How to survive your child’s slumber party




“Mum? Can I have a slumber party for my birthday?”

At some point, your child is going to ask for a slumber party. This CAN be a source of stress for many mums but today we’re sharing some  must know tips from a sleepover specialist to ensure yours is a roaring (or snoring) success.

If anyone knows how to throw a great slumber party, it’s Mel Jacobs.  Her business, Sweet Dreams and Goodnight,  is putting a new spin on a birthday favourite and bringing delight to parents and kids alike. Whilst Mel is offering something new to the kids’ party scenes in Perth and Melbourne in terms of setup, here are her old style hints to ensure your party doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

 Be Prepared

We don’t mean stock the Tim Tams and the popcorn (although these are pre-requisites for any successful sleepover).  Before the party starts, it’s important that you, as the parent in charge, have some basic details for each child in your care.  You can either ask for this information before the party, or grab a notepad and speak to the person dropping them off.  As a minimum, you should have the following:

  • Contact number of someone in case of emergency
  • Any allergies the child might have
  • Any medication they may need during their stay
  • Any other relevant details (sleep walkers, fear of the dark etc.)


Set the Ground Rules

 No need to go all Sergeant-Major on the kids.  Ease them into the rules of the house with a quick tour to point out all the necessary areas – toilet, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom.

Show them where you will be throughout the night, so you can be found if needed.

Throughout the walk-around, make it clear what is and isn’t allowed, so boundaries are set early and everyone can have a great time.

Leave a Light On

Remember you are going to have kids sleeping in a house that is strange to them.

To a lot of little humans, being in the dark in unfamiliar surroundings is scary and a small nightlight can make it seem just that little bit safer.

Where possible, try to leave a light on that can direct the way to the bathroom/toilet.  There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, in the dark, having to stumble and feel your way to the loo!

Keep an Ear Out

No need to helicopter parent, but stay close by so you can keep an ear and eye on what’s happening.

Sometimes unfortunate situations can occur (homesickness, bedwetting or even bullying).  It’s good for the kids to know that you are close by if needed.

Gain agreement about social media

Finally, and this isn’t an old hint, but certainly one that should be discussed in this day and age – gain consent to post pictures of the party-goers.  While you may be happy to have pictures of your children on your social media feed, not every parent feels the same.  As a matter of courtesy, check first with the parents/guardian of each child attending to see how they feel before posting pictures containing their image.

A little planning goes a long way

Sleepovers are almost a rite of passage in childhood – staying up all night, sharing secrets and tucking into a midnight feast (don’t forget those Tim Tams).  Sure you may not get any sleep until the wee small hours, continually telling them to “Turn it down!”.  Yep, you’ll probably have tired and grumpy little people for the rest of the day.  But with a few easy steps, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll help to make memories they won’t forget in a hurry.

Now of course slumber parties don’t have to always be kept for the young ones! Relive the fun from your childhood with a gorgeous slumber party setup to celebrate a special girls weekend away or hens party setup before heading out to town! The gorgeous teepees from Sweet Dreams and Goodnight can tailor for all sorts of celebrations!:

If you’re interested in having Sweet Dream and Goodnight help you with your next slumber party, contact Mel on0402 463 812 or visit  Franchises are now available.


Mel Jacobs is the founder of Sweet Dreams and Goodnight, Australia’s original and best slumber party specialist.  Originating in Perth and with franchises now available, visit the website to see why this great company is being nationally recognised as a leader in kids’ party entertainment.


Tips for starting out in the Party Industry!

Launching a new business in the party industry can be quite daunting – so I thought I would share a few helpful tips for anyone starting out in this industry particularly in relation to social media.

Now I’m no expert however I do connect with a lot of small business owners within the party industry online (especially with my vendors from the children’s party directory) and it is from conversations with them that I am offering a few tips which may help you out as you start up. This is by no means an exhaustive list of tips – you can find much more online with general business tips, marketing tips, social media tips etc

However here is my 2 cents worth and I hope it helps as you launch out into this exciting industry! If you’re interested in finding out more about joining up to the Directory here at Life’s Little Celebration’s then send me an e-mail at and tell me more about your business x


1) Connect!

It’s important to connect with other’s in the same industry as you. Both online (and if opportunity presents itself – in person as well). Facebook and Instagram are huge in this industry – like/follow others in the same industry as you. They may not be the same type of business – for example if you’re an event stylist then don’t just link up with other event stylists. Connect with other businesses who may be cake makers, graphic designers, event photographers, party bloggers etc.

