Creating a Super Simple Christmas Dessert Table

Guest post by Amanda and Carly of The Creative Journal

Christmas time can be so busy!  A million things to do and never enough time to do them all.  And then if you’re the one hosting Christmas  – well it can get even more stressful!  Which is why we put together a little Christmas dessert table that anybody can do and it can all be prepared ahead of time. Afterall – who needs to be up until 11pm on Christmas Eve baking?!



It is based completely around mini-desserts and treats to help keep portion sizes down and hopefully waistbands not too tight!!



We’ve also included some super easy DIY decorations that not only make the perfect table backdrop they can be used as little keepsakes to give your family and friends! Best of all…. No sewing required!







Now we did cheat a little and included some store purchased item (the pudding and tarts) – and if you do the same we’re sure you will be forgiven!


Caramel Slice (for recipe click here)

Mint Slice (for recipe click here)

Vanilla Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Sauce (for recipe click here)

Decorated Lindt Balls

Cranberry & Clementine Christmas Tarts

Christmas Pudding




Decorating Lindt Balls:




Now this is just about the simplest form of decoration we’ve ever done!

1) Paint the Lindt ball in edible gold paint & let dry

2) Paint Lindt ball with some piping gel and dip into edible glitter

That is all there is to it!  You will find edible metallic paint, edible glitter & piping gel at your local cake decorating store.






1 Vase

1 Bunch of Twisted Willow or similar (we got ours from the local florist for $15)

Battery powered fairy lights

Felt Christmas Decorations (See full tutorial below)


Felt Christmas Decorations


You will need:





– Felt of various colours (we used four colours – grey, white, fawn and teal)

The amount needed will depend on how many decorations you want to make.  4 pieces ~30cm by ~30cm would be ample to make 7 stars and 7 trees.
Card could be used instead of felt.

– Thread

– Craft glue (suitable for gluing fabric)

– Scissors

– Template (as attached)

– Pins (optional)


We made six trees and six stars.


How to:


Instructions for Tree


1. Cut the three triangles from the Templates

2. Pin templates onto the felt and cut out triangles

3. Cut thread 9inch long (23cm) and knot the ends together

4. Attach the knotted end of thread to the middle sized felt triangle with glue (take picture)

5. Glue the smallest triangle on top of the middle sized felt triangle and press down to affix glue

6. Glue the largest triangle underneath the middle sized triangle and press down to affix glue, leave to dry


Instructions for Star


1. Cut the two circles and the star from the Templates

2. Pin the circle template onto the felt an cut out the circles

3. Hold the star template onto the felt and carefully cut around (easier to hold than to use pins)

4. Cut thread 9 inch long (23cm) and knot the ends together

5. Attach the knotted end of the thread to the top of the large circle ensuring it is low enough that it will be covered with the smaller circle (take picture)

6. Glue the star to the smaller circle and press down to affix glue

7. Glue the smaller circle to the large circle and press down to affix glue, leave to dry


There you have it – all you need to create a super simple Christmas dessert table!:




Amanda & Carly are two bankers who much prefer playing in the crafty world! They have recently started The Creative Journal, a creative lifestyle blog where they share their inspirations in all things (food, home, parties, well anything!), crafty finds and creative chaos and are looking forward to launching The Creative Labs in 2014 because it is always much more fun to play with others!




Real Christmas Dessert Table Feature


I’m excited to share this gorgeous Christmas styling from Allison of Wild Rose Sweets & Styling , who is one of the vendors on the Life’s Little Celebration’s Children’s Party Directory. 

As soon as I saw the images I knew I wanted to share this. I just love the combination of the pinks & aquas with silver as well as the meaningful touches Allison added through the prints and the words used on table.

All credits are at the end of the post. Hope you enjoy the images like I did!:






Such a beautiful cake with stunning toppers. Love the little baubles on the cake stand too – it is little touches like this which you can incorporate into your own christmas table even without a professionally made cake.


The little pots look lovely filled with Vanilla Bean Panacotta. You can buy similar pots here.


