Rebekah’s pink and gold Princess Party

I can finally blog about Rebekah’s 4th birthday party which was recently shared on Kara’s Party Ideas here.

As always when planning this party I used only vendors from the Life’s Little Celebration’s children’s party directory and the main reason I share these party photos is to credit them and share their items so if you are looking for anything I’ve used you know where to find it!

All photos are by Nikki from Nikki Fitt Photography. Nikki always captures such beautiful shots and is great with kids. Despite also being 34 weeks pregnant on the day Nikki still went over and above to capture all the details and moments we wanted which I have now made into a photobook for Rebekah and us to enjoy to remember her birthday.

Rebekah being a typical 4 year old girl wanted a Princess party and pink and gold was an obvious colour choice! We started with these watercolour pink/gold invitations from Jo Studio which I thought were so pretty and I used the matching printables throughout the party:


Dummy Invitation for Blog-01(1)


Being 34 weeks pregnant with #3 I wanted to keep the dessert table simple so I could easily set the desserts out on the day. The decorations made everything sparkle but it was quite an easy setup!


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_04_WEB


The gold sequin tablecloth from Any Occasion Events really made the table special. The quality is gorgeous and I know it is a tablecloth I can reuse for other special occasions.

The tablecloth was complimented by the backdrop with the words “Born to sparkle” being a custom decal made by PS Made with Love. I’ve always wanted to use a wall decal as a backdrop and it was a fun concept to try out.


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_03_WEB


The gorgeous crown pinata was by Party Pony Designer Pinata’s and we used it more as a decoration rather than a pinata – so that we could hang it in our daughter’s room after the party. It really was a stunning decoration so cleverly made by Nicola!

The tassel tail was also by Party Pony but sourced from Ruby Rabbit Partyware for a previous party – always great when you can reuse your party decorations!


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_07_WEB


The absolutely stunning cake was made by Minnie of Minnie’s Sweet Creations who I have used a few times as her cakes always taste as good as they look! The cake matched the watercolour look on the invitation and honestly tasted delicious!

The princess cake topper was by Glistening Occasions who created it beautifully with glitter on the tiara and number 4!


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_16_B_WEB



You can see the glitter detailing in this close up and it was beautifully made!:


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_70_WEB


Minnie from Minnie’s Sweet Creations also made these sweet princess cookies. They were the perfect size cookies for little ones and were snapped up in seconds!:


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_13_WEB



I made some oreo pops for the party which always go down well and dressed them up with some pink and gold glitter cake pop sticks from Glistening Occasion.

Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_64_WEB


Jelly is a must have at my kids parties and I dressed the little jelly pots up with a glitter wooden spoon from Butterfly Kisses Celebrations:


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_17_WEB



Fruit is another item I always like to include on the dessert table and I used these pretty crown cupcake toppers in pink/gold cupcake cases all sourced from Ruby Rabbit Partyware:


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_16_WEB


The kids table is always fun to setup and my daughter gets excited about sitting there and eating with her friends. This year I decided to use stylish pink mini ghost chairs for something different! Mini Party People have these in a range of colours along with the kids tables for hire and they were wonderful to work with!



Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_83_WEB



Besides the plates/cups I don’t like putting too much on the kids table because you need room for the food/platters!

However I popped the cute kids party glitter crowns from Ruby Rabbit Partyware on the table along with the gorgeous pink and gold chevron partyware from Illume Designs! I thought the pink and gold of their range worked so well together.


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_78_WEB


You can only just see them here….but I found these cute straws with pink crowns on them from Devour Cakes  :


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_90_WEB


These glitter bottle/vases were actually from Naomi’s 1st birthday party – glad I was able to reuse them!:


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_114_WEB


I again used the pink/gold chevron range from Illume Designs for the favour bags and thank you tags, with cute mini gold pegs from Ruby Rabbit Partyware:


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_106_WEB




Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_205_WEB


Inside the bags were various items depending on whether they were for girls or boys (eg: hair clips, cars, bangles, playdough etc) however one special item I included for the girls were some princess carriage soaps from Soap Buddies:




Now this day was a 40 degree day in Sydney so thank goodness we booked Cinderella to come along from Fairy Fun! I actually lengthened her booking on the day as the kids were having SO much fun and in the heat they couldn’t play outside anyway!


