Planning a small soiree?

We have recently welcomed into the world our second daughter and for her Baptism celebration I am keeping it very small with only immediate family. However I still want to do something special for this occasion and for her.

I know my family won’t care how nice the cake looks, whether there is any decorations etc and I really don’t NEED to organise anything that special! However my view is that the occasion is special, my daughter is precious and therefore deserves something lovely to celebrate this day! Not to mention the fact that I enjoy doing things like this when I get the chance =)

I won’t be having a full dessert table and I know that extra candy and sweets will go to waste if I order them. So I’ve been thinking about how to style something sweet and small when there won’t be many desserts. I think it is more enjoyable sometimes to create something small as you need to be more creative in how to decorate and style and present things since the table won’t be overflowing with a lot of sweet items.

Props and memorabilia can fill a table nicely and make it meaningful. Items such as a photo of the little girl/boy, their candle from the ceremony, fresh flowers and candy jars filled with decorative items rather than sweets are all some simple ideas of dressing up the table.

The other point to think about is where to set up the sweets/dessert. A small celebration means you may be able to be more creative with how you display the cake and desserts as you don’t need as much room as a trestle table/dining table provides. You may have a small occasional table in your home that would be perfect for a small occasion:

Dessert table - Somewhere Splendid blog


Wedding dessert table - Lee Mae Marie blog

Another wonderful example of something gorgeous but small is this setup by Bianca from A Little Delightful who put together a tea party for 2, for her 2 children:

Tea party for 2 - A Little Delightful blog

Here is some more inspiration of small dessert tables which use lovely props to style the table:

Easter dessert table - The White Library


Pirate princess mini dessert table - Cake ink events blog


Table by Imbue Weddings - Polkadot Bride blog

I am looking forward to styling something small and special.

What about you? What is the smallest number of people at a celebration you have organised? Do you prefer to style something for a small or a large celebration?


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