Want to create Custom and Personalised Cakes & Desserts?

Personalised items have become a huge trend in celebrations…from kids parties to weddings! Personalised favour bags, personalised stationery and personalised cakes! That is where Custom Icing can help you – they create custom edible icing to be used on cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more!

They’ve recently created a new tool on their website where you can easily create your own custom image to be ordered and used on your kids party cake or cupcake!

Simply go to the “Design your own” part of their website, upload your image, choose the size you need…and voila! It is THAT easy!

Here are some I created using this tool to make cupcake toppers and a cake topper:


In both these examples I used the “Design your own” feature – uploaded an image and chose the size!

Some people love the idea of having a photo of the birthday child on their cake and this can also easily be done using this tool on the Custom Icing website:




I actually found the tool really easy to use and I know many of you will too! You can easily crop your image or zoom in to the area of the photo you want for the edible image!


So next time you want to add a really personalised touch to your kids party cake or other desserts, try out this Design Your Own tool on the Custom Icing website to create personalised edible icing images whether it is using a photo of your child or an image to match their party theme!:



Head to the Custom Icing website to explore this tool or see their larger range of other edible icing image products for your kids party or other celebrations!


Choosing Desserts for your next kids party

When choosing desserts for your next child’s party…how do you decide? Cake pops? Macarons? Jelly? Cookies?

I tend to mix it up each time I do a dessert table however I have found kids love cookies (as they normally come in some fun designs) and also love the novelty of a cake pop being on a stick !

Today we chat to Su from Sydney based Popolate regarding some tips on how to choose desserts and a baker for your next kids party!


  • Su, what is the most important factor when creating desserts?

This may seem strange for someone who specialises in making good-looking things, but looks are not everything for a dessert table.

Yes, we are enamoured by the beautiful pictures on Instagram but at the end of the day, they are meant to be eaten.

You eat with your eyes, but true happiness comes from that first bite of heaven! So I’d say looks and taste are equally important.



What are your customers favourite flavours?

Vanilla is the winner, hands down. It sometimes surprises me given the variety of flavours, but I guess simplicity and quality ingredients win.




  • When choosing a baker, should customers solely base their decision on the look of the designs they see online?  What else should they consider?

I think, as above, that taste and quality ingredients, and freshness are definitely factors to consider.

A soft buttery cookie that crumbles in your mouth and a hard, dry cookie can look the same when decorated and photographed but you will want to eat one and not the other.

Similarly, cake pops can look the same but taste completely different.

Mass produced cake pops (you can sometimes buy these from supermarkets) can be very gummy in texture, as they are made in the tens of thousands and go through machines to roll them.

I also think food safety is important. Glitter and gold is pretty popular these days but not all dusts are rated edible.

I do tell my clients that the super shiny effects (known as holograms or disco dusts, which typically come in bigger chunks) are not edible and I never make products with these.

On a cake, they may be removed or used as decorative elements only, but not on, say a cake pop, where they will be consumed one and all!

What have been some of your most popular dessert themes lately?

The unicorn must be the theme of the year! I’ve done multiples in cookies, cake pops and cupcake form.

My designs tend to be pretty spread out though – this is what has lead to my having hundreds (I’ve lost count) of designs in my portfolio. I actually enjoy it this way because I love a new challenge each time.

Thanks Su for sharing your tips with us!

If you’re in Sydney looking for someone to make cute cake pops and cookies for your next kids party, then head to Popolate to get in touch or to browse more of her work!

Happy planning! xx



Sweeter than cotton candy

What could be sweeter than fairy floss? How about 2 kids enjoying a whole cotton candy milk bar?

That was the inspiration and setting of this amazing Life’s Little Celebrations collaboration shoot – bringing together many partners from the Directory for a special shoot for the latest issue of Sweet Magazine

The vision was created and brought to life by the talented ladies of Sugar Monk in Sydney who not only brought their styling expertise but also their handmade touches through the signage and tassels

I’m thrilled to share this party which made the front cover of Sweet Magazine




The dessert table was full of colourful desserts  – some of which incorporated fairy floss in many cute and unique ways! All fairy floss was supplied by Fluffy Crunch who spun fairyfloss during the shoot and also provided their wonderful fairy floss party favour tubs!:





The whole setup brought back a retro milk bar feel:




I hope you enjoy all the amazing details of this shoot and it inspires you for your next celebration!