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_254_WEB


My daughter always gets so excited when an entertainer comes to a party as she is still young enough to believe that it REALLY is Cinderella! It also gives all the parents a chance to sit back and chat to each other while the kids have fun. We were so happy with Cinderella and would definitely recommend Fairy Fun for party entertainment in Sydney!



Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_152_WEB



Rebekah honestly had such a fun time at her party and I’m so glad I had booked Nikki Fitt photography to take photos as she captured precious shots such as this….love this photo of me and Rebekah as you can see my baby bump as well!:


Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_58_WEB


I should also mention that Rebekah’s party outfit is also sourced from vendors in the directory! Her gorgeous pink tutu with gold ribbon is from Sweet Pirouette. We gave it to her on her birthday and she was SO excited to wear it and do her little poses!

She is also wearing a pink and gold chain made by Little Miss Charlie’s Treasures:


cropped Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_22-Edit_WEB




Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino-Cinderella_23-11-14_170_WEB


We all had such fun celebrating with our family and friends ! I can’t believe it will be a 5th birthday I’ll be planning for her later this year!

Thanks for reading and make sure you visit the Directory page when you are party planning to find all the vendors I have used and many more!







Rebekah’s Ballet and Bows Party

I’m thrilled to be able to share Rebekah’s 3rd birthday Ballerina party with you after it has been featured in the recent Confetti Fair magazine which you can buy at the show, news-agencies or subscribe online!

We held the party in November 2013 and went with a “Ballet & Bows” party theme as Rebekah’s daily outfit of choice at the time was always a tutu and bow and she loves to pretend she is a ballerina! I went with the colours of pink, peach and ivory and held a small party at home for her with a few friends.

When planning this ballet & bows party I chose to only use vendors from the Life’s Little Celebration’s children’s party directory! I do genuinely believe you can plan a wonderful party through using the directory and I didn’t need to look elsewhere.

All photos are by Nikki Fitt Photography who I highly recommend and I’ll talk more about the photography later.

Here is the setup of the Ballerina dessert table and children’s table:



Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino ballet party_33a-Edit

The gorgeous ruffled backdrop, as well as the kids party table, chairs, kids tulle tablecloth and ballerina centrepiece were all hired from Little Wish Parties, and gave a lovely ballerina feel to the party! I just loved that ruffled backdrop which perfectly matched the colour scheme as well!

I love tassel garlands but wanted something a bit different for this party. The wonderful Sara of Pom Pom Princess designed the tulle tassel garland you see at the front of table along with the tulle pom pom spoons on the jelly cups:

Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino ballet party_59a

I kept the table quite simple and symmetrical – it meant an easier setup which is important for me when I have 2 toddlers running around on the day.

The gorgeous cake along with the bow macarons, ballerina slipper cake pops and cookie stacks were all created by It’s a Cake Thing (by Jhoanee) and tasted as good as they looked!:

ballet party 2

To keep the ballerina party theme going I used mini tutu’s from Tiny Tutu Cake Couture to wrap around the jelly cups and milk bottles. It created a really pretty effect – they are designed to be used on cupcake wrappers but I think they can work on a range of items!

The paper bows on the table were created by Penny Lane Studio who always creates such lovely decor.

ballet party 1

I incorporated bows wherever I could to continue the “Ballet & Bows” theme, so hanging over the drink dispenser is a bow garland by PS Made with Love who created bow balloon tails as well (see photo further down):

ballet 13

Above the children’s table I created a cluster of hanging decorations – lanterns, paper fans and tulle poms which I bought from various party boutiques in my directory (Ruby Rabbit Partyware, Occasion by Design, The Party Parlour, Pom Pom Princess).

