Dorothy the Dinosaur gender-neutral theme

One of Life’s Little Celebrations followers requested a ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur for a boy’ blog post! This is a difficult one since a lot of Dorothy the Dinosaur items are for girls or have pink involved.

However I’ve tried to put together some ideas here of how you could perhaps decorate for this theme – however I apologise as I couldn’t find too much!

When decorating for a party based around a particular character, you don’t need to go down the track of having the licensed character’s plates, cups, decorations etc. You can base the decorations around the colour scheme of the character or some other aspect of the character.

So I’ve based the choices for this party around green and yellow and yellow polkadots with a few Dorothy the Dinosaur items. This is an easy way to style the party while still bringing the theme out.

I have done a previous theme on a general Dinosaur theme and you could incorporate elements from this also into this party theme. You can find that blog post here.


It was quite difficult to find Dorothy the Dinosaur invitations which had no pink! This was the only one I could source:

Dorothy the dinosaur personalised invitation - Greeting Cards for Kids

These bottle cap printables could be used on cups, mini bottles, gift tags or as toppers:

Dorothy the dinosaur bottle caps - Bottle Cap me



Decorate using the main colours of green and yellow polka dots. You could also choose another colour to mix in with this colour combination (possibly red, or perhaps brown/natural tones). Just a few Dorothy the Dinosaur items can be used around the party to emphasise the theme such as this Dorothy the Dinosaur balloon:

Dorothy the Dinosaur foil balloon - Party to Go


Yellow polkadot balloons - Saffy & May


Emerald green latern - Occasion by Design


Lemon polka dot lantern - Saffy & May


Yellow and white tablerunner - The Party Parlour

Paper eskimo apple green plates - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations


Forrest green plate - The Party Studio


Paper Eskimo limoncello napkins - Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations


This Dorothy the Dinosaur tail and plush toy (which both come in different sizes) could be used as decorations/props at the party as well as fun gifts for the birthday child after the party too:

Dorothy the Dinosaur tail - The Wiggles Shop


Large Dorothy the Dinosaur plush toy - The Wiggles Shop

I’d suggest having a look around the shops as well as it might be easy to find some Dorothy the Dinosaur items which you cannot find online or even things such as Dorothy the Dinosaur wrapping paper or cards which you could cut out and make some decoration items from.

Sweet Treats

These Dorothy the Dinosaur cupcake toppers can be ordered  as a way of decorating your cupcakes:

Wiggles cupcake toppers - Sugar and Spice Cupcakes


You could also use green icing for your cupcakes and then pop them in these baking cups and use the yellow polka dot cupcake toppers shown below:

Paper eskimo baking cups - Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations


Paper eskimo cupcake toppers - Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations

These cute cake pops look fantastic! Click on the link for the receipe:

Dorothy cake pops receipe - Manu's menu

These green and yellow polkadot cups are perfect for this colour scheme – you could fill them with various treats on the table:

Green and yellow icecream cups - Sweet Little Birdy

Favour bags:

For favours you could use general Dinosaur theme favours (some ideas are found in my Dinosaur theme post) or go with a musical feel such as mini musical instruments. Use a packaging option to match in with your colour scheme:

Paper eskimo apple green favour bags - Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations


Yellow polkadot favour box - Occasion by Design

These jute sacks are cute and great if you are adding a natural element into the Dorothy the Dinosaur theme:

Jute bag - Occasion by Design

Cute dinosaur cookie favours with a Dorothy the Dinosaur colour scheme:

Dinosaur cookie favours - Little Dance Invitations

Rather than a few little novelty items or lollies you could give each child a Dorothy the Dinosaur book such as this one:

Dorothy the Dinosaur sparkle book - The Wiggles Shop


Real Parties

Dorothy the Dinosaur tea party by The Inspired Occasion on their blog

Some gorgeous cake ideas for this theme from the Blissfully Sweet blog


I hope this has helped somewhat for any of you planning a gender neutral Dorothy the Dinosaur party!