Copper Dessert Table supplies – mini board

Copper is trending big right now and it’s inspired this latest mini board if you’re thinking of including copper into your next colour scheme for a dessert table – perfect for more formal celebrations (Christenings, baby showers, 1st birthdays).

Here’s my round up of finds of copper items which could work on a dessert table. Copper decorations, containers to display desserts in and other party supplies – including of course some fantastic supplies from Life’s Little Celebration’s children’s party directory vendors. All sources are listed under the collage:




Copper and silver dessert table

Copper lanterns

Good things inside Canister

Copper tassel garlands

Copper paper flower

Copper cake pops

Copper cupcake holders

Acrylic cake topper in copper colour

Confetti balloon

Dot garland

Copper shimmers bakers twine

Copper mason jars with lids

Copper frame with jar

Copper glass box

Copper canister



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