Master Class

On the 26th March 2019 Mary Ronis was a guest at our Celebrate Masterclass. This was a whole day masterclass where attendees were also able to network, enjoy delicious food, ask Mary their questions and participate in a hands-on session. However you can now purchase the video’s of the first 2 presentations of the day!

What you receive:

2 sessions (approx 45min long) where you are able to hear Mary’s advice on running a business in the event industry – including advice on branding, pricing, dealing with customers and more!

These were professionally recorded videos by Katastrophe Videos.

This is a *MUST* watch for anyone with a business in the kids party or event industry! Mary cuts through the confusion with her clear advice and tips. She speaks with honesty, humour and inspiration!

How to purchase:

You can purchase the video’s below for $79 by choosing “add to cart”. You will then be emailed the link to access the 2 videos. (Please allow 24 hours for the video link to be emailed through)

Terms and Conditions:

  • These videos are not to be copied or forwarded on
  • There are no refunds for the purchase of these videos
  • These videos are not for resale
  • These videos are strictly for the use of the person purchasing the video

Hope you enjoy the videos!

Photos: by Vanessa Verchiani Photography

With thanks to Mary Ronis for her presentations on the day!