Barbie inspired birthday party supplies and ideas

I don’t know too many 58 year olds who inspire 5 year old birthday parties, do you?

But with a portfolio of over 150+ careers and a killer wardrobe, it’s no surprise Barbie has and always will be an inspiration for so many young girls – so why not have a party in her honour?

But how do you choose between rock ‘n’ roll Barbie, Malibu Barbie or Mermaid Barbie?

Think like Barbie and make everything PINK of course!

Barbie party – The Sweet Cart (Perth)





barbie party

Barbie party styled by Opulenticity Party & Buffet Styling


I was a HUGE Barbie fan when I was little. My all-time favourite was Barbie and the Rockers, which in hindsight would have made a great party theme!

If choosing just one of Barbie’s roles is too hard though, use a Barbie silhouette and stick with PINK as your main colour mixed with with white and black which will achieve the right effect – we’ve found a few ‘accessories’ to help complete the setting from vendors listed on the Life’s Little Celebrations children’s party directory

Simply CLICK on any image below to be taken to where you can source the item from

Start off with a fun invitation to set the theme!

Barbie invitation – L’Amour Wedding and Events

Barbie party decorations

PINK, PINK and more PINK! Barbie could never have enough. Mix with a little black and white for a modern twist, and of course add as many accessories as you can find!

barbie party decorations

Custom tassel garland, dd Brand






barbie party decorations

Black and white polka dot balloons, Emiko Blue





barbie party decorations

Oink honeycomb diamond, Little Boo-Teek





barbie balloon

Barbie shaped foil balloon, Party Splendour





barbie balloon

Barbie foil balloon, Party Splendour





barbie party balloons

Black and white striped balloons, Ruby Rabbit Partyware





Pink heart foil balloon, Ruby Rabbit Partyware




barbie decorations

Barbie pom pom table decoration, Theme It


Pink ruffled streamers – The Party Parlour


Pink shimmer fancy garland kit – Favor Lane




How fun would this Barbie prop be for the kids!:

barbie party inspo

Barbie prop, Tiny Tots Toy Hire, Sydney




Set up a cute kids table with pink chairs such as these!:


pink barbie party chairs

Tiny Tables and Chairs, Melbourne


This would make the perfect piece for a dessert table!:


Pink dresser for hire – Sweet Heavenly Events Hire Sydney

Perfect for a Barbie themed slumber party!:

barbie sleepover

Slumber parties, Sweet Dreams & Goodnight, Melbourne and Perth




Barbie party tableware

Regardless of your choice of Barbie, your table setting can be as lavish as you like because Barbie’s party are always over the top! Mix and match for fun and be as feminine or chic as you like. Don’t forget the PINK!


barbie table decor

Black tie paper plates, Emiko Blue




barbie party tableware

Pink and gold paper plates, Little Boo-Teek





barbie party tableware

Pink party kit, Party Kit Co





barbie party tableware

Pink diamond plates, Ruby Rabbit Partyware





barbie party tableware

Hot pink chevron plates, Hip & Hooray






barbie party tableware

Barbie plates, Fantasy Kids Parties





barbie party tableware

Polka Dot straws, Emiko blue


barbie party ideas

Ice cream cups, Little Boo-Teek


Barbie party treats

Like most icons, Barbie is instantly recognisable – so use this to your advantage and incorporate the colour and visuals from your decorations into your desserts too. I love this silhouette concept by The Sweet Cart in Perth.



barbie party styling inspo

Barbie dessert table styling, The Sweet Cart, Perth



And you can’t really go wrong with a Barbie cake, can you?


barbie cake

Barbie Cake, My Cake Studio, Melbourne


Barbie cookies – Love Every Detail



Any pink cakes and desserts match this theme – if you have other Barbie specific desserts, Barbie cake topper or Barbie backdrop then you can go with a more generic pink cake !:


barbie inspired cake

Bites By D, Perth



Let these glam desserts inspire you! They would work perfectly on a pretty pink Barbie table!:


pink chocolates

Chocolates, Chocobon, Melbourne



barbie cookies

Barbie inspired cookies, Flyaway Pineapple



pink dessert ideas

Desserts by Copper & Cocoa, Sydney



barbie cupcakes

Barbie cupcakes, The Sweet Cart, Perth



barbie pink dessert inspo

Macarons, Sweetest Jubilee



barbie dessert inspo

Cupcake cookies, Sweet Eve, Melbourne



modern barbie cake

Modern cake, Sweet Treats by Jules, Sydney



barbie inspired desserts

Nail Polish cookies, Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes, Melbourne



barbie party ideas

SweetP Cakes & Cookies, Melbourne


Love the font of this cake topper! Perfect for a Barbie party:

