Sorbet Pastel Party Feature

This sorbet pastel balloon party was a birthday party where balloons stole the show and surrounded the birthday girl with a delicious pastel sorbet assortment of party decorations from Illume Partyware that both set the scene and offered the opportunity to play!
While we can all go crazy with decorations, Illume Partyware wanted to show how you can simplify a party with 3 elements; balloons (3 different varieties), partyware and food!  A fun fresh party using clever styling techniques to inspire a beautiful, memorable birthday with a minimum of fuss.

Vendor Credits:

Styling: Louise Lazendic from Illume Partyware (
Balloons and PartywareIllume Partyware (
Cake: Genevieve Peacock from Cake Chemistry (
Cookies: Martina from Marvalicious Bites (
PhotographerStacie LaGreca
Videographer: Blake Dubler from Creative Blue

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