Roll up for wonderful Kids Party invitations!

Roll up everyone! There’s a wonderful business to introduce you to tonight – Beth from Kids Prints is one of our talented members who loves to design stationery for children’s parties!


One of the most popular themes from Kids Prints is a Circus Carnival theme which I am sharing tonight with some customer images from a party using her stationery.

This is a great example about how choosing a great invite and stationery design, helps coordinate ALL the party elements and make party planing so much easier! The stationery really brings the circus theme to life and gives the party that carnival feel!









As you can see – from the carnival signs to the favour tags to the food labels – the carnival stationery was used throughout to create a fun setup which is coordinated, using the design by Kids Prints

Kids Prints offers a range of other themes also for kids parties , and you can browse their range easily on their ETSY store! We’re proud to have this talented business as part of our network!




How to create a fully personalised event, starting with your stationery


Personalised decor and stationery have become even more popular lately at events and today Daniella of Eve & Co shares her tips for mum’s wanting to create a truly personalised celebration for their child…starting with their stationery:

For me, one of the most exciting things about spinning the party wheels in motion is the concept stage: deciding upon and setting a theme, devising a colour palette to match and then planning all the complimenting bits and pieces that as a whole, work together to make your party really something memorable.

It really doesn’t matter how popular a theme is, or whether it’s the hottest trend at the time – if your guest of honour isn’t excited by it, part of the magic is lost on the day, no matter how exquisite your setup.

I’m a huge believer in developing a theme around the child (even if its never been done before!) – and making it a wholly collaborative process from the get-go. That smile you’ll be rewarded with on party day makes all the hard work totally worth it! Even if your child is too young to speak yet, picking an element of something from their every day life that brings a smile to their face can be the basis of an entire event.



It can be confusing to think about all the varied interests your child has: TV shows, books, songs, toys, animals – and how to connect them and breathe new (and interesting!) life into it on their special day.


My own daughter vaguely informed me she wanted a “flower party” earlier this year. ‘Where do I even begin?’ I thought. Something so broad had me decidedly worried about how I could make it work and yet still deliver our own unique slant on it, all to make it uniquely special to her.

We sat down and thought about all the things that she was interested in at the time, and made a list. Her love of Paris and all things French eventually brought us to a ‘French Flower Market’ theme, which was unique enough to stay away from the cookie-cutter ‘flower party’ approach, and yet still give her a beaming huge smile on the day.

A good starting point after settling on a theme is the stationery (naturally!). Reaching out to a good designer can work wonders in helping bring even the most obscure theme or concept to life, and give you a plethora of creative ideas to help in your planning process.

Something that may seem almost impossible to bring to life as a party theme is going to be a much easier task when you engage a professional to help you think outside the square.


Once your theme is set, its your stationery that brings it all together and serves as the introduction to your event.

After the invitation has set the tone, your event stationery will keep the flow going, and link it all back to the main idea.

Favour tags, signage design, milestone charts, menus, even thank you notes after the event serve to help the party live on in everyone’s memory – but most importantly, for the guest of honour themselves.

There are so many ways to incorporate personal touches to your event stationery.

We had a custom illustration created of the birthday girl, which took centre stage on the invitation, and was extended through to the signage elements on the day – it was a real focus piece.

We then matched the dress, so on the day the theme carried through in real life, making it so much more memorable, as well as visually cohesive.

We also used French wording on the invitation and in the signage, which also served to carry her unique personalised theme through the entire event.

My advice is to compile a list of the top 5-10 things your child is interested in, and enlist the help of your designer or stylist to devise something new for your child. Sometimes you might only have a few colours and a favourite toy to go off.

To you, this might be the most paltry of starting points, but to a designer its an exciting blank canvas to create something truly personal and unique to your little one.

Never be afraid to ask for help with a theme – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many good ideas will arise.

It doesn’t have to be daunting (or cost a lot) to make your event fully personalised. All it needs is some forethought, tips and help from a good trusted industry creative and you’ll be on your way to planning your child’s “best party ever”!


Thanks for these tips Daniella! Eve & Co creates the most beautiful custom invitations for all celebrations. If you’re looking for a professional to assist you in your stationery design for your next event you can find her page and details here.