Cake Topper – CommunicateIt




A few last finishing touches for any homemade items for a Barbie party:

barbie cupcakes

Baking cups, The Party Parlour




barbie party

Pink Heart baking cups, Emiko Blue





barbie party

Barbie baking cups, Fantasy Kids Parties


barbie party

Sugar decoration, Something for Cake




barbie party decorations

Heart candles, Ruby Rabbit Partyware





barbie party

Happy Birthday candle, Little Boo-Teek




barbie party inspo

We Heart Pink candles, Little Boo-Teek




Barbie party favours

We know how much Barbie loves her accessories, so send guests home with their own with unique treasures, mini treats and lots more PINK!


princess crown

Handmade crown, Schooza




barbie party favours

Barbie tiara, Fantasy Kids Parties




barbie party favours

Folding butterfly mirror, Deer Little Parties



Barbie necklace and bracelet – Party Savers


Barbie fashion pack – K-Mart



You can’t go wrong with edible party favours – personalised of course! Love the gold foil effect:


barbie party favours

Party Favour chocolates, Edge House Design



Match your party favour gift bags and tag to the colour scheme of pink/black/white!:


barbie party favours

Calligraphy thank you gift tags, Emiko Blue



barbie party favour ideas

Pink favour bags, Hip & Hooray





barbie party finds

Black tie party bags, The Party Parlour




barbie party

Pink heart stickers, Ruby Rabbit Partyware




barbie party ideas

Candy stripe cupcake boxes, The Party Parlour



Mini Barbie fans will go ga-ga over this theme! Enjoy the party planning!





What’s trending in party themes

Just like the world of fashion – party theme trends seem to come and go, but there’ll always be your classics.

If you love styling, events and party planning then I’m sure you enjoy seeing the latest party decor which is available!

Making it easy to keep up with the trends and find everything you require to execute the theme of your choice is LLC vendor, Ruby Rabbit Partyware. Owner Alex has her finger on the pulse when it comes to sourcing new supplies, so who better to ask a few questions on what we should be looking out for than the party Queen herself!


T: What are some of the most popular colour schemes you are noticing for boys and girls parties at the moment ?

A: Trending this season for boys’ parties is the ‘Little Camper’ theme with the use of teepees, monochrome colour choices and a touch of green cactus fun! Outdoor fun with lots of space for energetic little boys to run wild! Unicorns and rainbows continues to be our most popular girls’ birthday party theme followed closely by Alice in Wonderland.

These themes are whimsical and timeless keeping both Mum and birthday girl happy with being able to add a personal touch when it comes to styling the party. These themes suit a broad range of ages from first birthdays up to around eight year olds.



Little Camper party theme


unicorn balloon

Unicorn party theme



Unicorn balloon kit


T: What unique decorating ideas and theme ideas would you suggest for a baby shower? 

A: I’m loving the green palm leaf with luxe gold for something a little different, or for a softer touch with baby pink.

I’m a sucker for palms and have a ridiculous amount of cushion covers in my home in just that! Yes, I may have a cushion obsession, a rather large one my hubby would say!


tropical baby shower

Baby shower theme




T: What are your top picks for spring / summer party trends ? Any particular themes or looks? 

A: The party shop is busy with lots of fun bold colourful orders heading out the door as we move into Spring. Plus we can’t get enough of those green palm leaf and gold pineapple party pieces!



Pineapple plates



Watermelon balloon




Colour splash party styled by Tiny Little Pads


T: What are some of the well loved kids themes you have noticed from your most popular  customer buys? 

A: It seems that pale pink and gold isn’t fading, especially for little girls’ 1st birthdays.

Unicorns and rainbows are a close second and then super cool monochrome for the boys, plus colourful confetti spot orders are always strong and work perfectly for both girls and boys.

The ever popular donuts theme has faded away this year.



Paper Eskimo pink and gold partyware



modern-camp party theme

Little camper partyware




Confetti + polka dot madness party by Lucinda Gould



T: Are there any must have items you would suggest for mums planning their first kids party? 

A: Balloons and a fun cake topper! Balloons are such simple happy party decorations, and cake toppers can add that little special something to your cake. Both are definite must haves!



Jumbo confetti balloon and fringe




Poppies for Grace cake toppers


Thank you so much for these tips Alex!

You can shop all of these items and loads more on the Ruby Rabbit website.