At the end of this post you can find all the credits so you can source any similar items or desserts for yourself:



Love the foam sign with the drip effect and the fairy floss balloons!:




This ice-cream pinata was a cute centrepiece for a sit down area for the kids to enjoy:

























Love this selection of fairy floss flavours…apple pie (my favourite!), cookies and cream and even salted caramel….!















Such cute tableware created this sweet milkbar setup:






14606370_1109909789099866_3810968114502792825_n fairy-floss-150


There you have it  – a truly ‘sweet’ party setup with so many fun props, decorations and gorgeous desserts! Here are the talented vendors that made it happen and who you can contact to source any of the items for your party!:


Photography: Captured by Kirri
Styling, Props, Painted Artworks, Tassels and Printed Materials: Sugar Monk
Fairy Floss: Fluffy Crunch
Furniture, Cake Stands, Lolly Jars and Pink Fairy Floss Machine: Tiny Tots Toy Hire
Cash Register: Sydney Prop Specialists
Main “Cotton Candy Milk Bar” Signage: Foamtastic
Fairy Floss Piñata: Party Pony Designer Pinata’s
Main Cake: Love that Lolly Bar
Cake Topper: Glistening Occasions
Donuts, Eclairs, Cake Stacks & Sweet Cups: Copper & Cocoa
Chocolates, Cake Pops, Cookies & Cupcakes: One Sweet Chick Cookies and Cakes
Macarons: Arelio Sweetbox


Balloons: Born To Party
Partyware: The Kit Source

Sprinkles for Macarons: Sucre Chocolates

Location: Blairgrove Pty Ltd Leichhardt – Sydney 
Until next time…happy celebrating!

Inspirational Party Desserts

I’ll admit when I am planning my children’s parties one of the things I get the most excited about is the desserts for the celebration! Desserts have evolved so much from when I first started blogging and to see the creativity and art that is being transformed into something edible is truly a feast for the eyes!

Today I’m sharing with you some gorgeous (truly!) desserts and styling by an incredibly talented LLC partner – Katerina of My Petite Sweets in Perth



12472523_929838793796919_6041760820876574745_n (1)


I am always drooling over what Katerina shares on her social media and I love that she not only can create desserts but she styles beautiful dessert tables:


dessert table


How amazing is this Frozen party dessert table? The towers of meringue kisses make a fantastic feature:


frozen party


As you can see My Petite Sweets really can bring a party theme to life with the whole setup, props, cake and desserts! Here are more amazing kids party dessert tables:



dessert table



superhero party


My Petite Sweets offers a range of desserts and as you can see the detail in her desserts are truly amazing and she really does take desserts to the next level!

Everything can be custom made to suit the party theme – cake pops, cupcakes, macarons and more! You also receive a special taster box to help you choose your flavours!:


princess sofia

cake pops



twinkle twinkle cake









My Petite Sweets also offer high tea packages which are perfect for adult celebrations, baby showers and kitchen teas! You can relax as everything is setup in your home/venue and your guests can enjoy a charming setting and delicious high tea menu!





If you’re based in Perth – make sure you contact Katerina from My Petite Sweets when planning your child’s next party! If you’re not in Perth but can appreciate amazing desserts then make sure you keep a eye out on the facebook page of My Petite Sweets!




2015 Dessert Trends

As we start a new year I thought I’d share some of the new trends I think we’ll see more of in 2015 on dessert tables!

Gorgeous and deliciously fun items – some not so “new” but refreshed in a new way such as these gorgeous floral lollipops and iced donuts!

I envision Meringue kisses, custom marshmallows, chocolates coated strawberries and chocolate pyramids will be seen alongside the firm favourites of macarons, cookies and cupcakes.

Lifes Little Celebrations5

Are you in love with any of these new trends?

Will you be incorporating any into your 2015 parties?


1. Lollipops   2. Donuts 3. Meringue kisses  4. Chocolate pyramids  5. Chocolate coated strawberry tower  6. Marshmallows