This was a lot more time consuming than I realised, trying to get the cluster/spacing just right! Thankfully this party was held at home and I could set this up the day before.

ballet 10

ballet 7

On the children’s table I used lace paper plates, and pretty bow spoons created by Bespoke Party Products. Around the milk bottles I wrapped the mini tutu’s from Tiny Tutu Cake Couture (you must visit their range if you’re planning a ballerina party!).

The girls loved having their own table to sit at and it actually made them stay in one spot and eat their lunch!

ballet 3

I loved the bow balloon tails made by Liv of PS Made with Love to continue the bow theme.

Liv also created a “Pin the tutu on the ballerina” poster along with personalised little tutu’s for the girls to stick onto the poster! They were stunning with tulle and bows attached :

ballet 6

I had organised a little tutu for each of the girl’s on the day so they could each feel like a little ballerina.

Nicole from Pretty and Print created the customised printables for this party

Personalised swing tags were made for each of the tutu’s with the girl’s name and character image:

ballet 14

For the invitation I wanted a mini story book to be created as Rebekah loves storytelling with people she knows. Nicole of Pretty and Print created this lovely story with her friends, telling the story of them being invited to her 3rd birthday party and Rebekah really enjoys this little invite/book we can still read after the party.

I cannot speak more highly of Nicole’s designs and service!

I printed these invitations and then bound them with twine to create a little book:

ballet 8

For the party favour along with the tutu, each girl received a tutu ballerina bag (from The Party Parlour) along with a bow and some ballerina goodies I purchased from Party & Co and Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations. I always enjoy putting together something lovely for the kids to take home.

ballet 12

As mentioned before Nikki from Nikki Fitt Photography was the photographer. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as we were so happy with the photos she took of the party and the friends and family there.

She had wonderful rapport with Rebekah to be able to take some lovely single shots of her at the start of the party as well. She captured lots of special and fun moments. I’m always careful not to share too many personal images of my children on my blog otherwise I would love to show you all the gorgeous moments she captured!

By the way the cute little tiara party hats you can see my youngest Naomi wearing below were from Party & Co and were such unique pretty hats – highly recommend them for any girly party theme as the kids enjoyed wearing them!

ballet 20

Fairy Crystal from Diamond Fairy Parties entertained and enchanted the girls with her fairy ballet. I am so glad I booked someone for the party. With only 6 girls I was going to skip on paid entertainment.  However having Fairy Crystal there meant that the parents could eat lunch in peace while the kids were entertained and enchanted and Rebekah absolutely loved the dancing, facepainting and games.

I did also run pass the parcel and pin the tutu on the ballerina (as mentioned above) however running these games with a group of toddler age children definitely wasn’t as easy as I expected which made me grateful I had organised extra entertainment.

We also had a table setup with some ballerina colouring in sheets and crayons for an extra activity and PS Made with Love designed the ballerina colouring sheets.

Nikki Fitt Photography_Tanya Castellino ballet party_82a-Edit-Edit

We honestly had a wonderful day celebrating Rebekah’s 3rd birthday! It was the smallest birthday celebration (numbers wise) we have had for one of our girls and it made the party very relaxed. Rebekah really enjoyed the company of her sister and 5 friends.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! It was a lot of fun to put this party together and with Rebekah turning 3 it was the first party she truly understood and appreciated.

As I was setting it up she kept saying “mum, it is so beautiful!”. Those words made everything so worth it because she is so beautiful and I hope the party reflected her.

Happy party planning!







Minnie Mouse Party theme

Minnie Mouse is one of those classic characters that seems to continue being so popular for a girl’s party! It is easy to style based around either pinks or reds and polka-dots. Think bows, mouse ears, minnie mouse silhouettes and spots.

I hope you enjoy these selections! A lot of what I’ve chosen are from the vendors in the Life’s Little Celebration’s children’s party directory so make sure you have a browse of the categories there when planning your party!

You can also view my Minnie Mouse pinterest board here.