Biz inspiration from Illume Partyware

If you’re a mum in business it is fantastic to be inspired by and learn from other entrepreneurs! This week I am introducing you to LLC partner Louise from Illume Partyware! The Life’s Little Celebrations directory is filled with many amazing entrepreneurs and it is wonderful to hear their story and advice!

Enjoy this Q and A as you find out more about this gorgeous online party boutique:



Describe your business in 1-2 sentences: 

Illume Partyware is a stylish high end fashionable partyware brand, every product is design by us in Sydney, Australia. We offer everything you need for your next birthday, wedding, kids party or any other fancy festivity.

When and how did Illume Partyware come about?:
When I was putting together my sons 1st  birthday party. I found there was a lack of fashionable and stylish party products out there in the market. I wanted to style a party and have everything co-ordinate together from the tableware to decorations. There was plenty of partyware out there but I couldn’t find any items that where high end, high quality and up with the current fashion trends. 



How has your business evolved over the years?:
I started out back in 2007 originally designing personalised wedding and christening invitations. In 2011, I decided to move on from personalised invitations and launch Illume Partyware. A stylish high end fashionable partyware brand, that launches a new collection every year.


What did you do before starting your business?

I started my design career designing ceramics and home-wares for Australia’s large department stores it was the first job I had after graduating from Graphic Design. A few years later I was recommended to a contemporary digital art company that contracted me to design a whole range of digital artworks for canvas and perspex. I worked together with them for 1 year developing their new range. I was then recommended to Bauer Media (formerly ACP magazines) where I became the advertising Art Director for ‘Australian Gourmet Traveller’ magazine. I worked there for a few years before I launched Illume Partyware.



What is one of your business achievements you are most proud of?:
Being able to make a living in this extremely competitive party industry. I have spent many years building the brand Illume Partyware and we are finally being recognised world wide. I am so proud to have a brand that is now known across the other side of the world. And that customers still call or email me with excitement that they have found our products.

What do you love about running your own business?

I love that I am able to design and create products that I believe in and I can share them with others all over the world. After working for many years with other companies to their design briefs I love that I now have the freedom to create and design products for my own brand Illume Partyware.




What is one thing you would like to achieve in 2016 for your business?

Illume Partyware is fast going global, so this year we are hoping to get more distributors onboard in countries all over the world.

What advice could you offer to other small business owners?:

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, be yourself, do what you do best and what you believe in.  Get a business mentor, someone you can talk to for advice. When it comes to running a business you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Ask for help in areas you are struggling in.


Thanks Louise for sharing about your business! Visit Illume Partyware here and see their gorgeous range of partyware and tableware!





Book offer ‘ Business and Baby at home’

I know so many of you who read my blog are mother’s who also run your own business from home (as do I!) – just like a lot of the business owners who are on the Life’s Little Celebration’s directory.

This month I have organised a Q and A session for my Directory vendors with Sarah O’Bryan – author of the book “Business and baby at home“. She will be chatting with us online in our Facebook group for vendors on the Directory sharing practical and useful tips and I have a special offer for all of you today who wish to also purchase this book!




Sarah has been featured on the TODAY show and in numerous magazines discussing the topics presented in this book such as working from home while also balancing your family life and other commitments .



It is full of practical tips and useful advice for any mumpreneur!


If you would like to purchase a copy – then do so within the next 24 hours and enter code LLC in the notes section at the checkout to receive a SIGNED copy of this wonderful book!


Simply visit the Business and Baby at home website to purchase here.



Interview with Loralee Lewis


I am delighted today to share an interview with talented stationery designer Loralee Lewis who also creates the most beautiful parties for her four children



Nutcracker ballet inspired party – Loralee Lewis


In this interview Loralee shares her advice about being a mum in business, stationery design, party styling and more!


Your stationery designs are so classic and unique. How do you remain inspired to create different designs?


Come one come all invitation – Loralee Lewis


Thank you for the kind words!  My clients and my children are always causing me to re-think what needs to be created, which helps, and I get bored easily with whatever is out there and am always wanting to do something new.  It drives my staff nuts that we are always on to the next experimental product or item and figuring out how to create it large scale.


How do you stay ahead of trends regarding stationery and party styling?

This is a great question.  I think two ideas come to mind for me and my company.  First, if I can design something intrinsically beautiful, clean, elegant, balanced and fun, it will still be desirable in a decade, so I don’t have to worry about it going in/out of style, like a mustache or a chevron, which I don’t use in my work.


Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday invitation – Loralee Lewis



French design from the 1700’s is still as relevant today as it was then because it is timelessly beautiful.  The closer we get to that ideal, the better.  I think that works well for business, too, so you don’t have to chase the market as much, but it can come to you.