Step back and observe the social media etiquette that is taking place on these Facebook pages and Instagram accounts between other businesses.

Don’t just “like” – genuinely comment on images posted by your peers in the industry and interact with questions they may post. This helps to build connection and relationship with others in the industry and get your business name known as well.


Quote from the Content Warfare book


2) Choose Collaboration

You will soon notice that there are some in this industry who aim to be quite competitive and others who are very supportive and collaborative. I have observed in the private facebook group I’ve set up for vendors on the Life’s Little Celebration’s directory how supportive everyone is of each other – everyone collaborates, answers questions, gives advice and praises each other’s work! That is how it should be!

So choose to be collaborative more than competitive. Praise other’s in your industry, support them, share their work (with correct crediting!) – you will soon find that other’s will do the same for you and you will make great connections which is essential in this industry!


Quote by Erica Cook of Moth Design


3) Credit!

It is wonderful on social media to share the work/products of other’s who inspire you ! You will often find me sharing my Directory vendors work/products on facebook and instagram. However it is so important to correctly CREDIT images when shared.

Crediting and tagging the business also lets that business know that you are sharing and promoting their work – which they will also appreciate. Not crediting images can give the wrong idea to others viewing your page (making them assume it is your own work/products) and will provide you a bad reputation with others in the party industry. NOT the best way to start out with your business.

Some tips with crediting –

If you share an image on Facebook or Instagram from another business – tag that business in your comments.

IE: Love this inspiring blog post by @lifeslittlecelebrations on party supplies for a mermaid theme!

Your followers will also love you tagging the original source as they can then go to view more pics/images from that original page!

Hashtags are NOT credits. For example:

“Love this inspiring blog post on party supplies for a mermaid theme”! #mermaidparty #partysupplies #lifeslittlecelebrations

This is not the right way to credit because the original business needs to be tagged and mentioned in the main comment. People cannot click onto a hashtag to be taken to that business page compared to when you tag the business.

Stating your source as “pinterest” is also not correct crediting. Most images on pinterest can be traced back to a source. Make the effort and put in the time to find the source for an image you wish to share.

I cannot tell you enough how strongly other’s in the party industry feel about correct and incorrect tagging and sharing of their work! So do it right and it will give you a much more positive reputation amongst your peers.


4) Confidence

As nervous as you may be starting your new business it is important to also have confidence in yourself. Set your own standards high as far as professionalism and customer service is concerned – and don’t lower your own standards just to get a booking! It can be tempting to offer the lowest prices when starting off – but it’s important to price your work/products to what they are worth. In time the right customers will find out and will pay the money if it is worth it!


Image by: Marie O’Neill Design and Illustration


5) Get professional

Now I know when you are starting out you have to be careful with money – however with the budget you do have – it’s important to get yourself a professional look. This is a very visual industry and presenting yourself professionally visually in your marketing is important.

This includes getting your logo designed – your logo will be seen on your Facebook page, Instagram account, business cards etc  – so it is important!

I would also suggest strongly to have some images taken professionally (unless you are skilled yourself in photography/editing etc) of your products or your work. You could book a photographer and set up a little shoot with numerous of your products, dessert tables etc all setup so various pics can be taken all in the one photo session.

These professional photos can then be used in your Facebook cover image and any other marketing you need to create (magazine adverts, fliers etc). I know a photographer can be expensive but the one photography session can provide you with images to be used in so many ways.


6) Don’t compare


Quote from Bo-ho weddings

My last tip is to run your own race. In this industry – you will be bombarded DAILY with amazing and beautiful images on facebook and instagram of cakes, dessert tables, decorations, parties etc – all of which could make you feel overwhelmed when you are just starting out

You need to stay focused on YOUR business! Let everything you see inspire you – but don’t ever feel you need to copy another business in order to succeed.

What work’s for one business may not work for you. What DOES work and what makes a business unique is YOU. Your customer service, your passion, your talents. Every time your industry peers bring in a new range of products – don’t feel you have to bring the same items in your store. Every time your industry peers design printables in a particular theme – don’t feel you have to introduce that same theme into your own range! Don’t let your business decisions be based on what other’s are doing  – I’ve seen it too often in this industry and it will not help you. Lead – do not follow!


From ‘We Heart It’


I hope these tips help you in some way if you’re starting out in this party industry. Feel free to e-mail me at if you need any other assistance!