My Child is the Theme

I wanted to write something slightly different to my normal posts, as a way of reflecting on the most important aspect of any little celebration.

As I mentioned on facebook today – it is so easy to get caught up in the plans, ideas, props, decorations, to-do lists etc and lose focus, lose enjoyment and become stressed during a time when you are meant to be joyful!

I got thinking about this in the morning when I felt a sweep of excitement thinking about my daughter’s birthday party and imagining her in a pretty outfit, cutting the cake and celebrating her! Then I stopped and realised that I should be feeling like THAT a lot more often during this planning process!

Of course I can’t imagine ever planning any party or event without some stress and busyness. However I think in the midst of it all, it’s important to stop, slow down and remember that it is all about the person – not the party.

I’m not writing this to be preachy! I am saying all this to my own myself more than to anyone else 🙂

Yes it’s wonderful to have a beautiful party, a uniquely styled dessert table, lots of adorable details….however it is even more wonderful to have happy children, guests who have enjoyed themselves, and calm parents who are able to truly celebrate their child!

So hence the title of this post…”my child is the theme”.

As you can tell from my blog – I do love children’s party themes! I love that you can turn anything into a theme and have lots of fun thinking of unique ideas and props all related to that theme. I love cute touches, pretty features and creative activities!

However no matter what our party theme, the central “theme” is our child. They are the centre of the whole celebration! Celebrating them…celebrating the year we have just had with them!

All the extra bits and pieces are all ways we express that. As long as they remain ways we express this love and celebration then I believe they are all good!

So as I continue to plan parts of my daughter’s birthday I am trying to remember the focus of the celebration (her!), reflect on the amazing year we have had and enjoy these last few weeks that she will ever be in her first year of life.

My daughter does deserve a celebration as precious as she is. She deserves even more a calm and happy mother! I will endeavor to give her both! =)