Welcome to the new site!

It is finally here….the new site for the Life’s Little Celebrations party directory and blog!

I hope it saves you time in your party planning AND helps to promote your business (if you are advertising on here).

I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you – to the businesses who have sponsored the blog and also advertised on the Directory. You trusted me even before I had a website to show you – you still trusted me enough to book a listing and for that I am truly honoured! Truly honoured to be connected to so many wonderful, talented, passionate business owners who I am genuinely excited to help promote!

I never started the Life’s Little Celebrations blog with any intentions of it becoming a small business or evolving into a party directory. However I am truly happy this is the path it has taken and I cannot thank my husband enough for supporting me and believing in me as well as my 2 little girls who inspire me and remind me each day of why little ones like them are worth celebrating!

Thank you to all of you who have read my blog and joined my Facebook page and been a part of the journey and Life’s Little Celebrations community in many various ways!!

Please make sure you sign up for updates/e-mails so you stay informed with all the exciting things which will be happening on this new site, inspiring blog posts and more!

Also you will notice on the right hand side of my blog all my previous blog posts can be viewed by categories and also party themes (obviously my most earliest blog posts do need some tidying up/updating of links so please be aware of that when viewing them) for easy searching when you are party planning =)

If you wish to find out more about advertising opportunities, either e-mail me at lifeslittlec@gmail.com or complete the form on the Advertise page.

Thank you,

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