Remembering to stop…and just enjoy the party!

It seems the busy time leading up to one of my children’s birthday parties always gets me in a reflective mood! I wrote a post back in 2011 in the lead up to my other daughters’ first birthday party  reminding myself on what the essence of her birthday party was all about!

I am finally feeling organised for Naomi’s 1st birthday party…. decorations are ready, treats have been collected, favours are packaged up and I feel on top of things.

Of course there is the minor detail (hurricane….tornado) of the actual set up and hosting of the party, ensuring guests are fed and enjoying themselves and my little girl is happy!

However this morning amidst me thinking of all the things I need to do the morning of the party (we aren’t having it at home – so whole setup at another venue) I decided to now….just enjoy it.

With the effort and time which goes into putting together a birthday party – it all goes to waste if I don’t enjoy the occasion and actually joyfully celebrate my child. It can be too easy to actually forget to do this !

So I am going to enjoy chatting to the guests, enjoy eating the treats,  enjoy watching the kids be entertained and enjoy seeing my daughter’s face light up when everyone sings her happy birthday and even try and enjoy the hurried setup in the morning.

Since the party is at another venue (with limited time) I actually decided to have our photographer come and do an early birthday photoshoot of my little girl to make sure we get some nice photos of her when she is calm and not too tired or overwhelmed at her party. It also takes a bit of the stress out from the actual day of the party without trying to squeeze in some special pictures of just her:

naomi grace

I know on the day of her party I will still need to run around and will still collapse in a heap at the end of the day…BUT I am going to enjoy myself while doing it and remember to celebrate this first year of my daughter’s life at her party.



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