5 simple ways to give your party the WOW factor



Party planning comes with the territory once you’re a mum. For some of us, we love it! Others find it stressful and aren’t sure where to start for something that will look coordinated but also be EASY!

Thankfully there is a business like Party Pax – which is a one-stop shop that makes DIY party planning fun and simple, so you can share in the delight of hosting for your loved ones.

You can choose from 16 different themes and you get everything you need in a box, delivered to your door.  In this post, the images share what could be created using the Ballet party theme box.

Party Pax offer DIY cake packs, DIY cupcake packs, decorations, tableware, balloons, invitations, lollies, and a little inspiration! Today they share their 5 simple tips to give your party the wow factor!


  1. Choose a theme

Choosing a theme will help with planning and styling your party. Consider choosing a colour, character, or activity. Integrate your theme throughout each element of your party – invitations, decorations, tableware, food and games.


  1. Plan, plan, plan

Having a plan (and sticking to it) will ensure your preparations and party run smoothly, and you keep to your budget. Make as many elements of your party before the big day so you can enjoy a stress-free, fun-filled party!


  1. Add personal touches

Little details will make your party stand out and make the party personalised and special.

Whilst your little one may not remember all the details of the party, they will remember the effort you went to. Have a go at making the birthday cake or personalise the decorations.

  1. Organise games and activities

Party games will make your party come to life. Traditional party games can be loads of fun for kids of all ages (like musical chairs, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey) and having a chill-out area with craft activities can be a hit too, especially with older kids.

  1.    Say “Thank you”

Don’t forget to thank your guests for helping to make your party special, and for their gifts. Hand out pre-prepared lolly/loot bags, and follow up with a thank you note and even a photo from the day.


For an easy way to style and decorate your kids party for a wow factor, view the range of party packs available at Party Pax to suit a range of themes!

The gorgeous party featured above is using their ballerina party pack – and as you can see a beautiful result can be achieved without too much stress!







Party shopping as easy as 1…2…3!

Ah, shopping around for party supplies… some love it, some hate it. For those that would prefer to spend their Saturday afternoon hanging with the kids or enjoying some ‘me’ time, I’ve got something to share with you today that I know will help!




You will be thrilled to discover what I’m introducing to you today from The Kit Source who want to make it as simple as possible to prep for a party. They create stylish kits of party supplies, so you can have your party sorted quickly.

But they realised that wasn’t enough, many people wondered if they could create their own Party Kit. Well, now you can, using their proven party formula and the CUSTOM KIT BUILDER.

As an extra bonus – as a fan of the Life’s Little Celebrations blog, The Kit Source is offering you a HUGE 30% off the first Custom Party Kit you build – that’s a saving of up to $40! Simply use the code LLCPARTYTIME by 31st May 2016.





Their exclusive Custom Kit Builder is a handy platform that guides you through the process of choosing your own plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, straws and favour bags, to match the party theme of your choice!

I know that I love to be able to coordinate partyware and using this custom party kit builder I can visualise how all the different items will mix and match together on the day!:


TKS Kit Builder Screenshot


Lel from The Kit Source explains where the idea of their Custom Kit Builder originated from: “With all the amazing, unique party themes out there, we simply couldn’t create a Kit for all of them. We all love to customise what we purchase, to match our own style or preference. So now you can create a Party Kit for any theme imaginable! 

We know that there are tonnes of other party stores, all with amazing products, but rarely do they help you purchase exactly what you need, for the amount of guests you’ll be having. Most stores leave you to your own devices, to style everything on your own, while struggling to working out how many of each item you’ll need. With our web-app, we’re taking the guesswork out of party planning.”




It’s easy! First, launch the Custom Kit Builder.

Next, you simply work through the steps, selecting your number of guests, then each of your party items.

Once you’re happy, you simply add it to the cart and you’re done. Too simple!


They also have a great range of party decorations already in Kits, but are working furiously behind the scenes to launch a Custom Decoration Kit Builder. It sounds like its going to be amazing – hanging decorations, confetti balloons in a range of colours, streamers, bunting and more!

Oh, and if you need inspiration for your own Party Kit, they’ve put together a number of sample looks into a swanky lookbook; some of my faves are the Tropicana, Natural Chic and Minecraft themed creations!




I’m sure you’ll have fun creating your own themed party kits, and just a reminder that as a fan of the Life’s Little Celebrations blog, The Kit Source is offering you a HUGE 30% off the first Custom Party Kit you build – that’s a saving of up to $40! Simply use the code LLCPARTYTIME by 31st May 2016.




So what are you waiting for?

Time to party plan and build your own party kit!

Happy celebrating!