Reuben’s Christening: real party feature


Today we are sharing a gorgeous and fresh Christening dessert table setup by Vivien of LETORE for her son! We love the crisp white and green colour scheme and on trend items such as the mesh backdrop and custom sign as well as the unique setup with various settings for the cake, mini desserts and favour boxes
Vivien shares more about her inspiration below:
“For Reuben’s Christening we decided to go for something gender neutral and fresh and our graphic designer came up with the concept of using palm leaves with a watermark pattern. A bonus was that it was a bit on trend too!




All vendors were briefed on the theme which allowed the theme, in both colour and style, to be carried through from the invitations to the reception after the Church service. Elle from did a great interpretation of the brief and customised the cake and desserts with elements of the palm leaf design with splashes of green and white throughout individual pieces. The makers for the acrylic elements also pulled out the details from the invitation to create the cake topper and name signage.




Finally, guests were sent home with sweet gifts from LETORE who styled their lolly cubes with green and white peppermint chocolate balls and created a personalised label which matched the invitation.”





We love this unique and fresh look for a Christening and the colour scheme of white and green! Find the links to all the vendors below so you can source similar items for your own child’s Christening or party!:






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