Choosing Desserts for your next kids party

When choosing desserts for your next child’s party…how do you decide? Cake pops? Macarons? Jelly? Cookies?

I tend to mix it up each time I do a dessert table however I have found kids love cookies (as they normally come in some fun designs) and also love the novelty of a cake pop being on a stick !

Today we chat to Su from Sydney based Popolate regarding some tips on how to choose desserts and a baker for your next kids party!


  • Su, what is the most important factor when creating desserts?

This may seem strange for someone who specialises in making good-looking things, but looks are not everything for a dessert table.

Yes, we are enamoured by the beautiful pictures on Instagram but at the end of the day, they are meant to be eaten.

You eat with your eyes, but true happiness comes from that first bite of heaven! So I’d say looks and taste are equally important.



What are your customers favourite flavours?

Vanilla is the winner, hands down. It sometimes surprises me given the variety of flavours, but I guess simplicity and quality ingredients win.




  • When choosing a baker, should customers solely base their decision on the look of the designs they see online?  What else should they consider?

I think, as above, that taste and quality ingredients, and freshness are definitely factors to consider.

A soft buttery cookie that crumbles in your mouth and a hard, dry cookie can look the same when decorated and photographed but you will want to eat one and not the other.

Similarly, cake pops can look the same but taste completely different.

Mass produced cake pops (you can sometimes buy these from supermarkets) can be very gummy in texture, as they are made in the tens of thousands and go through machines to roll them.

I also think food safety is important. Glitter and gold is pretty popular these days but not all dusts are rated edible.

I do tell my clients that the super shiny effects (known as holograms or disco dusts, which typically come in bigger chunks) are not edible and I never make products with these.

On a cake, they may be removed or used as decorative elements only, but not on, say a cake pop, where they will be consumed one and all!

What have been some of your most popular dessert themes lately?

The unicorn must be the theme of the year! I’ve done multiples in cookies, cake pops and cupcake form.

My designs tend to be pretty spread out though – this is what has lead to my having hundreds (I’ve lost count) of designs in my portfolio. I actually enjoy it this way because I love a new challenge each time.

Thanks Su for sharing your tips with us!

If you’re in Sydney looking for someone to make cute cake pops and cookies for your next kids party, then head to Popolate to get in touch or to browse more of her work!

Happy planning! xx



Kids party theme inspiration

Inspiration for a kids party theme can come from anywhere! Sometimes if your child is old enough they can tell you what theme they would like. However if they are little (or perhaps indecisive) you may need more ideas – whether it be from looking online at parties, invitation designs or even cakes and desserts!

Today I am sharing some amazing cookies from Flyawaypineapple to inspire you with some popular kids themes. Rhian’s amazing cookie creations can be posted Australia wide and are perfect for kids parties as you will see.

Summer party themes:

With the warmer months coming up around the corner, now is the time to be dreaming up inspiration for all those summer parties! You can’t go wrong with bright colours and fruity themes as well water-related themes for that time of the year!:








On-trend themes

Popular themes featuring teepees, cactus and donuts have been high on trend this year, along with unicorns, carousels, modern safari and mermaids! The advantage of picking a theme such as this is that it is much more easier to source partyware and decor to suit:




Character Parties

Then of course there are all the much-loved parties based around specific characters, toys and movies that your child loves! Simply seeing what your child loves to play with or read or watch will give you inspiration for a theme such as this!:




Themes for older kids

For kids 8+ it can get a bit trickier when it comes to party planning! Science parties, bowling parties or sports based parties (eg soccer, gymnastics) can work very well not to mention parties involving craft or a cooking based activity or a movie party!:





First Birthdays

For the little ones and their first birthdays – the sky is truly the limit! However I have loved the rise of animal based themes which suit a first birthday perfectly. Go with a cute Deer, bright Flamingo or pretty Giraffe…or for boys you could go with a monochrone Panda theme, a woodland fox or bear or a modern safari animal!





I hope these stunning cookies have inspired you ! Flyawaypineapple post their amazing cookies Australia wide so contact them via their website to enquire on an order!






Have your paint and eat it too!



“Watermelon…watermelon..I love…you love…watermelon! ”

Most kids love watermelons which have made it a popular kids party theme in recent times which has also led to a range of fun watermelon partyware

Inspired by this gorgeous summer fruit comes this fantastic new range of edible art paint by Sweet Sticks in collaboration with Alisha Henderson of Sweet Bakes




Alisha Henderson of Sweet Bakes started her cake journey in 2013, quickly establishing her unique, untraditional style of sweet making.

Her obsession with edible illustrations & love for watermelons have finally united with this watermelon paint set!



So now you can have your paint and eat it too!

You can find this delightful range on the Edible Art Paint website for $24 and have fun with your own watermelon creations!:



You can also view an amazing range of other colours available in edible art paint which has taken the baking world by storm with many bakers sharing their creations on social media using the edible art paint from Sweet Sticks

So although we have headed into Autumn, bring some summer back into your life with this fun watermelon range!









Decorated desserts for any occasion

A quick flick through our Pinterest boards will show you just how popular decorated cookies and cupcakes are for bringing together a theme at any occasion. Handy that they are also delicious!

