What pictures cannot show…

There are SO MANY GORGEOUS parties which talented and creative mums and party stylists have put together and showcased that I am in awe of. However it also makes me slightly intimidated and shy to show pictures of my own daughters celebrations!

I see the photos and I notice lots of things which I should have and could have styled better and done differently.

However it’s also important to keep things real.

As a mum of a 2yr old and a 4 month old having 2 celebrations in a fortnight was hard work and I told myself I would not put as much pressure on myself because I just did not have the time this year.

I know a lot of you are also in the same boat. As much as you would love to have the most gorgeous or uniquely styled party for your child, sometimes you run out of time, or energy or money to do it all the way you would have liked.

I will still show the photos however (once I finish sorting through them! sorry I’ve been slow with this) even though my celebrations do not reach the heights of some of the beautiful parties I share via facebook =) In the end I’m not a party stylist – I’m a mum who wants to celebrate my kids – and I do the best I can with that =)

None of us should ever be shy or intimidated to share our party photos =)

What the photos cannot show is the joy of the child being celebrated and their friends, the pride of their grandparents, the love of their parents. It doesn’t show the love and time poured into the various food and decorations for the party. It doesn’t show all the amazing memorable moments which have taken place during the party and before and after. These are what really matter more than ANYTHING else.

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