Barbie party – Real Party Feature!

This Barbie party setup is about to blow your mind!!

For a barbie fan…what could be more fun than a life sized Barbie box surrounded by an array of fun balloons for the ultimate Barbie party setup!! Created by the amazing A&J Wedding Party Event in Qld – one of our Celebrate Society members!

We love the incredible balloon display and mix of pinks, reds and fun foil balloons which frame this giant barbie box prop which was also used to display the Barbie cake:

Speaking of the cake…this Barbie cake classically represented Barbie with its stylish silhouette image:


The Barbie party table was set with mixes of florals, hot pink and tasteful Barbie styled cookies – which meant this Barbie theme could come to life in such a bright and fun way!:




Love the cute cookies and all the shimmer!:




What little Barbie fan wouldn’t be happy with this? No wonder the birthday girl looks over the moon at her Barbie birthday celebration!!



Well done to all the vendors involved:


Styling, balloons, flowers, props

A&J Wedding Party Event

Barbie Box

Honeyhub event hire

Cake and Cookies



Kaylee Tan photography

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