Kids Party Entertainment and Venues

Past the first birthday, it’s fair to say children’s birthday parties become less about the parents and their friends, and more about the kids wouldn’t you say? The older they get, the more activities kids require to keep them busy for the duration of the party – well after the sugar rush has ended!

Choosing an entertainment option or kids party venue will ultimately depend on the age of the children and budget, as there is really no limit to your imagination when it comes to making the occasion as much of an experience as you like, creating lasting memories for the birthday boy or girl and guests.

Now there is nothing wrong at all with doing the classic party games we all grew up with – pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the tail on the donkey….but for those of you who are looking for something different or perhaps don’t want to take on the role of entertaining the kids – there is a range of options now available to you!

So whether you’re planning a small gathering at home or searching for a fun new venue to take the hassle out of the day for you, we’ve curated our LLC vendors that you can find on the Directory pages to get you one step closer to a fun filled kids party for your child and their friends!  If there isn’t the needed entertainment or venue listed below in your local area – this blog post will provide you some party ideas to look out for in your state!

Kids Party Entertainers

Inviting your child’s favourite character to their party is a dream come true for most younger aged children, keeping them entertained for one to two hours with games, prizes and fun activities before cake.

I’ve personally used entertainers for my children’s last few parties and have found them as a great option that the kids love which also makes things less stressful on the parents allowing them to sit back and relax while their children are entertained.


Fairy Fun - Sydney

Fairy Fun – Sydney


When choosing a kids party entertainer you will want to check the packages to see what is included and the length and also the max number of children included in the price. It is also useful to view the testimonials and reviews on their website and facebook page and view their party photos to get a better idea of what they offer.


Fairy La La Land

Fairy la la land – Sydney


For ages 5 and over, you can’t go past a themed party based on a special interest. Karaoke, jewellery making and Lego building are just some of the incredible activities that can come to you and really get the kids involved and engaged!

Choosing an activity all depends on their age and their interest and most kids party entertainers can customise and tailor their hosting to suit the specific age group or guests invited!



Bop til you drop - Syd, Melb, Ade, Per, Woolwongong

Bop til you drop – Syd, Melb, Ade, Per, Wollongong



Lego party - Lil Kidz Construction (Sydney)

Lego party – Lil Kidz Construction (Sydney)



Pretty Little Things Parties - Syd, Melb, Gold Coast, Byron Bay

Pretty Little Things Parties – Syd, Melb, Gold Coast, Byron Bay


Stretched for time and love the idea of having someone do more than just the entertainment? Check out these LLC vendors who will not only set up a gorgeous affair, but entertain with a range of activities or packages to choose from!:


Easy Breezy Parties - Melbourne

Easy Breezy Parties – Melbourne



Deer Little Parties - Buninyong, Victoria

Deer Little Parties – Buninyong, Victoria



Do It Yourself kits

For those who love the creativity of pulling together a kids party yourself, we’ve found these fantastic vendors who can turn your event into a party your child will still be talking about the next year – while still allowing you to DIY and host the party yourself!

Hire some fun toys and play equipment to turn your home or venue into entertainment central for your kids party! This is only a small snapshot of the huge range available at Tiny Tots Toy Hire (Sydney). I’ve used their ball pit for a few of my kids parties and it is always a huge hit! This soft play range is perfect for 1st and 2nd birthdays!:


Tiny Tots Toy Hire - Sydney

Tiny Tots Toy Hire – Sydney


Some fantastic kits to create some fun kids party activities for the kids leaving them with something special to also take home! Perfect for the slightly older age group are these gorgeous necklace kits:





Choose from a range of CreativiTea Kids with various crafty activities on offer the kids can do such as creating these cute wall hangings:


CreativiTea Kits - Free Range Living

CreativiTea Kits – Free Range Living


The various items and kits available from Party Ideas in a Box make running your own party games easy, fuss free and fun for all the kids! They have all the classic party games (eg pass the parcel, egg and spoon race etc) as well as some unique party game ideas!:


Pass the parcel party game kit - Party Ideas in a box

Pass the parcel party game kit – Party Ideas in a box



The older girls will love these jewellery making kits to create something special to wear after the party:


DIY Jewellery making kit - Pretty Little Things

DIY Jewellery making kit – Pretty Little Things



Kids Party Venues

If you’ve hosted your fair share of parties at home or have an entire class invited, a kids party venue is a fantastic option to save time and mess! Most mums already know of the play centres in their local area. At Life’s Little Celebrations my aim is to feature more of the unique options available for kids party venues – and here are some delightful places and spaces for your next kids party many of which provide not only a venue but various activities such as art and craft or cupcake decorating for the kids to enjoy:



Free Range Living

Free Range Living – Sydney




Apples & Jam

Apples & Jam – Melbourne



Deer Little Parties - Buninyong, Victoria

Deer Little Parties – Buninyong, Victoria


I hope this helps kick start your party planning preparations – and assists in deciding on something special for your kids party entertainment or venue!




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