Inspiring me to do the “keep calm and carry on thing”

There are quite a few mum’s in business who follow this blog and facebook page so every now and then when something inspires me relating to balancing motherhood/work I love to share it although what I am sharing today relates to anyone…mother or not, in business or not and would even to relate when you’re in the throws of party planning, especially if you’re this type of person:

Today during a rare child-free few hours I forced myself to take some time out to relax, pray and read!

Something I read struck right to my heart in the area of rushing around busily trying to get all my business work done. Since my kids are still little and home with me all week, the times when they sleep or nap I go full steam ahead working on e-mails, blog entries, articles etc.

I am really working on how to get the balance a bit better to ensure I don’t work all the time and burn out which is common in small businesses and probably more common in mum’s running businesses.

These words rung so true to me…I hope they inspire some others as well….


It starts off talking about the work under our care:

“If possible do not be worried, that is – do not exert yourself over them with uneasiness, anxiety and forwardness. Don’t be worried about them, for worry disturbs reason and good judgement and prevents us from doing well the very things we are worried about.

Rivers that flow gently through the plains carry along large boats and rich merchandise. Rains that fall gently on open fields make them fruitful in grass and grain.

Torrents and rivers that spread over the land in great floods ruin the bordering country and are useless for commerce, just as in like manner, heavy tempestuous rain ruins the fields and meadows.

A job done too eagerly and hurriedly is never well done.

We perfect actions quickly enough when we do them well.

Drones make more noise and work more eagerly than bees, but they make only wax and honey. So also men who hurry about with tormenting anxiety and eager solicitude never accomplish much nor do they do it well.

Undertake all your affairs with a calm mind and try to despatch them in order one after the other.

If you make an effort to do them all at once or without order, your spirits will be so overcharged and depressed that they will likely sink under the burden without effecting anything”

Did these words ring true for you?

I hope it inspires you today as it did for me!


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  1. Natalie October 16, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Having an 18 month old and running a business I wholeheartedly agree, lovely pearls of wisdom!


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