As a mum of 3 daughters I know how popular Barbie has been in our house so I am delighted to share this Barbie inspired 4th birthday magazine shoot for our recent magazine, by our Celebrate Society member – Hazel Events and Prop Hire, Melbourne!


This barbie inspired kids birthday party is a burst of colour with the magnificent balloon tower by Luft Balloons and creative dessert table and barbie shop with props from Hazel Events as well!




The array of mini desserts by Cocoa Oven is a feast for the eyes and I love the acrylics by Lavorato Designs for a modern way to dress up a barbie inspired cake created by Sweet Sensations.








Sweet Health provided the gorgeous cookie mix bottles which are always a hit for party favours:




I loved this backdrop for the kids table with a gorgeous shimmer wall from Hazel Events and  tassel garland by The Little Shindig Shop!



Wild Confetti stepped in to create the amazing kids party table!




What a gorgeous setting using partyware from BAM Party & Events and acrylics from Lavorato Designs and desserts by Cocoa Oven:




The little Hazel is looking too cute and loved her party setting!



Little Party Faces Melbourne stepped in with their Barbie inspired party entertainer which was lots of fun!





Wow – what an amazing barbie inspired party captured by Everlasting Memories by Daniela!


If you’re planning a Barbie party for your little one’s birthday, find all the vendors below:



Styling, Concept, Props & Florals


Balloon Garlands & Decals


Cookie Mix Gift Jars

Acrylics Name Tags & Cake toppers


Kids Picnic Table & Décor

Tulle Garlands




Barbie Party – Real Party Feature


Pink, pink & pinker was the vibe for Cionné’s 5th birthday Barbie party styled by Memorable Parties in Perth! 

Hidden Haus warehouse, with its peachy pink walls, was the a perfect setting for a Barbie birthday party – with Barbie backdrop and balloon installation in gorgeous pink shades complimenting the venues colour scheme.

Pink iridescent tablecloths were adorned with pretty table wear from Favor Lane Party, with acrylic discs and drink swizzle sticks featuring various Barbie fonts across the eras. This all helped to bring the Barbie party theme to life!



Acrylic risers filled with iridescent thread displayed sweet treats, including Barbie cookies, in all shades of pink.



Chairs and favor bonbons featured guest names in iconic Barbie font for a personalised touch.





Guests were kept entertained by Barbie herself from Glass Slipper Entertainment –  dressed in a spectacular pink dress fit for the occasion. A crowd favourite was the guest fashion show led by Barbie herself.


Guests played pretend in Creative Themes Perth Barbie box – the perfect photo opportunity for any Barbie fan!



A double cake, including an iconic Barbie doll cake, was a sweet ending to celebrations.


We hope this inspires any Barbie birthday party you’re planning!


Well done to the Vendors involved:

Styling, coordination, props:

Barbie box:


Tableware & bonbons:

Acrylics & vinyl personalisation:





Chairs & tables:


Barbie inspired birthday party supplies and ideas

I don’t know too many 58 year olds who inspire 5 year old birthday parties, do you?

But with a portfolio of over 150+ careers and a killer wardrobe, it’s no surprise Barbie has and always will be an inspiration for so many young girls – so why not have a party in her honour?

But how do you choose between rock ‘n’ roll Barbie, Malibu Barbie or Mermaid Barbie?

Think like Barbie and make everything PINK of course!

Barbie party – The Sweet Cart (Perth)





barbie party

Barbie party styled by Opulenticity Party & Buffet Styling


I was a HUGE Barbie fan when I was little. My all-time favourite was Barbie and the Rockers, which in hindsight would have made a great party theme!

If choosing just one of Barbie’s roles is too hard though, use a Barbie silhouette and stick with PINK as your main colour mixed with with white and black which will achieve the right effect – we’ve found a few ‘accessories’ to help complete the setting from vendors listed on the Life’s Little Celebrations children’s party directory

Simply CLICK on any image below to be taken to where you can source the item from

Start off with a fun invitation to set the theme!

