Review – Picnik Blender wooden kitchen toy from Limetree Kids


You all know how much I love birthday celebrations for my children. Well I also love shopping for their birthday gifts. When it comes to toy gifts I specifically look for what will hold their attention and last for a number of years.

I have 2 daughters: a 2.5yr old and a 1yr old and they love playing with their wooden kitchen and wooden kitchen toys. So I was excited to be sent a Picnik Blender from Limetree kids to review as a birthday gift idea.

If you’re looking for kitchen toys for kids which will last and encourage imaginative play then make sure you view the full range at Limetree Kids. I love their whole store as it is filled with unique items including other wooden toys, BPA-free toys, as well as decor and storage items.

Now here is a product image of the lovely Picnik Blender. As you can see it comes with the blender itself, removable bowl, apple pieces, dough, rolling pin, egg (which opens) and milk and sugar carton.


Picnik Blender – Limetree Kids


Now here is a photo taken by me and as you can see – it is exactly how it looks in the product picture (minus the blue milk carton….thanks to my 1year old who has been eating it – see image further down this post!)



It is by the Janod brand, made in France and very sturdy and good quality. As you can see it is unisex in colour which will suit all the little mister chefs!

Rebekah has been enjoying playing with the Picnik blender this week. It inspired her imagination as there are a few different activities she could work on. She had fun twisting the knob to make the blender mix around, adding the apples, rolling the dough, adding sugar and milk and cracking the egg etc.

Here are a few shots I snapped during the week:




bek 2


My 1 year old Naomi seemed fascinated with the apple pieces and egg pieces. This toy doesn’t come with any small pieces so it’s perfect for her to play alongside her sister.

However my only issue (which is only an issue for younger kids like mine) is the sugar and milk carton being cardboard as this is what tends to happen to cardboard toys in my house:

  Untitled 2

However this toy is recommended for ages 3-8 so you shouldn’t have a problem if purchasing this for an older child. I do recommend it for this 3-8yrs age bracket as Rebekah sometimes found it a little difficult to lift up the arm of the blender herself and she is 2.5yrs old and I’m sure once she is a little older it will be fine for her. She did find it easy however to operate the blender (ie twisting the knob to make the blender arms spin around).

The Picnik Blender worked in well with my kids other wooden kitchen toys – here is Rebekah putting her Picnik Blender bowl into the “oven” of her wooden toy kitchen for it to cook:


Overall I was very happy with the Picnik Blender from Limetree Kids and how it encouraged Rebekah’s creative play and she was using her imagination to make different meals.

She was particularly excited to use it after we finished making some blueberry muffins this morning.  So if you are someone who enjoys baking then your children will love it even more.

It is $59.95 and I would definitely recommend it as a birthday gift for your child. It is a toy that will last and I can imagine both of my girls enjoying it for a number of years.


Gift ideas for others

Now I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you some other gift ideas from Limetree Kids – just because I honestly love their range of unique toys and I think with all the toys which come flooding into a house when a birthday party is held,  parents really appreciate when gifts are somewhat different and are quality items that will last.

All of these gift ideas are under $30 which hopefully fits into most peoples budgets when buying gifts for birthday parties. Click on the image to be taken directly to the product on the Limetree Kids website.


For the little ones, I thought this toy rabbit was too sweet!:

Gorgeous girl bunny – Limetree Kids


Stackable blocks is always a fantastic toy for young toddlers or bubs and I love this unique take on this classic toy:

Magic tree stacking tower – Limetree KIds



Limetree kids really has an amazing selection of wooden play food and kitchen toys. Here is one of the items – a fun wooden birthday cake for the birthday child!

Vanilla birthday cake by Le Toy Van – Limetree Kids


Here are some more fun ideas for older toddlers and older children:


Speedy fish puzzle – Limetree Kids




My First Autobahn tape – Limetree Kids


Royal skittles – Limetree Kids



Ballerina hand puppet – Limetree Kids




Magnetic girl book by Janod – Limetree Kids



Pirates kit story – Limetree Kids


Pirate snap cards (Fairy set also available) – Limetree Kids



Sand-water workshop – Limetree Kids


This is too adorable! We have the bigger size teepee (amazing quality) and I can imagine my daughters enjoying putting their dolls into this doll’s size teepee! What a unique gift idea:

Mini teepees – Limetree KIds



I love the idea of giving decor or storage as gifts! Perhaps it is because my children are so young they don’t mind what they receive (perhaps an older child wouldn’t be so thrilled!). However with all the items which seem to accumulate when you have kids, some lovely storage ideas such as these are perfect:


Love these turntables for holding small toys, craft and I’ve seen them used on party tables as well:

Craft turntable – Limetree Kids


We love using little tin suitcases at our house to help contain little figurines, block pieces, wooden play food etc:

Horse tin suitcase – Limetree Kids


Some nice room decor is a lovely gift to give. It is meaningful and memorable – I love this one:

Have big dreams print – Limetree Kids


More gift ideas for your own children:

I thought I would also share some other of my favourite items from Limetree Kids  which are a bit more expensive and would suit as birthday presents for your own children (or perhaps nieces/nephews) where your budget extends a bit more:

Love these box-sets for easy play when travelling or something quick to pack up and take when going to visit Grandparents etc. We have the ‘Fairy’ box-set. There are a few different themes available:

Box sets (Castle) – Limetree Kids


Perfect for a child who loves construction and fire trucks:

DIY fire truck – Limetree Kids



This is the wooden toy kitchen we have and the girls really enjoy it. I love that it isn’t too bulky! It also comes in gender neutral colours as well.

Chic maxi kitchen – Limetree Kids


Rebekah received this for her 1st Christmas and it is great quality. She still enjoys it and it provides a lot of musical variety:

Melody mix – Limetree Kids


Naomi received one of these wooden rocking horses (in white) for her 1st birthday and the quality is fantastic! It doesn’t take up too much room and she is enjoying it:


Wooden Rocking horse (available in white or red) – Limetree Kids


I hope you enjoyed the selection of gift ideas from Limetree Kids and found something unique for the next gift you need to buy.

*I was not paid for this review. I was sent the Picnik Blender to keep. All opinions expressed are my own*