Beat the Festive Season Frazzle! 5 Ways to Get Organised for Christmas 2017

Christmas has a habit of sneaking up, doesn’t it? You’re cruising along feeling like you have all the time in the world and next thing you know, you’re elbowing crowds of shoppers out of the way on Christmas Eve. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Three months might seem like a long time from now but October is the perfect time to start planning for the festive season.

Read on to discover 5 ways to beat the Christmas rush this year thanks to Melbourne event planners Silk and Cedar Events & stationery designer Emma Smith Event Stationery:


  1. Planning a Christmas event? Book it in NOW.

If you’re planning an event anywhere between October to the end of January, your number one priority is to lock in all the details now.

Venues and event vendors book months in advance especially during peak periods such as Christmas / New Year so planning early is the best way to secure your favourites. The Christmas peak season starts in mid-November and runs through to January.  Keep in mind that some vendors close during mid-December to the end of January of if you’re planning a party in these months, book early to avoid disappointment.

Events can be time-consuming and stressful to organise – especially in November and December when life tends to get frantically busy.

Choosing a Melbourne event planner to take care of your Christmas celebration or end of year function is the perfect way to reduce festive season stress.

Handing over the reins to a professional event planner gives you the time and space to enjoy watching your vision come to life with someone else juggling the catering, styling and all those little details that make an event truly memorable.



  1. Choose a Stationary Designer to give your Christmas correspondence that special touch

Ditch generic Christmas cards this year and book a Melbourne stationery designer early to create a custom design to reflect your style. Or perhaps you require a complete stationery suite including Christmas party invitations, menus, place cards, tags, welcome signs and seating plans. A good stationery provider can assist with the current trends for this festive season and can design to any specification, theme and colour scheme.

Family portraits are a gorgeous way to personalise your Christmas stationery so be sure to book in a session with your preferred photographer now.

Mailing your Christmas cards early is important whether they’re for family and friends or corporate clients. Families go on holidays and businesses close for the Christmas period so send your festive greetings three weeks before December 25th to ensure they’re received in time.

We #love a Christmas wish delivered by snail mail!



  1. Travellers Take Note!

If you’re heading away this Christmas, here’s a handy list of things you don’t want to forget:

  • – Book your flights and accommodation
  • – Pay for visas
  • – Check if travel vaccinations are required and book them in with your GP
  • – Remember any medications that may be required for the trip including prescriptions or travel sickness aids
  • – If you’re travelling on wheels, book your car in for a service and get the tyres checked
  • – Make a list of the Christmas presents needed and don’t forget to pack them! Pop spare Christmas cards, tags and wrapping paper in for unforeseen gift emergencies
  • – Keep the kids occupied with a special snack and goodie pack for the journey




  1. Christmas Gifts: make a list and check it twice! 

Christmas can be an expensive time with seemingly endless people to buy for. By planning ahead and budgeting accordingly, you can avoid the stress of last minute over-spending. So make a list of everyone you’ll need to buy for and spend a moment thinking about a gift that they’ll really love. Christmas presents that have obviously been thoughtfully chosen needn’t cost a fortune.




Gift Hampers are a great idea to compliment the dedication and hard work of teachers, coaches and special helpers who have taken care of your family over the year. Gathering other parents to contribute means you’ll have more to spend on an extra-luxe hamper. Pre-order online for a hassle-free gift that can even be delivered.

An excellent way to keep the gift-giving budget down is with a Kris Kringle. Extended families, Mother’s Groups and workplaces can all benefit from the KK tradition by giving each participant only one person to buy for.



  1. Avoid Christmas Day family conflict

Christmas celebrations have a reputation for wreaking havoc on family peace! So how can you avoid it? Planning early is the key to things running smoothly.


Co-ordinating who celebrates where and when can be fraught with drama when there are parents and in-laws and other extended family members to consider.

Make sure all parties have a say in where the celebration will be held and consider a one year on, one year off approach to make it fair for both sides of your family. And to take the pressure off the host, why not ask guests to bring a platter?