Invitations and Printables



Minnie Mouse inspired invitation and printables – 2 Love Birds




Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 8.47.17 PM

Minnie Mouse party printables – Edgehouse Design




Vintage minnie mouse party printables – Pretty and Print




Minnie Mouse party stationery – I Will Invitations





Minnie Mouse Paperie – Memories are Sweet




Minnie Mouse inspired printables – Giggles and Grace Design





Printed Minnie Mouse party pack (bunting, favour tubes, chocolate bars etc) - Barbe a Papa

Printed Minnie Mouse party pack (bunting, favour tubes, chocolate bars etc) – Barbe a Papa



This cute design is available in red or pink:

Minnie Mouse printable invitations – Upon a Time Design



Minnie Mouse photo invitation - Sweetheart Party Extras

Minnie Mouse photo invitation – Sweetheart Party Extras



Some cute fill in invitations:



Minnie Mouse invitations – Just Party Supplies




Minnie Mouse 1st birthday invitation – Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations






On my Minnie Mouse pinterest board I pinned a great decoration idea during a black lantern for Minnie’s head and 2 black paper pom poms on the sides for Minnie’s ears with an attached pink bow in the middle! Easy to re-create using these black lanterns (the same store also has black pom pom’s):


Black lanterns – Just Party Supplies




Polka dot pom pom – Sweet Tea Party Supplies



Black polka dot paper fan – Sweet Celebrations


Pink and white polka dot lantern – Little Red Chick



Wildberry giant round balloon – Ruby Rabbit



Polka dot balloons – Saffy & May




Red and white polka dot lantern – Sweet Celebrations



Teeny tiny red honeycomb garland kit – Love The Occasion


Cute spot garland would look great in the party theme colours:


Custom made spot garland – Hanging Pretty


Love this tassel garland look! If you’re looking for someone local to create something similar try Ruffles and Bells


Minnie Mouse tassel garland – The Paper Jar (ETSY)



Tulle pom pom’s are always pretty – this trio of colours is perfect for a Minnie Mouse party:


Tule pom pom trio – Pom Pom Princess




Streamers are always an easy party decoration:


Pink and white polka dot streamers – Just Party Supplies



Ruffled crepe paper Minnie Mouse – Have Your Party (ETSY)








Pink polka dot table runner – Sweet Tea Party Supplies



Mini dot red tablerunner – The Party Parlour




Minnie Mouse tablecloth – Just Party Supplies



Minnie Mouse large paper plates – Just Party Supplies




Minnie Mouse plates – Fantasy Kids Parties




Sambellina Red and white polka dot plates – Just Party Supplies



Cake plate raspberry and white polka dots – Little Red Chick




Minnie Mouse napkins – Piece of Cake Parties and celebrations


Red and white polka dot napkins – Little Red Chick



Pink polka dot napkins – Ruby Rabbit



Customised wooden spoons – Bespoke Party Products




Wooden dessert spoons – Love The Occasion



Red spot straws – Party & Co





Sweet Treats


Black polka dot cupcake cases – Ruby Rabbit



Baking cups red and white polka dot – Little Red Chick


Square spot patty cups – The Party Parlour





Red polka dot cupcake stand – Ready To Party



Minnie Mouse toppers - Sweetheart Party Extras

Minnie Mouse toppers – Sweetheart Party Extras





Polka dot cupcake pics – Penny Lane Studio




Personalised minnie mouse cake topper – Ginger Babies on ETSY





Pink polka dot candles – Sweet Celebrations



Jansen + Co red cake stand – Leo & Bella




Special Themed Items & Props


Some sweet party masks for the kids:


Minnie Mouse face masks – Fantasy Kids Parties



Classic figurines like this one are lovely props and keepsakes to use on your dessert table:

Minnie Mouse Figurine – Peters of Kensington




These cardboard suitcases are wonderful as risers on your dessert table:


Pink polkadot suitcase set – Bickiboo



How about a Minnie Mouse cardboard prop to hire? Perfect for photos!