The second idea is to always strive to do something that no one has seen before.  With every event or shoot or design that I put together, I think “What is the twist?” “What is one thing I can add that has never been seen before?”  And if it is beautiful, I go with it.  I remember for a Christmas party one year we wanted to do something really vertical and high, so we made a doughnut tower out of stainless steel rods that we had made at a welding yard in town.  It was a wild idea that we just brought to life and it worked.  Take existing ideas and twist them to something new.



Princess and the Frog party by Loralee Lewis



Your children’s parties are truly gorgeous and amazing however I’ve read that you don’t stress about your kids parties and plan them in just 1-2 weeks – how do you manage to plan such beautiful parties in so little time?


Thank you again for the sweet words. I put together events by using a lot of items that are easy to source from my home or locally, and then order in a handful of items from vendors that are over the top, and then dress everything with great paper.  This makes it easy to have a beautiful event.  Most of my cookies and cakes are from the local bakery, rather than special order.  Good paper can take a plain white cupcake and make it shine like a star.



Wizard of Oz cupcake topper kit – Loralee Lewis



Princess and the Frog paperie – Loralee Lewis

You recently styled your daughter Georgianna’s ‘first’ birthday party for her 4th birthday. What was the highlight of this occasion?


Pixie Hollow birthday by Loralee Lewis


Georgianna owned not a single toy and lived on one small meal per day in the orphanage before we got her home, but the moment we brought her home a confident diva emerged.  She was like a Cinderella waiting for the fairy godmother.  At her fairy princess birthday she was transported to a new reality and it was the moment of a lifetime for her.  She has never looked back.  What a treat as a mother to see her take it all in.




Do you have any party themes on your ‘wish list’ that you are hoping your children will request for their future parties?



All American picnic party by Loralee Lewis


I want to do a vintage baking party for my little boy, complete with hats, red bow ties, and aprons.  I hope he doesn’t grow out of it before I can put it together!  Also we will have a strawberry patch party this year, and a Polar Express Inspired theme coming up.  Their party themes are a bit of a negotiation because if I am throwing the event, it needs to make sense to me as well.


Pirate birthday party by Loralee Lewis


Do you have any tips for mums on how to plan a beautiful party on a tight budget? 

Use what you have in your home (for me it’s stored items or the garage, etc.) to make it work, rather than buying new furniture or props.

Buy low cost food items from the store, the kids love them the same.  Thrift store for the pieces that are missing.

Then dress everything up for the ball with creativity.  Embellishments like paper, ribbon, glue and scissors are cheap but can make almost anything look really expensive.


Through the woods collection – Loralee Lewis


Oh, and spray paint!  I LOVE spray paint.  Buy props from the thrift store for $10 and spray paint them to match the party colors and you have a prop that looks like $200.


It is so inspiring to read about your 4 beautiful children and their journey to you. What are the greatest lessons motherhood has taught you?


Thank you again.  I don’t know I’ve fully learned any of the lessons, but am on the road!  I am learning about how to be patient, how to make each child feel special, and how to love all my children equally even if I don’t connect with them all equally.  Getting my house in order and keeping a tight schedule.  These are some of the lessons I’m learning right now.


Loralee Lewis with her children


How do you manage the juggle of your business as well as family life?


It’s very hard, and I’m not perfect, but I have the advantage of being able to run my studio and do my designing from my home.  I have assistants who help with most of the day to day lifting.  Also, have a schedule and a daily to-do list.  Stop work when your kids get home and start again when they sleep.  These are my usual methods.



Kitty Cat collection – Loralee Lewis


What piece of advice can you give to those starting out in an event related business?


Easter photo shoot by Loralee Lewis


Wow, there is so much. First would be just put yourself out there and work through the mistakes.  In Silicon Valley they call it “Fail Fast;” with the going assumption that you’ll mess up early on a lot and that it’s good and part of the process.

We’ve made so many silly mistakes along the way but we learned quickly.

Another would be to focus small and be delighted by every victory.

A third would be to avoid partnerships and do it yourself (unless it’s your husband.  I happen to be business partners with my husband and it works great, but friends of mine who have other business partners have all come to regret it).

Fourth, for us, has been staying debt free.  Finances are such a burden; if you keep costs super low it makes it so much easier to stay financially strong.




Thank you Loralee for providing an insight into your business as well as your party styling and work/life balance. It is a true honour to feature your thoughts on my blog.

To follow Loralee Lewis find her facebook page here, and website here.