Peppa Pig Party Supplies

Everyone’s favourite Pig is always a popular party theme but even moreso lately with the release of the “Peppa Pig My First Cinema experience” movie!

If you have a Peppa Pig or George Pig fan in your house then we have rounded up some fantastic party supplies and inspiration for you from vendors on our children’s party directory – starting with some inspiration!

Peppa Pig party – El Evento (Sydney)



Peppa Pig party – Kiss With Style (Melb)


Peppa Pig party – Cookie Queen Kitsch’n


Peppa Pig party – Life’s Little Celebrations


Peppa Pig Party invitations and printables:

Party stationery helps coordinate everything for a party – so choose right and you will have a colour scheme and style set to work with when decorating!:



Peppa Pig Invitation



Peppa Pig invitation – Giggles and Grace Designs



Peppa Pig printables – Paper Blossom Creations



Peppa Pig inspired invitations – Joyful Invitations


Peppa Pig Party Decorations:

Anything goes for a Peppa Pig party! Work in lots of pinks but also keep things bright and colourful. Suns, clouds and a garden feel are popular to feature in this party theme:




Peppa Pig pom poms – Theme It Party Boxes


Pastel honeycomb mix – The Little Event Company



Hot pink paper fan – Emiko Blue



Pink honeycomb fancy – Ruby Rabbit Partyware



Honeycomb garland – The Party Parlour



Peppa Pig balloon – Fantasy Kids Parties


Pink script balloon – Ruby Rabbit


Daisy flower poms – The Little Event Company


Meri Meri daisy garland – Emiko Blue



Red paper fans – The Party Parlour


Paper tassel kit – Love The Occasion


Wild berry giant balloon – Ruby Rabbit


Balloon pops – Party For Stella


Peppa Pig Photo props – Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)


Mini picket fence – Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney)


Kids bubble chairs for hire – Saffy and May (Qld)


Peppa Pig Party Tableware


Peppa Pig party plate – Fantasy Kids Parties


Sun plates – Ruby Rabbit


Meri Meri stripe plates – Emiko Blue



Candy stripe raspberry plates – Love The Occasion


Sunrise plates – The Little Event Company


Lace party plates – The Party Parlour


Cloud napkins – Ruby Rabbit Partyware




Pink dot spoons – Love The Occasion


Picket fence cupcake wrap – Baking Culture


Paper eskimo baking cups – Emiko Blue


Red baking cups – Little Kite


Peppa Pig cuppcake topper set – Something for Cake


Peppa Pig Party Cake and Desserts

The vendors listed on our children’s party directory can provide you with the cuteness Peppa Pig edible goodies whether it be cake pops, macarons, cookies and more! Here is a short sample!


Peppa Pig cookies – Frosted By Nicci


Peppa Pig cookies – Petite Cookies


Peppa Pig cookies – Love Every Detail



Peppa Pig cake – Sugar Cloud Cakes (Sydney)



Peppa Pig Cookies – Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cake


Peppa Pig George cake – Frosted by Nicci


Peppa Pig Party Favours:

Send some of the cuteness of Peppa Pig home with the little kids with these party favours and party bags:


Fairy floss party favours – Fluffy Crunch


Peppa Pig favours – Glitter and Glue Designs



Pink tin bucket – The Party Parlour


Pink and gold party bag – The Little Event Co


Pink stripe party bag – Love The Occasion


Pastel pink favour box – Emiko Blue


White favour boxes- Favor Lane Party Boutique


A cute finishing touch on a party bag for a garden feel:

Daisy stickers – Emiko Blue


I hope you’ve found a few bits and pieces to help get you started with your Peppa Pig party planning for your little ones!

Enjoy the celebrating!



Real party feature: Peppa Pig Party

Today I’m sharing a real party feature which was put together by Michelle from Little Wish Parties for her son’s 3rd birthday. It features lots of DIY and creative ideas and with Peppa Pig being such a popular theme lately I hope it inspires lots of mum’s planning for this theme!