Minnie Mouse prop to hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)









Cute tubes customised for your theme and filled with special treats:


Minnie Mouse favour tubes - Sweetheart Party Extras

Minnie Mouse favour tubes – Sweetheart Party Extras


These soap favours are definitely unique and practical and can be customised for this theme:



Mickey or Minnie soap favours (can be made in pink) – Soap Buddies



The girls might enjoy some Minnie headbands:


Minnie Mouse headbands – Fantasy Kids Parties




Minnie mouse headband – Fantasy Kids Parties




Minnie Mouse tattoos – Just Party Supplies


Love these packaging ideas for your favours. You could fill them with bows, bangles, hair clips etc for the girls:



Favour bows and bags – Penny Lane Studio




Black polka dot favour bags – Ruby Rabbit





Pink polka dot favour bags – Sweet Tea Party Supplies



Red polkadot gift box – Sweet Celebrations




Black and white polka dot gift box – Just Party Supplies



Real Parties

Enjoy more inspiration from these real parties:

Super sweet Minnie Mouse party by Saffy & May

Lovely Vintage Minnie Mouse party styled by Kouzina Events

Very pretty Minnie Mouse 3rd birthday styled by Sensationally Sweet Events



Flamingo Party Theme

One of the party styling trends which is still going strong is the bold pink flamingo.


Tutti Frutti dessert table - Opulenticity Party & Buffet Styling

Tutti Frutti dessert table – Opulenticity Party & Buffet Styling


Lots of people are loving this fancy bird for a theme for a birthday party or baby shower.

You could use it as a stand alone theme or incorporate it into a tropical/Hawaiian theme or a pool/water based theme. Flamingos also work well into an Alice in Wonderland themed party.

You could go mainly with pinks, or incorporate greens/oranges for tropical, blues for a water feel or a stylish black & white to mix in with the hot pink!

Since this is quite a unique theme which you may not easily find decorations for – make sure you browse the businesses in the Handmade Decor” category of the party directory. Some of the talented ladies there will be able to make you some flamingo garlands, flamingo toppers or other custom designed flamingo items!

I’ve also been pinning away some ideas on my flamingo  pinterest board so make sure you check it out



Your invitations and printables set the colour scheme and theme so here are a few with different looks to choose from:


Flamingo Party invitation - Bonjour Berry

Flamingo Party invitation – Bonjour Berry



Flamingo party printables - Paper Blossom Creations

Flamingo party printables – Paper Blossom Creations



Flamingo printables – Sweet Scarlet Designs




Flamingo invitation – Say it loud designs (ETSY)




Pink flamingo invitations – Punky Prep



Flamingo Party Decorations:

Some fun party decorations to work in the Flamingo party theme:


Giant pink flamingo balloon - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Giant pink flamingo balloon – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Flamingo and Pineapple garland - Sugarlicious parties

Flamingo and Pineapple garland – Sugarlicious parties


Flamingo Pinata - Party Pony Designer Pinatas

Flamingo Pinata – Party Pony Designer Pinatas


Incorporate feathers to go with the bird theme:



Feather garland - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Feather garland – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Pheasant tail feathers – Feather.Com.Au


Mix these in with some general pink decorations:


Pink paper fan - Emiko Blue

Pink paper fan – Emiko Blue


Pink honeycomb balls with tassels - The Little Big Company

Pink honeycomb balls with tassels – The Little Big Company



Flamingo Party Tableware


Loving this pink ruffled tablecloth for a Flamingo dessert table:


Pink ruffled tablecloth - Saffy and May

Pink ruffled tablecloth – Saffy and May


Other party tableware which would work with a pink flamingo party:


Pink chevron tablerunner - Love The Occasion

Pink chevron tablerunner – Love The Occasion


Flamingo dot paper plates - Favor Lane

Flamingo dot paper plates – Favor Lane



Pink stripe plate - One Kite

Pink stripe plate – One Kite



Flamingo napkins - Favor Lane

Flamingo napkins – Favor Lane






Flamingo party straws, spoons and toppers - Merc + Jones

Flamingo party straws, spoons and toppers – Merc + Jones


Flamingo party picks - Party Splendour

Flamingo party picks – Party Splendour


Pink dot wooden spoons - Love The Occasion

Pink dot wooden spoons – Love The Occasion


These flamingo straws are must haves for this party!:


Flamingo straws - Favor Lane

Flamingo straws – Favor Lane


Gorgeous coloured confetti to sprinkle on the kids table for a truly festive feel!:


