Custom Party Stationery by Edge House Design


Party printables are such an easy way to help decorate your party and keep everything coordinated to your theme. Today i’m spotlighting on Edge house design who is one of my blog sponsors and vendors on the Life’s Little Celebration’s children’s party directory.


Carousel party printable and invitation – Edgehouse Design


Edge House design provide designer custom made party stationery including a range of full party printable sets. I have included just a few in this post but you can view the full range of party printables on facebook here.  Agnes from Edge House Design can also create something to suit the theme and colour scheme you are after.


A hot air balloon theme is always popular. Love the colour scheme for this set:


Hot Air Balloon party invitation and printables – Edgehouse Design


Minecraft party printable set – Edge House Design



Excellent customer service is one of the positives features of using a small business and Stephanie who used Edgehouse Design for her son’s Romeo’s Christening had this feedback to share:

“Agnes took what information she was given and she turned it into a simply stunning invitation and accessories to match, all in such a short time frame without the need to even meet to explain what we wanted. Her work and our experiences that followed are nothing short of perfect. Agnes co-ordinated everything perfectly and helped me with every aspect of the planning.

On the day of the christening Agnes styled the cake/sweet table and our guests tables. When we arrived we were in absolute awe at the beautiful job she had done. All our guests commented on how much they loved the detail, the decorating, the bonbonniere, the candle, chocolate place cards and all overall theme. 

Overall working with Agnes was simply wonderful and it’s lovely to meet a professional who is clearly so talented, focused on the clients expectations and so thorough and willing to deliver to the highest standard”


Tea party invitation and printable set – Edgehouse Design



Lego party invitation and printables – Edgehouse Design



Minnie Mouse party invitation and printables – Edgehouse Design


Little Princess party printable set – Edgehouse Design


Nautical party printables – Edge House Design



Edge House design can design and provide everything from a dessert table backdrop, chocolate bar wrappers, invitations all the way through to helping style a desert buffet for your event:


Mini golf party, styling and printables – Edgehouse Design


If you love having a photo of your child as part of the invitation, Edgehouse Design has a range of photographic printable invitations which you can view here.


Princess party photo invitation printable – Edgehouse Design



Pirate party photo printable invitation – Edgehouse Design


Edge house design also has a range of stationery for formal events such as Christenings, engagements, weddings as well as older birthdays.

Custom party invitation – Edgehouse Design


To view the full party stationery range of Edgehouse Design including their custom invitations, chocolate bar wrappers and party printables please view their facebook page here.







Christmas Showcase

Leading up to Christmas so many of the businesses in the Life’s Little Celebration’s children’s party directory have such fantastic items on offer!

I wanted to find a way to share these all in one place for my facebook followers/blog readers to view! So I created the CHRISTMAS SHOWCASE ALBUM on my facebook page.

In the one album you can browse; Christmas decorations, printables, gifts, desserts and more! Everything you need whether you are planning a special Christmas party or just need some fun printables to use for classmate/workmate gifts or letters for Santa!


xmas showcase collage



I hope you’ll make time to browse the showcase as there are so many wonderful Christmas items available and it will definitely give you some ideas of things you can prepare for Christmas time!

Thank you so much to all the vendors from the children’s party directory who contributed something for the showcase.