Delightful Drink Dispensers!

A drink dispenser is a wonderful way to serve a special refreshment at your party and can be used at both kids and adult celebrations.

I’ve noticed a lot of new styles being available lately so here is a run down of some beverage dispenser options if you are on the lookout for your next party! Just click on the image below to take you to where you can buy these from and in some cases – to view more beverage dispensers for sale at those online stores. There are so many different styles available – this is just a sample =)


Apothecary plain glass dispenser - Little Dance Invitations


Drink Dispenser - Alfresco Emporium

The touch of gold on this dispenser is just gorgeous!

Gold beverage dispenser - The Little Big Company


Elegant beverage dispenser with mercury lid - The Little Big Company


This two part drink dispenser has a lovely unique look and allows you to store ice or fruit down the bottom – looks great!

Two part glass drink dispenser - Occasion by Design


Love the wicker basket base to this dispenser:

Blairgowrie drink dispenser with wicker basket- Sweet Style


Nolan fleur drink dispenser - Sweet Style


Minnie ribbed glass beverage dispenser - Leo & Bella


Yorkshire mason jar beverage dispenser - Leo & Bella

A unique shaped dispenser – love the cute tap

Eco glass drink dispenser - Mai Style Party Boutique


Montauk recycled glass beverage dispenser - Dunlin


I’m loving the crown emblem on this dispenser:

Chateau La Belle Drink Dispenser - Crown Emblem - Lifestyle Home and Living

Enjoy your drink dispenser shopping!


Planning a small soiree?

We have recently welcomed into the world our second daughter and for her Baptism celebration I am keeping it very small with only immediate family. However I still want to do something special for this occasion and for her.

I know my family won’t care how nice the cake looks, whether there is any decorations etc and I really don’t NEED to organise anything that special! However my view is that the occasion is special, my daughter is precious and therefore deserves something lovely to celebrate this day! Not to mention the fact that I enjoy doing things like this when I get the chance =)

I won’t be having a full dessert table and I know that extra candy and sweets will go to waste if I order them. So I’ve been thinking about how to style something sweet and small when there won’t be many desserts. I think it is more enjoyable sometimes to create something small as you need to be more creative in how to decorate and style and present things since the table won’t be overflowing with a lot of sweet items.

Props and memorabilia can fill a table nicely and make it meaningful. Items such as a photo of the little girl/boy, their candle from the ceremony, fresh flowers and candy jars filled with decorative items rather than sweets are all some simple ideas of dressing up the table.

The other point to think about is where to set up the sweets/dessert. A small celebration means you may be able to be more creative with how you display the cake and desserts as you don’t need as much room as a trestle table/dining table provides. You may have a small occasional table in your home that would be perfect for a small occasion:

Dessert table - Somewhere Splendid blog


Wedding dessert table - Lee Mae Marie blog

Another wonderful example of something gorgeous but small is this setup by Bianca from A Little Delightful who put together a tea party for 2, for her 2 children:

Tea party for 2 - A Little Delightful blog

Here is some more inspiration of small dessert tables which use lovely props to style the table:

Easter dessert table - The White Library


Pirate princess mini dessert table - Cake ink events blog


Table by Imbue Weddings - Polkadot Bride blog

I am looking forward to styling something small and special.

What about you? What is the smallest number of people at a celebration you have organised? Do you prefer to style something for a small or a large celebration?


Hello, it’s me again =)

It’s time to get back to blogging…perhaps a bit ambitious after only 6 weeks since the birth of my second daughter I know! My blog has been neglected for a while now due to busyness and tiredness with my pregnancy and moving house. I lost some of my inspiration and motivation for blogging during that time with all the other things going on.

However despite being sleep deprived I now feel excited about getting back into the Life’s Little Celebrations blog and providing you with party ideas and where to find items to match your themes =)

I won’t be posting as detailed and long posts as previously which contained sometimes over 100 products and would take a few hours to prepare! I do have 2 kids now under 2 years of age and they are my priority =)

However I will still be showcasing some great ideas and products for various themes and parties in general. I will also again be offering my Party Inspiration board service for those of you who want more detailed ideas and sources for decorations, printables, favours, tableware, etc.

Along with this I hope to write other blog posts on topics relating to parties generally – all written from the perspective of an average mum. I am not a stylist or party planner and I don’t have an unlimited party budget or a never ending stock of party items – I am a mum, like most of you, wanting to celebrate my little one’s with a lovely celebration!

So thank you all for patiently bearing with me and I hope you will join me once again!




