Expert Q & A sessions for small business vendors

Something I am passionate about is assisting (even in a small way) the vendors in the Life’s Little Celebration’s directory in the running and promoting of their business so more people can discover their fantastic talents and products!

I am no business expert however so I’ve been organising some online Q & A sessions with people who ARE experts in their field. These chats have been run within the private group on Facebook I’ve set up for vendors, so any LLC Directory vendors regardless of their location can join in.

Recently we heard from the lovely ladies at The Digital Picnic – Cat and Cherie:


They are social media and digital management experts who run some fantastic courses for small business owners.

During the chat the vendors asked questions which were relevant to many in small business. Questions relating to Facebook reach, Instagram, sharing images, useful APP’s to help them create images to share and more.

The Digital Picnic ladies were so generous in offering useful advice to all the vendor and we all gained a lot of insight and tips in how to do things smarter and better in the area of digital marketing.

They run courses all around the country so if you are looking to better your knowledge of digital marketing make sure you keep an eye out on their website for all the details!

This week we are having a Q & A chat on photography – specifically photography tips for vendors when taking photos of their dessert tables or products. This is key in such a visual industry such as the party industry as well as important for creating great photos to share on social media or blogs.


Art party – Styled and photographed by Sweet Style


Leanne from Sweet Style who is both an amazing stylist as well as photographer will be sharing her tips to our vendors whether using their iphone or an SLR. Leanne also runs workshops in Sydney for small business owners covering these topics and you can sign up on her website to be updated as to when her next workshop will be running.


Product photos by Sweet Style


I am also really excited that Sarah O’Bryan who has written the book “Business and baby at home” will be running a Q & A session with the vendors in August!


Business & Baby at home


Sarah has appeared on the TODAY show and written in numerous magazines – sharing advice for mum’s running a business from home which she covers in her book. As a busy mum of 3 with a successful business in Graphic Design which she runs from home, Sarah will be answering many relevant questions and this will be a fantastic and practical Q & A session!

I’m really excited to be bringing these Q & A sessions to my vendors and am looking forward to organising a few more for this year covering various topics.

Nic from Merc + Jones (one of the vendors on the Directory) recently wrote to me saying:

“I’m so incredibly happy to be a part of LLC – your service and offerings are above and beyond what I was expecting (in fact I wasn’t sure what to expect!) so I am constantly amazed at the benefits of being an LLC vendor/member! “


It literally made me smile to read that as I do truly believe being a part of the Directory is much MORE than only a listing on a Directory website! If you are interested in finding out more about joining the Directory and seeing if your business aligns with Life’s Little Celebrations, please email me at



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