Styling secrets, Business brains – Lettuce & co

As part of the “Styling Secrets, Business Brains” series I am very excited today to be sharing some tips from Lisa  – half of the duo that is “Lettuce & Co”

I love their style which is always unique, classy and fun! Enjoy this post filled with wonderful party tips and some snapshots of the amazing styling of Lettuce & Co!


Red Spotty Love


Three party styling/planning tips for mums

1.  Plan your planning!

Organization is key to make hosting a breeze.

There are a few questions that need answered to get started…when will it be? (the date and time – think a time where the birthday boy/girl has had their nap and will be refreshed to enjoy the celebration). where will you choose to host it? (the pro in having it at home is that it is convenient but then there is the post party clean up). How many guests will be there and of these how many are kids? And of what age group?

If you opt for entertainment, you would want it most suitable for the majority of the children to get involved in.




Work party prep into your week ie. Write up your checklist during your lunch hour at work or whilst kiddies are napping.

Plan the food you’re going to serve, write it down and allocate some to friends and families. Make dishes one at a time throughout the week, so by the time the weekend comes, you’re ready to go. Regardless of the age group, selection and healthy food options are favoured by guest’s parents.





2.  It’s all in the details!

Instead of serving beverages in jugs, serve them in labeled mini plastic bottles (similar to the mini glass milk bottles but kid friendly) with adorable straws and write the names of all sweet delicacies on place cards.

Sprinkles & Marshmallows

Think outside the bag. Of course, we love a goody/party bag but why not package your party gifts in a more creative way?

If you are having a themed party try and factor that into the packaging i.e. for a sprinkles party paint some coloured dots all over a white paper bag.

And what kid doesn’t love craft? Rather than fill bags with lollies and sugary foods that probably get thrown out by the health and tooth nazi guest mother, throw in a crayon or stickers. To keep costs down simply purchase a packet of crayons or textas and buy a little book of stickers, tear a page and just put one of each into each bag.

spotty goodie bags


3. Don’t go OTT on the theming

If you are going with a character theme, don’t over do the ‘character’- carry across a primary colour or story element.

For example for our Pinocchio themed party, rather than putting Pinocchio’s cute little face on everything which was oh so tempting, we highlighted the colours from his overalls; red, yellow and blue into the food styling ie Yellow macarons and red jaffas filled apothecary jars, topped mini cupcakes with a blue flag, red apple shaped biscuits and blue jelly which represented Monstro the whale (a character from the Pinocchio story)


Tip for any mum in business

Perhaps not a tip but a quote:

“if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”


Thank’s so much Lisa for sharing your wisdom with us all! View more of the work Lettuce & Co here.