Choosing Desserts for your next kids party

When choosing desserts for your next child’s party…how do you decide? Cake pops? Macarons? Jelly? Cookies?

I tend to mix it up each time I do a dessert table however I have found kids love cookies (as they normally come in some fun designs) and also love the novelty of a cake pop being on a stick !

Today we chat to Su from Sydney based Popolate regarding some tips on how to choose desserts and a baker for your next kids party!


  • Su, what is the most important factor when creating desserts?

This may seem strange for someone who specialises in making good-looking things, but looks are not everything for a dessert table.

Yes, we are enamoured by the beautiful pictures on Instagram but at the end of the day, they are meant to be eaten.

You eat with your eyes, but true happiness comes from that first bite of heaven! So I’d say looks and taste are equally important.



What are your customers favourite flavours?

Vanilla is the winner, hands down. It sometimes surprises me given the variety of flavours, but I guess simplicity and quality ingredients win.




  • When choosing a baker, should customers solely base their decision on the look of the designs they see online?  What else should they consider?

I think, as above, that taste and quality ingredients, and freshness are definitely factors to consider.

A soft buttery cookie that crumbles in your mouth and a hard, dry cookie can look the same when decorated and photographed but you will want to eat one and not the other.

Similarly, cake pops can look the same but taste completely different.

Mass produced cake pops (you can sometimes buy these from supermarkets) can be very gummy in texture, as they are made in the tens of thousands and go through machines to roll them.

I also think food safety is important. Glitter and gold is pretty popular these days but not all dusts are rated edible.

I do tell my clients that the super shiny effects (known as holograms or disco dusts, which typically come in bigger chunks) are not edible and I never make products with these.

On a cake, they may be removed or used as decorative elements only, but not on, say a cake pop, where they will be consumed one and all!

What have been some of your most popular dessert themes lately?

The unicorn must be the theme of the year! I’ve done multiples in cookies, cake pops and cupcake form.

My designs tend to be pretty spread out though – this is what has lead to my having hundreds (I’ve lost count) of designs in my portfolio. I actually enjoy it this way because I love a new challenge each time.

Thanks Su for sharing your tips with us!

If you’re in Sydney looking for someone to make cute cake pops and cookies for your next kids party, then head to Popolate to get in touch or to browse more of her work!

Happy planning! xx



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