An Eventful Week!

It has been a very eventful week!

Firstly THANK YOU to all of you for your lovely comments about my daughter’s birthday party! I really appreciate it! =)

Today two amazing magazines came out that I am so grateful to be able to contribute to!

The first being Tickle The Imagination magazine which showcases all the wonderful talent in the handmade community. I coordinated a photoshoot inspired by a Mermaid theme party – however it was all the amazing contributors who really made this shoot gorgeous! Make sure you check out the article as well as the photo album on facebook for all the details & credits! Thank you to Tickle The Imagination for featuring this shoot – make sure you have a look through this inspiring magazine!

The second magazine is the amazing My Little Jedi magazine – Christmas edition! This stunning edition showcases a lot of beautiful Christmas designs and styling by many talented stylists and credit to Vesna for putting together this gorgeous edition!

My contribution was as a mum/blogger – a Milk & Cookies table which any one could put together for the kids (& Santa) to enjoy on Christmas eve/Christmas day based on my Christmas Eve experience growing up.

The idea behind this table was to give you ideas for something simple you could prepare involving your children and on a limited budget. All the images and credits are in the magazine article =)

You’ll also find my daughter’s birthday featured in the magazine as well. Thank you to My Little Jedi for the opportunity to contribute! Make sure you don’t miss having a browse of this fabulous magazine!

I had really wanted to put up another Christmas inspired blog post this week but had to battle a bad cold/cough (and as you know,mums don’t get a “sick day” so resting & getting better takes longer!).

I’m also working on putting together the Party Directory page on this blog which will be an easy place on the blog to find a variety of different suppliers so that your party planning can become even easier and faster =) Look out for this on Sunday! Then I promise to get a new blog post to you soon =) 

Thanks all for reading!





2 Comments to “An Eventful Week!”

  1. tahnee December 5, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    hello, love your work. i was wanting to know where i can get the cupcake wrapper you used for your mermaid party. thanks

    • Tanya December 5, 2011 at 10:04 pm

      Hi Tahnee!

      The mermaid cupcake wrappers is from “Ham and Pea Design & Paperie” who you can find on facebook. It is a print yourself cupcake wrapper.
      Let me know if you have trouble finding them =)



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