Meet Nicole from Penny Lane Studio

Today we meet the talented and creative Nicole from Penny Lane Studio . I was fortunate enough to meet her at Confetti Fair (Sydney) and she is one of the most friendliest people you could hope to meet and work with!

Her handmade ‘menu’ includes cake buntings, printables, printed muslin bags, cake ruffles and more which I’ve included in this post for you to drool over!

I’ve asked her to share with us about her business, balancing it all, party tips and more.




How did Penny Lane Studio come about?

Penny Lane Studio was an extension of my first business Red Elephant Creative. The name was the brain child of a very long time school friend and I rugged up indoors with a cup of tea on a windy winters day. It perfectly reflects a coming of age of my style which is inspired by vintage and classic design.


What are some of the products and services Penny Lane Studio provides?

Penny Lane Studio is a complete creative studio for events. Stemming from my past life working in a boutique events agency, I have brought my experience and creativity to my own little studio which offers unique handcrafted stationery, décor and styling packages for celebrations.

We do almost everything. Stationery and Printables, Handcrafted details including Paper Garland, Favour Bags, Cake Bunting, Backdrop kits and Party Supplies. Phew!

For the things we don’t make, we also offer referrals to other industry creative’s.




What have been your most popular products for children’s celebrations?

Printable ranges are huge, they offer a complete package in DIY Stationery and Décor. Cake Buntings are also very popular right now.

  Harlans Birthday

Where do you gain inspiration from for your designs?

Conversations with other creatives, My children, Local art, Beautiful styling, Nature and my gorgeous, gorgeous clients who I create bespoke packages for.

Bubble Pink and Bling


Being a mum with your own business how do you balance your various responsibilities?

Not without challenge. I try to manage my business when the children are asleep or at pre-school. However there are some moments when I have a phone on my shoulder, a little one on my lap whilst balancing a laptop on the chair. I have recently hired a part time assistant, which should help things along a little and I have a very very understanding husband.



Gold glitter and Sparkle Cake bunting by Penny Lane Studio
Cake, styling and photography – Gillian Brown. Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design


What does a typical day involve for you?

Woken with the thump of tiny feet, giggles and cuddles. Quick check the phone for orders and emails. Brekky and dress routine with Oscar and Lily and take them off to pre-school on my ‘work days’. Coffee and emails, to do lists and artwork, before stretching my hands in the studio for some handcrafted work.

Once a week I indulge in some time with a gorgeous creative person for some inspiring conversation.

Post office run, pick up the children, dinner and bath routine, before some quiet quality time before they go to bed. Once they are alseep, I am usually back at the computer or finishing orders in front of the TV.


What have been your favourite celebrations to date?

I have many. Probably the ones where I work together with clients on the creative from the beginning, allowing me to develop new products based on different techniques. A great example would be the vintage lace wedding with Melissa from The Sweet Society and the Vintage Caravan party with Gillian from Crumbs of Comfort. Also look out for a gorgeous event with pretty pink flamingos which will hopefully be released soon.




What are your party planning tips when it comes to decorating and styling a celebration?

*Brainstorm your theme with a big sheet of paper and follow up with lots of lists.


*Commit yourself to doing so over a couple of weeks or preferably months in short bursts.


*The best creativity is an evolution of time and it is so much more enjoyable when not left to last minute.


*Don’t be afraid to be different and most importantly enjoy sharing the process with your children and other creatives


Spoons by Penny Lane Studio. Styling and Jellies by Princess Jade's Candy Buffet's

Spoons by Penny Lane Studio. Styling and Jellies by Princess Jade’s Candy Buffet’s



Thank you Nicole for giving us an insight into your business, your life and your creative products!

For more unique handmade decor please join the Penny Lane Studio facebook page.


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