Cookies are always the first to go at any of my kids parties! Children just love something that is delicious, small enough to eat and with a cute or fun image!

LLC directory partner Marlena, from Sydney’s Miss Confetti launched her business in 2013 to share her love of putting a smile on people’s faces with her baked goods, and her passion for what she does shows in each and every creation. Marlena has an extensive portfolio of cookies and cupcake themes to choose from, or can work with you on creating a special design to suit your occasion.

I bet just a few of these Frozen cookies have been made in the last couple of years!




Octonauts decorated cookies


Decorated cookies

How great are these Lalaloopsy faces?!



Hoot and Hootabelle are always a toddler favourite, and details like these are sometimes all you need when teamed with coordinated block colour decorations and tableware.

hoot cookies


Minnie Mouse is an ever popular theme and the personaliation on these cookies and matching cupcakes are too cute!




Wrapped in cellophane, cookies make fantastic take home treat or favours.


decorated cookies


baby shower cookies


It’s often the finer details that make an impact, and I love Marlena’s use of intricate icing that add personality to each and every creation.

Miss Confetti is based in Sydney and offers both cookies and cupcakes and you can see more of her gorgeous creations on her website.







Baby Shower Cakes & Styling

Baby Showers are such an exciting party to plan for – the anticipation of a new baby is such a joy to celebrate and it is a great opportunity to spoil the mum to be!

If you’re planning a baby shower – then this blog post will help inspire you showcasing some gorgeous baby shower cakes, desserts and dessert tables – you will see the way various baby showers and colour schemes can influence your baby shower planning!

In a future post I’ll be sharing a range of baby shower party supplies to work in with a range of various baby shower themes!

Enjoy the selection and remember – all of these vendors can be found on the Directory pages so make sure you have a browse there for the best in party vendors in Australia !


Baby Shower Desserts and Cakes:

baby shower cookies

Baby shower cookies – Frosted by Nicci (Melb)




baby shower cookies

Baby shower cookies – Velvetier (Qld)



baby shower cookies

Baby shower cookies – Baked by Belle



baby shower cookies

Baby shower cookies – Savvy Cakes by Lena (Sydney)


baby shower cookies

Baby shower bee cookies – Miss Confetti (Sydney)



baby shower cloud cookies

Baby shower cookies – Sweetest Jubilee (Melbourne)


baby shower cookies

Baby shower cookies – Petite Cookies (Melbourne)




Baby shower macarons – Arelio Sweetbox


baby shower cupcakes

Baby shower cupcakes – Copper and Cocoa



baby shower cupcakes

Baby shower cupcakes – Bites by D (Perth)




Baby shower cookies – Sweetcheeks cookies and cakes



baby shower cupcakes

Baby shower cupcakes – JK cake designs



Now for some truly stunning Baby shower cakes and as you will notice you can go with either a more baby themed cake or a more general cake in beautiful colours:



baby shower cakes

Baby shower cake – Chloe Kerr Cakes (Wollongong NSW)



Baby shower cake -Baked Cakes and Cupcakery



baby shower cake

Baby shower cake – Bites by D (Perth)



baby shower cake

Baby shower cake – I Luv Cake (Brisbane)




baby shower cakes

Baby shower cakes – Frosted by Nicci (Melb)



baby shower cake

Baby shower cake – Sweetest Jubilee (Melboure)


baby shower cake

Baby shower cake – Nik Nak’s Sweetest Treats (Perth)




baby shower cake

Baby shower cake – Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes (Melbourne)



baby shower cakes

Baby shower cake – JK Cake Designs (Sydney)


baby shower cake

Baby shower cake – Savvy Cakes by Lena (Sydney)


baby shower cake

Baby shower cake – Treats for Evie (Melbourne)


Baby Shower Dessert Tables:

For more baby shower party and theme inspiration, these gorgeous baby shower dessert tables will have you swooning and perhaps make you slightly clucky!

As you will see – so many various themes and colour schemes can work for a baby shower! There need not be a specific theme as such if you want to base the baby shower decor more around a certain look (eg modern, rustic, vintage) or colour scheme!: 



baby shower

Baby shower – Kiss With Style



baby shower

Baby shower dessert table – Sugar Monk


baby shower

Baby shower – Opulenticity Party & Buffet stylinh



baby shower

Baby shower – Sugar Monk (Sydney)



baby shower

Baby shower – Kiss With Style



BAby shower

Baby shower – Cake, Desserts and styling by My Petite Sweets


baby shower

Baby shower – Sweet Finesse Event Styling


baby shower

Beach baby shower – Styling and desserts by Nik Nak Sweetest Treats (Perth)


baby shower

Baby shower – Decor by Yael Wedding and Events. Bespoke paper creations by Paper Face Party


baby shower

Baby shower – Sugar Coated Candy and Dessert Buffets


baby shower

Baby shower for Sugar Coated Mama by Sweet and Styled


Such gorgeous baby shower styling and baby shower cakes and desserts  – wouldn’t you agree?

Watch out for next weeks post sharing baby shower party supplies, invitations and decorations and visit the Directory to discover a range of party vendors you can use when planning a baby shower!

Happy celebrating!