Introducing our newest little celebration!

You may have seen on my social media that we have a new little celebration who has joined our family 6 weeks ago!



Our 4th child, Leah Jacinta was born on the 25th February and she is just heavenly!



Our other children are just besotted with her….



and so am I!



There is something so precious about newborns! Perhaps it is how tiny they are…how much they need us…or the wonder and joy that comes from birthing and meeting them for the first time!


So life has been extra busy around here over the last 6 weeks as we settle into life with Leah.


Often people will ask how do I run a business with such young children? I started Life’s Little Celebrations when my first child was 6 months…she is now 6yrs old and I have a 4 yr old (nearly 5!) , 2 yr old and a newborn. So as the business has grown so has my family and I definitely do NOT have it all sorted out and still struggle with balancing it all. However here are my tips:

  • Outsource when and where you can! Whether it is getting cleaners or extra help with babysitting or outsourcing social media – do it! When I was pregnant with Leah it pushed me to outsource more just to ensure I was sane and had enough sleep. It meant yes that I lost some of my income but I knew it was worth it for my own sake.  So choose just one thing you can outsource – business or personal – to ease the pressure off yourself and free up some of your time for yourself and family.


  • Don’t overdo it! I have many ideas and plans for Life’s Little Celebrations…but I know I cannot do it all right now when the kids are so little and are not all at school yet. So that means fulfilling the goals I can right now … and keeping those dreams and goals alive for the future!


  • Accept your reality!! You will end up so frustrated and stressed if everyday you are expecting to get a million business items done and expect the kids will leave you alone to do some work during the day.
  • It is better to just accept you will probably not get anything done at all with the kids around and then anything is a bonus! Work when they sleep or when they are at school, daycare or with the grandparents.
  • Scheduling social media posts is also brilliant – it means that your social media is working for you even when you’re out and about at your daughters ballet class or son’s school assembly!

  • Be wise with your time. When I finally do get some time to do some work – I can get a huge amount done in a short timeframe if I plan exactly what I need to do in that hour…and don’t get distracted by browsing on social media or doing online shopping!


At the end of the day – many of you (myself included) started your businesses so that you could be there for your children and have that freedom and flexibility. So don’t let your business rob you of that which it was meant to give you!

Let me say that again…don’t let your business rob you of that which it was meant to give you (eg time with the kids, freedom, flexible lifestyle)!

I hope those tips help those of you also in business and for now let me take the chance to wish you and your little one’s a joyful and special Easter! 

Photos by : Priscilla Cork Photography




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