Interview with Kara Allen of Kara’s Party Ideas

I am thrilled to be featuring an interview with THE Kara Allen of Kara’s Party Ideas today. I am sure I’m not alone in saying that the Kara’s Party Ideas blog was one of the first I discovered and loved for party inspiration. It is the number 1 party idea website on google USA/Europe and her site receives over 1 million unique visitors just in the past month and she has over 213,000 facebook followers!

So when the Kara’s Party Ideas tour of Australia was announced (Pssst…see the end of this blog post for a discount code!) I knew that that I, along with many others would enjoy and benefit from these one day workshops:



In this interview for the Life’s Little Celebrations blog Kara shares some party planning tips and ideas and lets us know what to expect at her upcoming tour!



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How did Kara’s Party Ideas start?

I started four years ago when there were hardly any party sites or blogs out there. I would search all over the internet for party ideas and could never find a place that had it all when it came to party inspiration, descriptions, recipes, vendor lists, party supplies, tutorials and good party images (I’m very visual, so seeing the parties in front of me instead of just reading about them was really important to me).



Ice Cream social by Kara Allen


Can you share what types of tips and ideas you are hoping to share at the workshop?


I will guide you step by step through my top 10 party planning tips covering everything from guest lists, venue, catering, timing, pricing, entertainment, styling and my party secrets!




You will learn new dessert styling ideas from around the world and techniques on how to style a stunning dessert table including sweets, theming, planning composition, colour palettes and more.

I will showcase exclusive dessert tables designed especially for my Australian Tour.


Back to school vintage party by Kara Allen


You will also learn baking tips from some of Australia’s finest cake artisans. They will be sharing their trade secrets in their baking demonstrations. I will also share some of my top baking cheat ideas!

I also love a bit of DIY action, so sit back and relax as I teach you some of my favourite DIY ideas to make your party unique.




What will party planning lovers get from your workshops?

Learn how to plan & style the perfect party. Tons of dessert styling ideas as well as demonstrations. This workshop is for mums who throw parties for their kids, those who love events, wedding planners, professional event planners, bloggers/site admins wanting to learn how to take their site to the next level and more!


Circus train big top party by Kara Allen


How will your workshops assist business owners in the party industry? 

I feel so fortunate about being one of the largest party inspiration blogs in the world.




I use social media as a key tool to build my business.

Find out how I have done all this in just four short years and how you can use this new knowledge to build your own small business.

There will also be a lot of networking opportunities with like-minded women.Through fun getting to know you activities and ‘Kara’s Cupcake Corner’, you will have excellent opportunities to meet people with the same passions and form great relationships that can help in your party journey.


Geologist rock themed party by Kara Allen


What are you looking forward to about coming to Australia?

Meeting all of you! I can’t wait to party it up down under! Australia has always been on my bucket list. Not only because it’s absolutely gorgeous with so many amazing locations and things to see, but because there are so many talented party stylists and artists there!


Colourful art party by Kara Allen


What is your number one party planning tip for mum’s?

Start planning ahead so you give yourself ample time to organise an amazing event. Planning ahead will save a lot of money, but it makes the process fun and enjoyable, cutting out a lot of the stress. Also, remember to have fun, because planning a party can be so rewarding.



It’s also very important to have a good attitude, especially on the day of the event. No matter how hard you have worked on the party, it seems that there’s always something that goes wrong or something that doesn’t quite turn out like you had planned.

This is okay. Know that these things happen and just roll with it!

Your party will be a huge success because of all the hard work you put into it!


Mickey Mouse party by Kara Allen


Thank you so much Kara for sharing your thoughts with us as well as what to expect during your upcoming Australian tour! If you want to book your tickets to this not to be missed event, please click here!

You can receive a 20% discount off your ticket by quoting:

the booking code: kara20percentdiscount.

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