Do you want your business to sparkle?

I’m so excited to introduce a new service to business owners who service the party industry in Australia!:




After years and many hours on the websites and facebook pages of so many party businesses and working within this industry – I’m ready to offer something to truly help your business reach it’s FULL potential and sparkle online!

Do you want your Facebook pages, your branding material, your Instagram feed and your website to sparkle and be a STAND OUT in the party industry?

Do you want to present your party business in the brightest and best light in this most visual of industries?


If you look at your current online presence and think any of the following:


‘it needs to stand out more from the crowd and doesn’t reflect how fantastic my business really is!’

‘I’m not sure if my website is user friendly and how to improve it’

‘I’m confused about whether this product/service would be of interest’

‘I’m not sure what social media channels would work best for my business’

‘I want a new look!’

Then….you need to take advantage of a  private Sparkle Session


Who is this for?

This package suits a RANGE of party businesses including:

-Businesses starting out in the party industry


-Established businesses needing a fresh set of eyes to look over their business (from the specific perspective of someone in the party industry)


-A business in a period of transition (i.e.: developing a new website, bringing in new products etc )


-A business wanting more exposure within the party industry and needing some insider tips


-A business wanting to increase the quality of their online presence/look


What should I expect to learn?  

-Tips on operating within the kids party industry


-Tips of what gets noticed online and how to truly sparkle!


-Knowledge of how to collaborate and network with your industry peers (and what NOT to do!)


-Feedback from a user perspective on your website (keeping in mind I have visited hundreds of party websites and regularly am visiting the websites of others in the same industry as you).


-Honest feedback on the way your services, products or work are being presented online


-Ideas for changes or improvements to your products/services based on current trends in kids parties


-Ideas on the best social media channels for your business


What is the investment?

Please e-mail me for more details on the cost of a sparkle session:

(discounts apply to businesses currently on board with Life’s Little Celebrations)

The investment cost includes:


– Assessment of your online presence (e.g. Facebook page, Instagram account, website, blog, logo, your photos and descriptions, ETSY or Madeit pages) from the perspective of the party industry


– You will receive a one page summary of my feedback and suggestions on ways to grow and improve


– One hour phone call to discuss my feedback and chat over any issues or questions you may have!


I am SO excited about the opportunity I will have to bring all the knowledge I’ve gained specifically of the party industry and apply it to your business!  

Book now and e-mail



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  1. Leeanne Nanasi October 27, 2015 at 4:36 am

    Sparkle Session please


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