Party Decor reused

As it is nearly time for my daughter’s second birthday I thought I’d show how I have used some of her party items from her first birthday in her room and some of her room items which I may incorporate into her party this year.

Dessert table from Rebekahs first birthday

I think it’s important when we are spending so much money on decorations to include things that you can keep and display in the house somewhere after the party or use again for another party theme.

Last year I had a bunting made by Giggleberry Creations and a name sign made by Chikkimoo designs. Here they are both together now hanging above my daughter’s cot. Sorry about the picture – I really need to get me one of those fancy cameras 😉


I’ve only recently put her room together as we moved house a few months ago and I wanted to incorporate a bit of a teapot theme into her room as I think tea parties is something lovely for a girl that she won’t outgrow too soon. However my other motivation was that I could perhaps use some of the items in the room for Rebekah’s party this year which has a teapot theme…and vice versa, if I purchase something for the party I could perhaps use it in her room later.

Although to be honest I still don’t know how (or if) I will incorporate the Love Mae wall stickers and the teapot/teacup bookends into the party decor! The pink, yellow and green milk bottles on the shelf are also items I thought of incorporating into Rebekah’s party decor this year…again I’m not sure how, but I love these coloured bottles!

So by using nursery decor as party decor and vice versa it ends up saving me a little bit of money or at least making more use out of the money I have spent.

On the side wall I hung up a display that my sister in law made for Rebekah for her first birthday which I had hung up at her first birthday party. Here is the original picture from her birthday party:

I’m no interior designer but have enjoyed playing around with this room and am still deciding what exactly works on the shelves and the location of the wall stickers =)

Lastly below are the pink suitcases I used under the cake stand at Rebekah’s first birthday. I love these suitcases which I have filled with her birthday cards and other bits and pieces.

I still have a few other items from her birthday that I have yet to hang up or display.

Obviously I think it’s best just to pick certain items to reuse or display. Their room doesn’t need to look like a repeat of their birthday party!

This is just my way of making use of some of the special party items =)

Plus it helps me justify my purchases if I know I will get more use out of them than just the one day!

What have you reused after a party in your child’s room?


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