Celebrate unwrapped: personalised name tags

We’ve all been there. When you have a vision in mind but not really sure of how to execute it or bring it all together, or you’re simply stuck on one particular detail.

This was the case with our guest name tags for the recent Celebrate conference – something I knew we needed, but could not get my head around how they could tie in with the rest of the theme.

So you can imagine my relief (and pure joy) when I spoke with Daniella of Eve & Co who understood the concept straight away and with very few details, just ran with it. What she produced was so far from anything that I could have imagined, but so perfect. Exactly why she’s the expert in designing stationary and not me!


name tag design - Eve & Co


name tags - Eve & Co

The tassels were what grabbed my excitement initially as this wasn’t something we were using elsewhere, but for the name tags they simply worked and turned them into something so much prettier for guests to wear. Topped off with gold glitter and they coordinated beautifully with the rest of our theme.


stationary design - eve & co

Daniella (right) from Eve & Co


These were name tags that guests definitely were excited to wear (and some letting me know they would be keeping theirs to reuse !)

Daniella from Eve & Co creates bespoke stationary for all occasions, and also specialises in christening candles too which make beautiful gifts or keepsakes.


custom stationary - eve & co



christening candles - eve & co



bespoke stationary - eve & co



christening candle - eve & co


When working with numerous suppliers or you simply don’t have a complete brief to provide, it’s essential that those suppliers have the creativity and listening skills to be able to pick up on elements and just run with it. It takes a lot of trust, but after working with Daniella amongst others, it certainly pays off. They are the experts after all!

Thank you so much for all your hard work with this event Eve & Co! Such a small detail, but one that shone brightly on the day.