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If you speak to anyone under the age of 10, they are sure to know what slime is. Slime was a huge craze in 2018 with kids everywhere either playing with it or making it – or both! We are sure slime parties will continue to be popular in 2019 and we know this feature will inspire your planning!

Chantelle from Silk and Cedar Events has created the perfect slime party theme that kids of all ages can enjoy.

This slimey party has been featured in the latest issue of “Celebrating Little One’s e-magazine”

A science themed slime party full of beakers, test tubes and lab coats makes for an exciting and interesting party. Both the boys and girls were intrigued and immersed in the activities.

The desserts tables have been set up in a fun and interesting way, with lollies in test tubes, cupcake volcano and slime covered cake pops. The kids had so much fun choosing their snacks from the science tables.

Each little scientist has their own place setting with all their tools and equipment for their meal.

Each guest was equipped with their own scientist coat and glasses ready for the experiments to come.

Test tubes, syringes and droppers help put together the place settings for each guest and give an experimental and scientific feel to the table! Each guest was provided with a magical and galactic looking plate, topped with slime.

Once the food is over the fun begins. Everyone got a chance to make their own slime. Budding little scientists mixing and measuring their own personal gooey slime.

This event was organised and coordinated by Chantelle at Silk and Cedar along with a group of amazing vendors. All their services can be booked and their details are below. Check them out below.

Styling and slime/science party planning + supplies

Silk and Cedar Events


The Enchanted Studios


Eleanor Conduit


Boutique Balloons Melbourne

Stationery and Backdrop

Giggles and Grace Designs

Number seven cake topper

Perfectly Created 4 You (previously LaSerenity)

Slime party lollies

Suck at Parties

Cake and cake pops

Pastel and Bloom

Cupcake Tower


Plinths and Table

Amethyst Wedding and Event Hire

We hope this party will inspire your child’s slime or science party!

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