Meet Dalia from Tiny Tots Toy Hire

I have the pleasure in this blog post of introducing Dalia of Tiny Tots Toy Hire, one of our lovely sponsers based in Sydney. Over the last 12 months I’ve seen so many unique, fun and fantastic party hire products being added to their range and there is truly no better kids party hire business in Sydney – they offer not only toys, but props, dessert table accessories, kids tables/chairs and more! Having personally used them myself I can also vouch for their excellent service!

Read on to find out more about the amazing and lovely Dalia behind this wonderful business and see some of the products they offer!



1)      Tell us about yourself and why you are passionate about Tiny Tots Toy Hire?

I’m a mum to two gorgeous kids (yes I am slightly biased) aged two and four… they have the power to drive me insane and melt my heart all within a 30 second time frame! Actually… same goes for my husband – except in a longer time frame lol

I am absolutely passionate about this business and definitely don’t see it as “job”. It’s an all-consuming way of life! I strongly believe that to be successful at something, you need passion – regardless of what it is. I love being able to use a combination of my event management, psychology and business skills in what I do. But mostly, I love dealing with our customers (and others in the industry)… it gets me excited!


2)      What are some of the exciting new products you have made available for hire?

There are new products being added weekly! Our new custom made vintage inspired Phone Booth prop has got to be the coolest item we’ve added in a while. Absolutely perfect for a Superhero party! We’ve also added very suave Ferrari ride-on cars and a black and white checkered floor perfect for a racing car party. Then there’s the multitude of pretty cake stands and fuschia outdoor garden setting… I could go on all day! Actually one more I must mention… our new Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, and Donald Duck wooden life size props – so cute in photos!





3)      What are your most popular items and why do you think they are such a hit at parties?

When it comes to toys, the rollercoaster and the ball pit! Something about kids and balls… couldn’t put my finger on it… until I jumped into the ball pit with my kids one day and it all made sense! (We don’t recommend you try this at home by the way) The rollercoaster is great for all ages and it gives them an addictive thrill – they can’t get enough of it! As for props, the Lolly Stand Canopy Display is a hit and the kids Bubble Chairs – we have them in five different colours and we just can’t keep up.


4)      Any great decorating ideas you have seen?

I love the idea of incorporating the theme into all aspects of the party (not just the dessert table for example). The ideas are endless… you just need to browse our Real Parties albums on Facebook to get some inspiration. Think themed lunchboxes for the kids, themed take home favours, even toys to match the theme!


5)      What is your personal favourite party theme and why?

I have too many… there is no way I can narrow it down to one. When you’re in the industry we’re in, you fall in love every day! I love anything vintage (think My Little Jedi), I also love colour themes which are perfect for things like Christenings (think grey and lemon or chocolate brown and blue) and I have to say the unisex superhero party we just did with Sophisticated Yum was so much fun to style.

6)      How far in advance do I need to book my party?
Some simple advice here… the earlier you book the better. We do get booked out and if you are particular about which toy or cake stand you’re after, or if your event is being held at a venue and you need specific delivery and pick up times then you need to get in early to avoid disappointment. Having said that, we have a very large range and there is usually always something available for those last minute requests.

7)      What is your vision for Tiny Tots Toy Hire for the future?

It depends… can dreams become a reality? We have so much planned. We want to be the first place anyone thinks of when they’re organising a children’s party whether it be for toys, props or party hire (e.g. popcorn and fairy floss machines). We are constantly getting enquiries from around NSW and Australia… so franchising is definitely on the cards. All I can say is… watch this space!

To find out about Tiny Tots Toy Hire’s full range, please contact them using the details below:



Phone:               0410 660 121


Party Pretties – May 2012

There seems to be an endless supply of lovely new products appearing for parties these days. They are all so tempting so here are just a few party pretties I’ve spotted lately which I wanted to share with you all! Maybe you’ll find something to add to your collection or next celebration:


Nolan drink dispenser - Leo & Bella


Cupcake shaped jar - Sweet Little Birdy


Mini cupcake stands - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations


Milk glass cake stand - Sweet Style


Wooden cake stands in various colours - Leo and Bella


Chalk cake bunting - Chalk It


Floral paper cup with lid - The Little Big Company


Robert Gordon paper windmills - Occasion by Design


Ruffled tablecloths in various colours - Saffy & May


Paper garlands - Red Elephant Creative


Tissue garlands in various colours - Emerald and Ella


Sixlets - Sweet Style


Pink and white candy hearts - Sweet Style


Rock candy stars - Occasion by Design