Party Feature: Virtual Birthday Party Slime/Mexican Fiesta style!

Well who would have thought I would be doing a post about virtual parties and “drive-by” parties…but with our current COVID 19 situation, virtual parties and “drive-by” celebrations are THE latest way for your kids to still connect with their friends on their birthday and have fun!

Dalia from Tiny Tots Event Hire in Sydney shares the virtual SURPRISE party she organised for her daughter’s 10th birthday! Her daughter declared it one of the best ones yet even though she has had big parties almost every year since she turned one so it’s a big call!

Dalia’s daughter is obsessed with slime but like most parents – isn’t allowed to play with it at home. So Dalia organised a surprise slime making virtual party for her daughter along with a Mexican fiesta!


Dalia explains…

“She had chosen Mexican for dinner (our kids get to choose dinner on their birthdays) so we decided to go all out and decorate the deck Mexican fiesta style the night before! “- which Dalia could do using props she already had from her Tiny Tots Event Hire business. Dalia continues…

“The next day, she went up to do her homework (completely oblivious) Then at 12pm, we called her downstairs and opened the blinds to reveal the Slime workshop/Mexican fiesta extravaganza.

I had pre-organized with Simone Birthday Fairy to do a live zoom slime making workshop for her and her siblings! Simone was amazinggg as usual and went above and beyond!

My daughter actually said she went and checked her bed to make sure she wasn’t dreaming!! That’s how happy she was. THEN after slime making, we cut the cake (probably first homemade cake ever with her favorite Nutella and Oreos on top 🤤) complete with a cake topper by Sugarlicious Parties and some other yummy snacks!

After present opening, I had organized her a surprise “drive-by bday parade” with some friends, which was sooo cute and she absolutely loved and wasn’t expecting!

The day ended with some yummy homemade tacos and burritos to carry the theme through… and voila – there you have it. A birthday in the time of Corona!”


Dalia from Tiny Tots Event Hire also has some other ideas to share:

– Do a “drive by bday parade” where his/her friends/family surprise him by driving past your house at the same time with signs, banners, music, balloons, presents, lollies etc.

– Ask close friends to pre record happy birthday video messages and surprise him/her on the day. Will definitely put a big smile on their face!

– Pre organize a whole day menu with all his/her faves! Fave breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner etc. He’s the boss that day!

– Decorate/theme an area of the house the night before and do a “reveal” when it’s time for the celebrations to begin! Think balloons, banners, posters, garlands, hired props, cut outs etc! The key is choosing a theme they love!

– Hire some toys or giant games like giant jenga, giant snakes and ladders, giant naughts and crosses, giant bowling, foosball table etc and have a family games night! These can be hired from (full disclosure: that’s my business 😊)

– Have a “house party” with all his/her friends on the “house party app” or Zoom

– Get a bunch of balloons delivered to the house on the actual day as a surprise! (I can recommend business who do this if you need)

– Depending on age, you can get a personalized pre recorded message from an entertainer dressed up (eg fairy, Elsa etc) or you can take it one step either by doing a live zoom party with an entertainer doing dancing, cooking party, slime party etc for your child and their siblings. (Can recommend businesses who do this if you need)

– Hire an outdoor movie screen package and have a family movie night complete with a popcorn machine! (Also available from @tinytotseventhire)

Add your own touches depending on what he/she loves doing! Hope these ideas help with some inspiration! Good luck and party on!


WOW – thanks Dalia! What an amazing birthday all while still being in isolation and with her daughter saying it was the best birthday ever!!


So as you can see, with a bit of creativity and the use of the internet, you can still have a wonderful birthday celebration that I am sure your child will never forget!