Barbie invitation – L’Amour Wedding and Events

Barbie party decorations

PINK, PINK and more PINK! Barbie could never have enough. Mix with a little black and white for a modern twist, and of course add as many accessories as you can find!

barbie party decorations

Custom tassel garland, dd Brand






barbie party decorations

Black and white polka dot balloons, Emiko Blue





barbie party decorations

Oink honeycomb diamond, Little Boo-Teek





barbie balloon

Barbie shaped foil balloon, Party Splendour





barbie balloon

Barbie foil balloon, Party Splendour





barbie party balloons

Black and white striped balloons, Ruby Rabbit Partyware





Pink heart foil balloon, Ruby Rabbit Partyware




barbie decorations

Barbie pom pom table decoration, Theme It


Pink ruffled streamers – The Party Parlour


Pink shimmer fancy garland kit – Favor Lane




How fun would this Barbie prop be for the kids!:

barbie party inspo

Barbie prop, Tiny Tots Toy Hire, Sydney




Set up a cute kids table with pink chairs such as these!:


pink barbie party chairs

Tiny Tables and Chairs, Melbourne


This would make the perfect piece for a dessert table!:


Pink dresser for hire – Sweet Heavenly Events Hire Sydney

Perfect for a Barbie themed slumber party!:

barbie sleepover

Slumber parties, Sweet Dreams & Goodnight, Melbourne and Perth




Barbie party tableware

Regardless of your choice of Barbie, your table setting can be as lavish as you like because Barbie’s party are always over the top! Mix and match for fun and be as feminine or chic as you like. Don’t forget the PINK!


barbie table decor

Black tie paper plates, Emiko Blue




barbie party tableware

Pink and gold paper plates, Little Boo-Teek





barbie party tableware

Pink party kit, Party Kit Co





barbie party tableware

Pink diamond plates, Ruby Rabbit Partyware





barbie party tableware

Hot pink chevron plates, Hip & Hooray






barbie party tableware

Barbie plates, Fantasy Kids Parties





barbie party tableware

Polka Dot straws, Emiko blue


barbie party ideas

Ice cream cups, Little Boo-Teek


Barbie party treats

Like most icons, Barbie is instantly recognisable – so use this to your advantage and incorporate the colour and visuals from your decorations into your desserts too. I love this silhouette concept by The Sweet Cart in Perth.



barbie party styling inspo

Barbie dessert table styling, The Sweet Cart, Perth



And you can’t really go wrong with a Barbie cake, can you?


barbie cake

Barbie Cake, My Cake Studio, Melbourne


Barbie cookies – Love Every Detail



Any pink cakes and desserts match this theme – if you have other Barbie specific desserts, Barbie cake topper or Barbie backdrop then you can go with a more generic pink cake !:


barbie inspired cake

Bites By D, Perth



Let these glam desserts inspire you! They would work perfectly on a pretty pink Barbie table!:


pink chocolates

Chocolates, Chocobon, Melbourne



barbie cookies

Barbie inspired cookies, Flyaway Pineapple



pink dessert ideas

Desserts by Copper & Cocoa, Sydney



barbie cupcakes

Barbie cupcakes, The Sweet Cart, Perth



barbie pink dessert inspo

Macarons, Sweetest Jubilee



barbie dessert inspo

Cupcake cookies, Sweet Eve, Melbourne



modern barbie cake

Modern cake, Sweet Treats by Jules, Sydney



barbie inspired desserts

Nail Polish cookies, Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes, Melbourne



barbie party ideas

SweetP Cakes & Cookies, Melbourne


Love the font of this cake topper! Perfect for a Barbie party:

Cake Topper – CommunicateIt




A few last finishing touches for any homemade items for a Barbie party:

barbie cupcakes

Baking cups, The Party Parlour




barbie party

Pink Heart baking cups, Emiko Blue





barbie party

Barbie baking cups, Fantasy Kids Parties


barbie party

Sugar decoration, Something for Cake




barbie party decorations

Heart candles, Ruby Rabbit Partyware





barbie party

Happy Birthday candle, Little Boo-Teek




barbie party inspo

We Heart Pink candles, Little Boo-Teek




Barbie party favours

We know how much Barbie loves her accessories, so send guests home with their own with unique treasures, mini treats and lots more PINK!


princess crown

Handmade crown, Schooza




barbie party favours

Barbie tiara, Fantasy Kids Parties




barbie party favours

Folding butterfly mirror, Deer Little Parties



Barbie necklace and bracelet – Party Savers


Barbie fashion pack – K-Mart



You can’t go wrong with edible party favours – personalised of course! Love the gold foil effect:


barbie party favours

Party Favour chocolates, Edge House Design



Match your party favour gift bags and tag to the colour scheme of pink/black/white!:


barbie party favours

Calligraphy thank you gift tags, Emiko Blue



barbie party favour ideas

Pink favour bags, Hip & Hooray





barbie party finds

Black tie party bags, The Party Parlour




barbie party

Pink heart stickers, Ruby Rabbit Partyware




barbie party ideas

Candy stripe cupcake boxes, The Party Parlour



Mini Barbie fans will go ga-ga over this theme! Enjoy the party planning!