Real Party: Ivy’s Ice-cream 8th birthday

With winter nearly over (yay!) it’s time for ice-cream parties to start emerging, so I thought its a fab time to share this bright and cute ice cream party by one of our Life’s Little Celebration members Ellana of SweetP Cake and Cookies for her daughter!



Ellana of SweetP Cakes and Cookies created the amazing cake , cookies and donuts for this ice-cream party and how fun is that fillable cake stand which she filled with mini balloons?!



These ice cream cookies also by SweetP Cakes and Cookies just make me smile!:







Now how is this for a fun activity for an ice-cream (or any theme) party! The kids got to paint their own cookie which matched the theme!:





After all the fun, the kids got to take home some more ice-cream themed goodies with this sweet selection of items in their party bags!:




An ice-cream party theme is SUCH a fun theme to plan and setup for, and the cake and desserts really can be so sweet!

I hope this post inspired you! Head over to see more the amazing cake and desserts by SweetP Cakes and Cookies! She is based in Qld but posts cookies Australia wide!


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