Timeless Birthday Parties

Remember the type of birthday parties we had growing up? Parties filled with classic games like pass the parcel, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey?

Well today, Mardi from Party Ideas in a box is sharing some ideas for planning a birthday party with the same timeless and classic fun:




“At Party Ideas in a Box , we believe that kids parties are best celebrated with fun party games and unstructured free play where children feel at home.

Party games make the party come to life and children know that games are a part of the party fun.

The best party games for children are timeless, classic games that are suitable for boys and girls, all ages, skill levels and are best enjoyed with no-pressure fun.


Timeless party games can be played with either no props or with resources you already have in the home. Musical Statues, Simon Says, the Egg and Spoon Race or the Memory Game are perfect examples of these types of games.
Other classic party games call for more specific supplies, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Our classic Pin the Tail  and contemporary Pin the Tail  versions have a different feel about them, but they are just as fun as each other!


Classic pin the tail on the donkey game

Let’s have a sack race- it is simple yet potentially challenging fun for every age group. The older children will sneak around the rules, creating such a creative element with this game. It is one of those games that children love to play again and again.

Our traditional potato hessian sack  is sturdy and strong and is perfect for both kids and grown ups. The lighter weight contemporary hessian sack version is ideal for young children to hold and jump.


Hessian sack for Potato sack race

The egg and spoon race is a simple relay race. Our version of the game is perfect as an allergy- friendly game and doubles as a musical shaker. Challenge the grown ups at your party to play the blindfolded version- kids will love the silliness of their parents!


Egg and spoon race game


Create the classic party ambience using our timeless party decorations such as balloons , streamers and windmills  . Bright, gender-neutral colours are ideal for this style of party.


Windmill decorations



Link-o-loon balloons

Our high quality, brightly coloured fill-in invitations are ready for you to introduce your timeless birthday party to the party guests.




Rainbow invitation


The classic style of party is ideal for 3-6 year old boys and girls birthday parties…or even an 11-14 year old girls birthday party (when it starts to become cool to do things when you were little!).

Celebrate your next child’s party the traditional way by playing the old party game favourites with Party Ideas in a Box


Thank you Mardi for your wonderful ideas! If you need resources and games for these classic party games, shop them all at Party Ideas in a Box