Michelle from Little Wish Parties writes….

“In our home the daily ritual is watching Peppa Pig, there is always a rush of excitement with little ones yelling “Peppa Pigs on!” So it was a no brainer when it came to deciding on what type of theme to have for my sons third birthday.

I had seen a few Peppa Pig parties over the internet but they all seemed to be purely based around girls parties and when i offered a George Party instead my son still had his mind set on Peppa!

I was determined to not go with pinks, although knew i had to have it in there somewhere, obviously!
The first thing i decided on was the colour scheme and my first choice was pastels so i got started on my backdrop design for my table.


Once my backdrop was done it gave me loads of inspiration to add to my table. After convincing my dad to make me some trestle legs and source a tabletop for me, i got painting and decided to coordinate my table colour with my backdrop (mint green) which was the base for all things yummy.

Originally i wanted to paint muddy puddles on my table but i sourced some wooden circles in various sizes from Bunnings , glued and painted them for the foundation of my cupcakes and cookies and the base of my cake stand.

I also included the boys in painting these as i always like to involve them in the party planning.  I sourced some tiny gumboots and went with red as they are Georges colour. This is when i began to start adding a few extra brighter colours to the mix.

Pinterest was great for searching for ideas for cakes and even though he is only three, i rounded a few cakes down and asked the birthday boy what he liked.. easy.


I had a visual of muddy puddles and gumboots on cupcakes and after searching high and low over the internet i couldnt find any that had been done. Michelle from Miss Shell’s Cakes was wonderful to work with. I was so happy with the cake and cupcakes, they were just divine, exactly what i had imagined.


My dear friend Natalie from D’lish Cupcakes and Accesories made the apple and strawberry cookies. I also got inspiration from this for a bit of Grandpa Pigs Garden as well as adding some more brighter colours to my table.


Themed candy such as clouds, Peppas Teddy Biscuits, raindrops and icecream pops mixed with a few tiny umbrellas and fresh flowers for my Peppa Pig Garden finished the table.


Dinosaur donuts and dinosaur nuggets were also on the party menu, also a request from the birthday boy.


I had chair backers made up for my gorgeous chairs , grass mats for my table settings as well as some great props (all hire items from Little Wish Parties).


I dressed up some plastic milk bottles from the reject shop with fabric and opted for a chocolate sippa straw to make some muddy puddle milk. I cut out some muddy puddles from brown cardboard to create a coaster for their milk. The kids loved it!


Matching but larger cardboard muddy puddles were placed around the party for lots of muddy puddle jumping.

Cloud balloons and rain set the scene. Instead of making tassels i ended up buying some pre made metallic pom poms for my jumbo balloons, saved me lots of time. I also attached blue beads to some umbrellas to make rain.

I tried to save money where i could by planning well in advance and doing lots of bargain shopping. That way i  put it into other things like entertainment. Peppa was a huge hit and it was like all his dreams had come true at once so it was well worth the money.

Lots of party games had come to mind like piggy in the middle, mr potato sack racing, muddy puddle jumping. We also transformed our little tykes cozy coupe into daddy pigs car.


I knew this party was a successful one as he has already told me he wants the same party next year!

– All photos by Kate’s Precious Moments Photography

Thanks so much Michelle for sharing your son’s fantastic Peppa Pig Party! For more Peppa Pig party ideas, visit my previous blog post here.



Peppa Pig Party supplies – Shopping guide

Based on the request of some of my readers here are some Peppa Pig party supplies to contribute to a Peppa Pig theme party.

Remember to browse my online children’s party directory for more vendors Australia wide to help when planning a Peppa Pig party!

You can gain a lot of inspiration for this party from the show itself – think jumping in muddy puddles/clouds/raindrops/umbrellas/gumboos, princess crown/wand, dressing up games, apple trees and gardens. If you view the different Peppa Pig episodes you can also gain inspiration, for example doing a Peppa pig fun-fair theme, Peppa Pig playgroup theme, Peppa Pig dinosaur theme etc.