This creates a family grazing table which is an informal and more relaxed affair for everyone. Head off tensions between particular family members by setting place cards for your Christmas lunch or dinner.



Large families can simplify gift-giving by having a Kris Kringle, and pre-planning some Christmas activities to keep the kids entertained buys a little extra peace for the grown-ups who traditionally need a nap after all that food!

So there you have it. Some sanity savers in the lead-up to Christmas 2017. And don’t forget, if you’re planning a party and just don’t have the time to handle all the arrangements yourself, a professional event planner and stationery designer are just two of the celebration specialists who are there to make your special occasion perfect!


Celebrate Unwrapped: Floral tags

Celebrate attendees were already receiving delicious desserts and treats to take home in their swag bags – however I wanted to provide them with another type of buffet to enjoy as part of their experience at Celebrate. The flower bar did just that with each guest taking home their own hand picked posy of flowers in mini bottle vases dressed in stunning watercolour tags by ELK Prints:




The tags had a simple reminder keepsake message for them to “flourish” their business using the tools from the day. So many commented on the beautiful handpainted design on each tag:




It was a lovely area for guests to enjoy during the break to create their take-home floral gift:





ELK prints – who created these tags – is an expert in beautiful bespoke creations for celebrations!

From stunning invites to handpainted decorations – each piece is  custom made and totally gorgeous! I personally love the watercolour effect and it is still a huge trend in art and print at the moment!







Beautiful hand painted signs for a room or for an event become a true keepsake!:







Unique decorations can also be created such as these handpainted feather balloon tails!




Contact Elizabeth at ELK Prints and discuss what she could create for your next celebration!

Follow her on facebook here and instagram here and also visit her website here.

Thank you ELK prints for your stunning work on the Celebrate flower bar tags!





First impressions count: why invitations matter

“I don’t want to waste money on invitations, because people just throw them out”

Sound familiar?

Today we chat to Daniella –  owner and Creative Director of Eve&Co. who explains that hearing someone say that makes her inwardly cringe. She explains “stationery is a huge part of my life and its heartbreaking hearing ‘throwaway’ statements. It’s also not entirely true!”





In our busy times where e-mail and sms invitations are becoming more common – receiving an invitation in the mail is always something special and I know my children love looking at an invitation on the fridge as a tangible reminder of an exciting event to come!

Daniella shares more of her amazingly gorgeous invitations with us today along with her thoughts on how they can be used to set the perfect first impression for a special celebration…

“Invitations are your event’s big introduction. They create excitement and anticipation, and set the tone for what you’ve got planned – whether it be a lavish wedding, christening celebration or even your child’s first, second, third, the numbers go up and up  – birthday party.

So much thought and planning go into these events to make them special and unique to your guest of honour, why would you skimp on the very piece of communication that entices your guests to attend and join the celebration?



In short, if you’re going to throw an amazing party – then you should send amazing invitations!

They should be one-of-a-kind, wow-your-guests and designed specifically for your event and theme. In turn, it will keep them out of the trash and in the memory books.




People will certainly throw out unappealing invitations that blatantly show there was no thought or effort put into them. No one expects a guest to keep something even the host doesn’t care about.

Having said that, they also don’t need to break the bank to have that ‘wow’ factor. You’d be surprised at how beneficial it is to speak to an experienced bespoke stationer when it comes to planning your event – and invitations should always be your first port of call after the theme has been set.





A good creative will always be keen to discuss realistic options based on your own budget while still giving your event stationery the custom, one-of-a-kind treatment it deserves.




Working with so many wonderful clients and helping their event themes come to life through invitations and paperie is what we’re truly passionate about at Eve&Co.


We absolutely love being given a theme (and often times, our clients will come to us with only that) for us to work our magic on, and voila! – amazing things happen.






Our unique approach and fully bespoke service sets us apart. Every single piece is custom designed, hand assembled and hand finished – ensuring your guests receive only the finest in stationery for your event’s big introduction and beyond.




If you’re looking for a truly one of a kind stationery or invitation, then contact Eve & Co – you won’t be dissapointed!

Eve&Co can be contacted via facebook,  instagram or email.