Allison made all the sweets including the Salted Caramel Macarons, White Chocolate & Pistachio Rocky Road and Coconut Ice


Love this idea of hanging a decoration over the candy jar for a gorgeous Christmas styling idea!:



Using the words of a Christmas song presented on a Christmas table really helps add extra meaning – I love this one that Allison used:



Too gorgeous right? I hope you received some inspiration and enjoyed the Christmas eye candy!


Styling, Sweets and Photography – Wild Rose Sweets & Styling

Cake – Michelle The CakeChef

Printable – MillyBoo Designs

Cake Stands – Sweet Style

Apothecary Jars – Leo & Bella



Christmas gift ideas

Do you brave the shopping centres at Christmas?

As much as I love the Christmas music and atmosphere at the shops during Christmas time – I have better things to do than spend an hour finding a car park – so I do most of my christmas shopping online, and I know I’m not alone!

If you’re an online Christmas shopper, some of my vendors on the children’s party directory sell a range of items – not just party decor! So I thought I would put together a collection of gifts you can find online from these vendors and to make the shipping costs more worthwhile you can pick up some partyware items for 2014 from these stores while picking up some chrissy shopping.

Remember to click on the images below to be taken directly to the store where you can browse even more gift ideas.

I also want to remind you to view the Christmas Showcase on my Facebook page if you want to browse a range of Christmas printables, decorations, props, gift ideas and more all in one place!


Stocking Fillers:

These customised items make cute and useful stocking fillers for your kids:


Christmas chalks – Chalk Chook



Customised soaps – Soap Buddies





Nesting dolls are always a great classic toy and I love this modern version:


Studio Matryoshka Nesting Dolls – Leo & Bella



Little Red Chick has a HUGE range of gorgeous kids toys, gifts and decor as well as party items . These are just a few of my favourite items for girls!:

Ballerina quartet print – Little Red Chick



Fairy mail box – Little Red Chick



Scribble down woodland fairies – Little Red Chick



Create your own fairy kit – Little Red Chick





How cute are these little christmas dolls?


Sonny Angel Kewpie Dolls – Leo & Bella


If you have girls who love to dress up, a pair of wings is a simple gift that would bring a lot of fun on Christmas day:


Angel wings – Hoot Invitations



Butterfly wings in various colours – Special Celebration Events



A few selections for the boys. Much more to browse online in these stores:



Tool box workbench – Little Red Chick



Ramp racer – Little Red Chick



Wooden fire truck – Little Red Chick






Seedling DIY Pirate treasure map – My Little Table Designs


Chef on the go – My Little Table Designs




These magnetic play books are fantastic! They come in a range of themes. My daughter loves the ballerina theme but there are lots of themes for the boys:


Tiger Tribe magnetic play books – Party & Co



For your friends:

These chatter box cards are perfect for your friends who have everything. A fun conversation starter game



Chatterbox classic edition – Love the Occasion



These cookie mixes in a bottle are great for friends who love to bake or who love to bake with their kids. Also perfect for gifts to neighbours and workmates:


Cookie mixes in a bottle – Sweet Health



If you have friends who are party lovers like you, they would definitely appreciate a lovely party styling item like these which are all priced at under $50 (and most are MUCH less!):


Robert Gordon cake stands – Little Wish Parties




Turquoise compote – Leo & Bella




Starburst bud vase – Petite Portions



Vintage mason jars – 96 Styles





Tiffany blue teapot – The Little Big Company




White wooden tray – The Paper Lantern



A party styling pack such as this is perfect for a friend who loves to throw kids parties. It will definitely come into good use and you can choose one in a range of colours:



Party Packs available in a range of colours – Little Red Chick



Have a friend who loves to make cakes? Why not get them a lovely cake topper?:


Silver glitter cake topper by Penny Lane Studio – Ruby Rabbit Partyware


This macaron making kit is also perfect for the friend who loves to entertain. It contains all they need to try creating these delicious treats:


DIY Macaron making kit – Mumma Cakes


Hope you found something perfect for someone in your life this Christmas (or perhaps for yourself?!)