Flamingo Confetti - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Flamingo Confetti – Ruby Rabbit Partyware


Flamingo Party Dessert Table items:

A few items to work into a Flamingo dessert table:


Flamingo lollipops - The Little Big Company

Flamingo lollipops – The Little Big Company


Perfect toppers to help theme your food:



Flamingo toppers - Glistening Occasions

Flamingo toppers – Glistening Occasions




Create your own lollipops using this Flamingo mould:


Flamingo lollipop mould - Confectionately Yours

Flamingo lollipop mould – Confectionately Yours


These gorgeous pink ombre chocolates would work well into this Flamingo colour scheme:


Pink ombre chocolates - Winnow Chocolates

Pink ombre chocolates – Winnow Chocolates


You can create your own cute Flamingo birthday cake using this fantastic DIY cake kit!:


Flamingo DIY Cake kit - Mumma Cakes

Flamingo DIY Cake kit – Mumma Cakes


Find vendors in the Directory to create custom Flamingo cookies, cake pops, and more for this Flamingo party! A lot of the cookie makers can post Australia wide. How gorgeous are these Flamingo cookies?:


Flamingo Cookies - Frosted by Nicci

Flamingo Cookies – Frosted by Nicci


The perfect candles to add a Flamingo touch to a cake!:


Flamingo candles - Ruby Rabbit Partyware

Flamingo candles – Ruby Rabbit Partyware


A gorgeous pink cake stand for a Flamingo party!:


Pink cake stand - Petite Portions

Pink cake stand – Petite Portions


Such a fun cake topper with colours which would well for a Flamingo party theme:


Mini tassel cake topper - Party Pony Designer Pinatas

Mini tassel cake topper – Party Pony Designer Pinatas



Special themed items

Add some real flamingo touches to this party with these party props such as this sign which would make a fun prop at the party entrance:


Flamingo gold foil print - Sugarlicious Parties

Flamingo gold foil print – Sugarlicious Parties



Flamingo yard decorations - The Little Big Company

Flamingo yard decorations – The Little Big Company




Mini 1 inch flamingos – Doris Dotz (ETSY)


Some of the vendors on the Directory have gorgeous Flamingo prints which are perfect for bedroom decor but you could display on the day of the party:





Flamingo watercolour print - ELK Prints

Flamingo watercolour print – ELK Prints


Flamingo print -  Fairydust Stylish Stationery

Flamingo print – Fairydust Stylish Stationery


Flamingo print - Paper Blossom Creations

Flamingo print – Paper Blossom Creations



Flamingo Party Hire

There are plenty of fantastic props you can hire for your kid’s parties to help theme the party. Here are a few ideas but browse the HIRE category on the Directory to find some party hire businesses in your state.


Garden flamingos for hire - Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)

Garden flamingos for hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)


Such cute pink chairs for the kids in Sydney! For Melbourne try Tiny Tables and Chairs


Pink bubble chairs for hire -  Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)

Pink bubble chairs for hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)




Flamingo props for hire - Party Prop Hire (QLD)

Flamingo props for hire – Party Prop Hire (QLD)



Flamingo Party Favours & Packaging


Love this glittery flamingo favour bag!:






Click the image for a tutorial on how to make this fantastic flamingo favour bag!:



Flamingo party bag tutorial – Oh Happy Day blog


Or some other packaging options which would look sweet with a flamingo gift tag:



Pink favour bag - Love The Occasion

Pink favour bag – Love The Occasion


Hot pink favour bag - Little Kite

Hot pink favour bag – Little Kite



Real Parties

For more party inspiration check out these flamingo themed parties:

Such a fun tutti frutti setup incorporating flamingos by Opulenticity Party and Buffet Styling

Love this retro flamingo pool party by Sweet Style

Gorgeous and bright orange and pink flamingo first birthday featured on Kara’s Party Ideas

Some clever decorating and food ideas on this flamingo birthday party from the Jacinda Hale-Yeah blog

Lots of fun DIY ideas in this flamingo party from the Confetti Sunshine blog



Hope you enjoyed the flamingo selection!

