Blush loves mint interview & giveaway

Tassel Garlands seem to be one of the latest trends in party decor and Bianca from Blush Loves Mint is where you can order them in any colour combination you need! Along with the balloon frills that Bianca makes, tassel garlands add a unique and fun decoration to your kids party and I’m sure they would love them hanging in their room afterwards!

Read on to find out a bit more about Blush Loves Mint and how to win a $30 voucher to use towards your order!

1) Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start Blush Loves Mint and where did the name of your business come from?

I am a stay at home mum , my daughter Ruby is now 16 months old. I live in Melbourne and absolutely mixing colours.
I always thought i would return back to work after i had Ruby but that did not happen at all , while i was just at home i slowly had a growing obsession for the party/ event industry world.
That then lead to me wanting to decorate every occasion and i found these things called pom poms! i decided to start making them and selling them to people i knew personally.
Then they slowly started to get bought by party stylists around Australia but sadly i was finding that i couldn’t be to creative with them , i spotted some tassel garlands floating around the internet
and i knew they were what i wanted to make. I worked on my name trust me this is never an easy process “blush loves mint” was just something that i made up in my head and i thought it popped!

2) Tell us more about your tassel garlands and why you think they make a great party decoration?

All the tassel garlands are handmade , so the paper is hand folded and hand cut they are very time consuming and i love it. I find them easy to adapt to any occasion as you can have as many or little colour combinations. They are also great to have around the house after the party has finished. I think they are a wonderfully happy decoration.

3) What colour combination do you find are popular for your tassel garlands? Do you forsee any particular colour trends in the upcoming months?

Of course right now its all about pastel pastel & more pastels! This is also the trend within retail/shopping stores.
I have a feeling alot of corals , tangerines , golds and mint are going to be a big thing in the coming months & anything neon.

4) Tell us more about your balloon frills.

The balloon frills were just an extension of the garlands , i love the giant balloons and as i already had the tassels i thought they fitted perfectly with blush loves mint. They are also a great / affordable thing for anyone to buy who don’t want to spend the money on the garlands but still want the tassels.

5) What helps you stay inspired and motivated in running your own business?

Making wonderful connections with the same industry you are working in! I have made some business relationships with people and i now like to call them my friends. I love to support their work and share everything they do

6) What are your future hopes for Blush Loves Mint?

I would love to open a little retail space in the near future. I think the darling husband is a little over me taking over the house!


Thanks Bianca it was lovely to hear more about you and your wonderful business!


If you want to win a $30 voucher to use towards your next order with Blush Loves Mint(valid for orders from November 2012 onwards) simply:

1) Write a comment on this blog post saying what colour combination you would order for a tassel garland

2) Write on the Blush Loves Mint facebook page saying that Life’s Little Celebrations sent you!

The winner will be chosen through a random draw from the comments on this blog post

Entries close Monday October 1st at 8:00pm (EST) & is only open to Australian residents.

Good luck!