take home. They’d also work well on your food table too:

Berry Baskets - Instyle Parties


Berry Baskets - Letter D Parties & Paperie

A few other delightful packaging options for this theme!

Red gingham fabric bag - The Petite Party Company


Red Scalloped boxes - Sweet Style

Printable gift box - HFC Supplies


Embellish your packaging with some of these options, starting with these yummy strawberry scratch and sniff (non-toxic) stickers which the little ones will have some fun with:

Strawberry scratch and sniff stickers - Finch Emporium

Pink gingham ribbon - The Party Parlour

 Real Parties

A fresh strawberry party using one of the suggested printables I’ve included above, featured on the Modern Printables website

Lovely, classic and simple is this strawberry themed dessert table by Glorious Treats

Sweet strawberry party incorporate aqua from The Sweetest Occasion website

A delightful Berry Picnic party from the Catch My Party website


Hope you enjoyed this summery & fruity theme which is such a fun way of doing a healthy theme!

Please contact me if you are after custom inspiration for your specific party theme & want to know about my range of affordable services and packages:




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