Make sure you browse the children’s party directory to find some quality party suppliers when planning this celebration!



Pink Lemonade Party supplies

Do a search for “pink lemonade party” in google or pinterest and you will find the cutest party images ever! This is such a gorgeous theme and even if you don’t style a whole party around this theme you could always incorporate a lemonade stand into another theme you are planning.


Anna’s pink lemonade party – The Burrus Family Blog

This is the perfect party to include lovely drink dispensers, use cute mini bottles and coloured straws and bring some sunshiny yellow into your party!

Most popular colours for this party are mixing yellow with pink and/or green but for boys I would mix the yellow with grey, or blue (fantastic real party in this colour scheme under the “Real parties” section of this blog post).

You can go for a retro or vintage vibe with this party and include cute wooden crates/boxes/props for a unique look.

See my Pinterest board for this theme for some more ideas!

Hope you enjoy this post!




Lemonade party invitation – Upon a time Designs


Lemonade stand invitation – Giggles & Grace Designs



Pink lemonade party printables – Anders Ruff


Retro lemonade stand printables – Hank and Petunia


Some perfect options for boys:

Lemonades and Lollipops invitation – Anders Ruff


Chevron printables – Lemonade Design studio


Cute FREE printables for some lemonade signs:

Free sign printables – One Charming Party


These labels are easy to just write your descriptions straight on and pop them on your table:


Yellow polkadot labels – Trains and Tutus Party Boutique


Love chalkboard signs for a vintage feel for a lemonade party:


Chalkboard signs – Ashdown & Bee


Lemonade chalk sign - Kristy Gray Designs

Lemonade chalk sign – Kristy Gray Designs




Lots of cute ways to decorate this party and particularly to string something pretty around a lemonade stand:


Scallop bunting – Penny Lane studio


Fresh Citrus bunting – Giddy Gumdrops


Yellow paper bunting – The Social Boutique


Yellow spot lantern – Little Red Chick



A bright paper chain for a retro feel:

Yellow paper chain – The Party Parlour


Love these MINI tissue balls – only 12.5cm!

Mini 12.5cm tissue balls – My Garden Party




This theme is the perfect excuse to set out a cute drinks table and use mini bottles and colourful straws. Here are some items perfect for this theme:


Yellow chevron tablerunner – Love The Occasion



Paper Eskimo yellow party plate – Sweet Celebrations




Yellow scallop cups – Just Party Supplies


Pastel ice cream cups – Little Red Chick


Love love love these PLASTIC milk bottles. Perfect for smaller children!:


Plastic milk bottles – Ready to Party


For older children who can handle the glass – these yellow dot glass bottles are cute!


Yellow spot glass bottle – Love The Occasion


Or go for a vintage feel with these little mason jars for your drinks:

Mason jar with handle – Sweet Tea Party Supplies


These are great props on a dessert table for a pink lemonade party:


Robert Gordon ceramic lemonade bottles – Peppermint Sunday



Pop in some cute straws:


Yellow striped straws – Saffy & May


Pink chevron straws – Little Red Chick



You can’t have a lemonade stand party without drink dispensers! Either hire some or buy some of these lovely ones:


2 part drink dispenser – Leo & Bella


Ashley drinks dispenser – Sweet Style


Yorkshire drink dispenser – Sweet Tea Party Supplies


This lovely white tray would be perfect filled with your little bottles:

Retro white tray – Styled Sealed Delivered


Also love these square tins for this theme…fill them with some lemons perhaps and use as a prop?:

Square buckets – Saffy & May


These berry boxes would also look great filled with a few lemons if you are going for a rustic feel:

Wood berry boxes – Blank Goods


Or use these sweet ceramic punnet boxes in your party:

Ceramic berry punnet – Lark


Top off your dessert table with a yellow cake stand!