I’m dreaming of a {RUSTIC} Christmas

A Rustic christmas theme seems to be very popular right now. Taking Christmas back to basics with a natural feel and fresh look.

I really enjoyed putting together these finds for you. Hope you enjoy them!

Don’t forget I have a Christmas giveaway running at the moment with lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs. You can enter via Rafflecopter on the blog here!



If you want to have a truly rustic Christmas, a wooden Christmas tree could be where to start:


Large Wooden Christmas tree – Hard To Find




Fairy light wooden tree – Handmade Emporium



Large wooden christmas tree with decorations – Handmade Emporium



For printables, these Kraft look printables from 2 Love Birds are great for a natural look:


Christmas Kraft printables – 2 Love Birds


Some of my finds for rustic christmas hanging decorations around your home and on your tree:


Wreath of wooden twigs – Coast by Design




Hanging timber star decoration – Sky Parlour









White christmas bell garland – The Paper Lantern




Timber angel wings ornament – Sky Parlour




Timber and metal christmas tree ornament – Sky Parlour



Nordic disc tree ornament – Myer


Metal christmas ornaments – Down That Little Lane




Red natural christmas decoration pack – Pillow Talk



Wooden star ornament – David Jones



Set of 3 hessian stars – 1000 Pretty Things






Personalised christmas decorations – Down That Little Lane



To help create a rustic Christmas feel around your home, here are a few items for various decorating spaces around the house:


Christmas Linen table runner – Pillow Talk






Rustic christmas tree – Coast by Design





Set of 3 white rattan christmas trees – The Paper Lantern




Paper topiary decor table top – David Jones





Kraft christmas trees – The Party Parlour




Mini trees wrapped in burlap – Pillow Talk


Love this cute reindeer which would make a lovely gift as well:


Dasher reindeer – Little Red Chick



Vintage rustic bells vase filler – Pottery Barn



Christmas wooden set – Down That Little Lane


For your gifts, you can’t go past the feel of beautiful linen Santa sacks and stockings:



French linen santa sack – Love The Occasion



Linen santa sacks – Nana Huchy






Personalised linen stocking – French and Sparrow



Linen joy stocking – Pillow Talk


Speaking of gifts, these christmas cookie mixes in a bottle are a fantastic gift for teachers, neighbours and friends with a rustic look and feel as well:



Christmas cookie mixer in a bottle – Sweet Health on Down That Little Lane





For other smaller items, I love this star jar for Christmas filled with a few sweets:


Jars and bottles – Saffy & May


These rustic gift packaging options are also perfect for smaller items:



Jute sack – Occasion by Design



Linen joy gift bag – Pillow Talk


For larger items, this gorgeous woodland giftwrap will have your gifts under the tree fitting in with your rustic Christmas theme:



Woodland giftwrap pack – The Party Parlour


To finish it off, here are a few gift tag options:



Star chalkboard tag – Saffy & May






Wooden reindeer gift tags – The Party Parlour




Clay tag pegs – Down That Little Lane


I hope you enjoyed this selection and found something you loved! If you did, please share the blog post with others & let me know what you loved!







Christmas Showcase

Leading up to Christmas so many of the businesses in the Life’s Little Celebration’s children’s party directory have such fantastic items on offer!

I wanted to find a way to share these all in one place for my facebook followers/blog readers to view! So I created the CHRISTMAS SHOWCASE ALBUM on my facebook page.

In the one album you can browse; Christmas decorations, printables, gifts, desserts and more! Everything you need whether you are planning a special Christmas party or just need some fun printables to use for classmate/workmate gifts or letters for Santa!


xmas showcase collage



I hope you’ll make time to browse the showcase as there are so many wonderful Christmas items available and it will definitely give you some ideas of things you can prepare for Christmas time!

Thank you so much to all the vendors from the children’s party directory who contributed something for the showcase.