Party Planning…again!

What is your favourite part of planning your kids parties?

Is it deciding a theme? Is it scouring pinterest for ideas or perhaps purchasing all the party supplies?

We recently celebrated Naomi’s 3rd birthday (I’ll be sharing the pics soon – my comp decided to crash the night of the party so it’s delayed me in editing the pics!) and I’ve started thinking ahead to my eldest daughter’s 5th birthday (November) and son’s 1st birthday (January)

My favourite part of party planning would have to be the initial stages – deciding a theme, colour scheme and overall look of the party!

Now the “theme” aspect is not as much in my control anymore now my girls are getting older and have more specific ideas of the party they want. As much as I have ideas of themes I would LOVE to plan for…it is their party after all.

My eldest wants a Doc McStuffin’s party – if you don’t know, Doc McStuffin’s is a show on Disney Junior about a little girl who pretends to be a doctor to all her toys. It’s a cute show and to be honest although I would love to plan a non-character based party I don’t mind this theme so much – I’m just grateful we aren’t doing yet another Princess party!

As you can see, it can look quite cute and there are lots of fun ideas you can incorporate with this theme:


Doc McStuffin’s inspired party – Kara’s Party Ideas


The main colours are pink and purple but I’ll be adding in some aqua blue which is featured on the Doc Mcstuffin’s logo and I’ve seen incorporated into Doc McStuffins parties – I think it will work well to break up the pink and purple! Love this inspiration for a pink/purple/aqua combo:


Pink, purple and aqua colour palette – Chickabug


I’m also thinking of mixing it with an Icecream theme as it’s a summer party and I think an icecream buffet with toppings will be lots of fun for the kids. You can also have a lot of fun setting up a spread of toppings. How lovely is this setup?:


Ice cream party by Red Wagon Events – The Hostess with the Mostess blog


I love how this Doc McStuffin’s party was mixed in with a cupcake theme so I think I can somehow make the icecream theme fit in!:


Doc McStuffin’s cupcake party – The Hostess with the Mostess


Now for my son’s 1st birthday in January – deciding a theme is a little trickier given that really all he is into right now is milk…Sophie the Giraffe…and rolling everywhere and of course he has no care about his party theme or his party whatsoever – he just wants to be fed and burped!

However I’ve always thought if I had a boy I would LOVE to do a cute vintage tricycle party as I’ve always been inspired by this gorgeous one:


Vintage Tricycle and Kite first birthday by Style Me Gorgeous – featured on Chic Cheap Nursery


What do you think? Lovely right?!

I am thinking I could make it work perhaps with even a mint green/brown or mint green/grey/yellow colour scheme as I love the idea of some mint green rather than blue for a boy – but I also think the blue/brown look so classic together.

This cute theme really reminds me of the innocence of childhood!

The other theme I have always loved is a Milk and Cookies party ! The idea of a little milk station with flavoured milk and a cookie bar is such a quaint idea. Just look at this sweet setup:


Milk and Cookies birthday – Anders Ruff


However as it is his 1st birthday and will be slightly larger than our normal parties (and won’t be at home) the logistics of having to setup a milk and cookies bar for a larger group and with a limited setup time at a venue is putting me off…perhaps I may use this for his 2nd birthday.

The other theme I was contemplating was a cute Under the Sea party theme. I love this theme as there is so much you can do with decorating and desserts and it’s perfect for summer.

I was finding it hard to find any Under the Sea parties for boys that I liked. Everything I found used more brighter colours and I was aiming for more pastel or lighter colours to inspire me but I finally came along this small but sweet setup:


Under the Sea party – Lola and Lace


I love the colour scheme chosen and everything is so fresh looking and cute – perfect for a 1st birthday:


Under the Sea birthday party – Lola and Lace


Under the sea party – Lola and Lace

Such a sweet theme and perfect for a January party.

So that is where I’m at with my party planning.

I find now I’ve got 3 kids I plan and organise my kids parties a lot quicker than I use to – but I always start brainstorming early but end up leaving the real party preparation a bit last minute.

As always I’ll be drawing on the vendors on the Life’s Little Celebration’s kids party directory for all the items I need for my kids parties. As a busy mum I really believe we need easy ways to plan our kids parties (amongst other things) online and that’s what the kids party ddirectory is all about – helping you connect with some wonderful small businesses quickly and easily when planning your kids parties!

However as I said – I LOVE the brainstorming / dreaming up ideas part of the process!

I’ll keep you posted and hopefully soon I’ll get my daughter’s Snow White party pics ready to share!



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