Hope these items will help inspire your Peppa Pig Party planning!


Invitations and Printables


Peppa Pig collection – Giggle and Grace Designs





Peppa Pig inspired invitation – Upon a time Designs



Peppa Pig party printables, Sunshine and muddy puddles – Style Me Gorgeous





Peppa Pig Printables – Owl Always Love U prints


Peppa Pig invite with matching printables – Two Tiny Loves


Peppa Pig birthday invitation – Giggles and Grace Designs



A few decoration ideas inspired by ideas from the Peppa Pig show! Peppa Pig loves jumping in muddy puddles so you could base your decor around this idea:


Raindrop garland – All we need is origami



Pink umbrella garland – Gfetti






Peppa Pig bunting – Just Party Supplies



Peppa Pig balloons – Just Party Supplies



Peppa Pig Foil Balloons – Bubbles and Rainbows



Peppa Pig party backdrop – Style Me Gorgeous





Peppa Pig Party tablecloth – Just Party Supplies


Peppa Pig party plates – Just Party Supplies


Peppa Pig Party pack – Just Party Supplies





Peppa pig plates – The Party Cupboard


Love these two toned pink straws!

Two toned pink straws – Saffy & May


Sweet Treats



Persian fairy floss – Little Dance Invitations


Love these items to display some of your sweet treats:

Sambellina icecream cups – Occasion by Design



Polkadot candy boxes – The Party Table


Aren’t these pale pink wooden cake stands so sweet?!:

Pink wooden cake stand – The Party Studio


If you want to make your own cake, then Cake 2 the Rescue have fabulous kits with all you need including a pig cake kit to suit this theme!:

Pig babe cake 2 the rescue kit – Cake 2 the Rescue

Special themed items:


Peppa Pig party masks – Just Party Supplies

Here are some props and items you could use to help style and decorate the party area and dessert table. All items are tied into the idea of clouds/rain, apples/gardens etc:


Pink watering can – Saffy & May


Mini picket fences – Saffy & May


 Love these wooden produce trays to use as decor/props and to display food or drink bottles in to create a garden feel:

Wooden produce trays – Larkmade



Wooden pear tree – Raw Space


Sweet felt apples – Stamp and Scrap


Grass mats – Little Dance Invitations


Raindrop clouds – Bauble


Red apple candy containers – The Little Big Company


Apple lantern – That Online Shop


Grab a pair of cute gumboots to use as a prop!:

Penny Scallan gumboots – Mothers Love


Peppa Pig is often seen with a Princess crown and wand and I’m sure all the little guests would love one too:

Gold crown party hat – The Party People


Star wand – The Costume Store


Some lovely items for HIRE from our sponser Tiny Tots Toy Hire in Sydney to help you style this theme:

Topiary tree – Tiny Tots Toy Hire


Hot pink cake stand for hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire


Pink childs garden setting for hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire


Pink canopy for hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire




Cute umbrella themed favours:

Umbrella favour kit – Perfect Baby Shower


Or use these packages to send some goodies home:



Peppa Pig favour box – Just Party Supplies

Rose gelato candy box – Saffy & May




Peppa Pig Sweet Tubes – Chocolate Wrapped


Some sweet Peppa Pig stickers. There are a few more novelty items on this site if you follow the link!:

Peppa Pig stickers – Just Party Supplies



A little library set like this containing numerous books is great for dividing up as seperate favour gifts:


Peppa pig library – -ABC shop


Cute peppa pig ribbon to top off your favour packaging:

Peppa pig ribbon – The Party Cupboard


Real Parties

There are some very stylish Peppa Pig parties out there ready to inspire you! Have a look at the links below:

Gorgeous and stylish Peppa Pig party by Sophisticated Yum

Love the mix of vibrant colours and fun props in this Peppa Pig party featured on the Celebrations at Home blog

Didn’t think a Peppa Pig party could be “pretty”? Well have a look at this gorgeous Peppa Pig/Sweet Shoppe party on the Green Wedding Planner blog!