This yellow wooden stand is also available to hire from Tiny Tots Toy Hire if you’re in Sydney:

Yellow wooden cake stand – Emerald & Ella



Buttercream milk glass cake stand – Leo & Bella


Props and Lemonade Stands:

For an affordable lemonade stand to purchase, this cute cardboard one is perfect!:

Pink lemonade cardboard stand – Sugarlicious


You can also hire a stand which you can use as a lemonade stand like this one available in Sydney from Tiny Tots Toy Hire:


Lemonade stand for hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)


Here are more lemonade stands for hire from vendors in the HIRE Category of the Directory:

Lemonade stand for hire (Perth) – Parties and Prints


Lemonade stand for hire – Once Upon a Table (Brisbane)



Lemonade stand for hire – Vintage Sew and So (Melb)



Yellow and white canopy cart – Tiny Tables and Chairs (Melb)


Vintage lemonade stand for hire – Imagine Event Styling (Melb)


Lemonade stand for hire – My Sweet Event Lolly and Buffet Hire (Melb)


A canopy such as this one below (available for hire and you can probably find similar for hire in other states) would also look really cute for this theme with the yellow and white chairs as well:


Lolly canopy stand – Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)

You can find other vendors in various locations which have similar canopies for hire such as Wild Rose Sweets and Styling (Newcastle/Hunter region in NSW), Sweet Boutique Lolly Buffets (Canberra), Your Style Dessert and Buffet tableware hire (Ipswich, QLD) and many more on the Directory here.


These sweet yellow chairs for HIRE would also look fantastic for this theme:

Yellow ghost chairs for HIRE – Mini Party People (Melbourne)


Get your birthday boy/girl a fun apron to wear as they serve some lemonade! Love these waterproof ones:

Pink spotted waterproof apron – Max and Ella


Or dress your birthday girl in a sweet pink and yellow outfit:


Pink and yellow lemonade tutu – Sweet Pirouette



Pink and lemon party hat – Little Miss Charlie’s Treasures



These ladder shelves are so fantastic for around the house and I know when I’ve used similar ones in my parties, some of my facebook readers have asked where to buy them from. They would really suit this theme I think – fill the shelves with cups/bottles etc for your lemonade stand – and of course use them around your home after the party!


White ladder shelf – Mocka


You can also hire a similar ladder shelf as well as a butlers tray (along with a drink dispenser, bottles etc) from Utterly Organised Events in Melbourne.   Browse the hire category for other vendors in your location.

A butlers tray table would also look really sweet filled with some bottles. I’m not suggesting you buy this JUST for a party – they make a great little table for around the home! Or as mentioned above – hire one!


Butlers table – Lifestyle Home & Living


Some lovely props for this theme:


Wooden soda crate – The Little Big Company


Summer time wooden blocks – Fayes Attic


Chalkboards really suit a vintage feel for this theme:

Hanging chalk sign – Style Party Love



Mini chalkboard – Little Red Chick


Leave these suitcases open and fill them with bottles, cups, lemons, straws or just use them as risers under your drink dispensers perhaps?

Yellow paper suitcases – Bickiboo


A cute lemonade making kit:

Children’s lemonade stand kit – Sarah J Home Decor



Favours & Packaging

Give the little ones some of their own juicers to make some lemonade when they get home:


Avantil lemon squeezer – Everten Online


Cuisena wooden citrus juicer – Belinda Janes


Or send the kids home with some of your own homemade lemonade using these cute bottles:


Swing top glass bottles – The Little Big Company



Some sweet packaging options for other sweets/treats:



Yellow scalloped favour box – Little Red Chick


Square patty cups – The Party Parlour


Yellow gingham treat box – Party & Co


Real Parties

There really are SO many gorgeous parties in this theme. Here are a few that really caught my eye for inspiration!:

Such an adorable pink lemonade party featured on Kara’s Party Ideas

Combine lemonade and tutu’s and you get one amazing par – featured on The Hostess with the Mostess website

A lovely summer lemonade stand party in blues, greens and yellows on the Hostess with the Mostess website

This lemon and lime party is a slightly different take on this theme but I love the colours & styling in this party from the Any Given Party website


Anyone feel like setting up a lemonade stand after this post? It would be a lot of fun to style one!

I hope you enjoyed the ideas!