Cake Toppers

A cake is truly one of the main features at any celebration but can also be quite a costly item! I am amazed constantly at the talent of many cake decorators and the works of art they produce.

However for the times where we either want to make our own cake, or cannot afford something too detailed – there are a variety of cute and unique items to top off a simple cake and make it look extra special!

Here are some I found available to purchase or order:

Tassel garlands seem to be all the rage right now, so why not use tassels for your cake bunting too?:

Tassel garland cake bunting - Red Elephant Creative


Tulle pom poms create such a soft and pretty effect and also make for a wonderful cake garland:

Tulle pom pom cake garland - Pom Pom Princess

Love this personalised cake garland with the name hanging down from the top!

Cake bunting - Hanging Pretty


A classic cake bunting such as this one really gives a beautiful finishing touch to any cake:

Little Boy Blue cake bunting - Pink Grapefruit


How about these flower pom toppers for something special? Bundled together for a gorgeous effect:

Cake toppers - Dunne with Style


These cake buntings come with optional name attachments as well – perfect for a personalised touch:

Shabby chic cake bunting & topper - Taffle Wishes


Washi tape is another new craze and you can find cake buntings pre-made using washi tapeĀ  if you don’t want to make it yourself:

Washi tape bunting - Inspiration Nest


These felt buntings are lovely and so easily reusable!

Birdy felt cake bunting - Sweet Tashie


Other options besides cake buntings & garlands is of course a cute cake topper such as a figurine that also make a nice keepsake after the party. Here are a few I found:

Nursery Rhyme cake topper - PassionArte


Personalised figurine topper - Cherry Red Toppers


Polymer clay toppers - Creations of clay


Peter Rabbit alphabet figurine - Peters of Kensington

Also available are acrylic cake toppers, and one such as this could be used many times over the years:

Acrylic cake topper - Creative by name


So many pretty, unique and fun options out there to offering simple ways to make a cake look extra special!



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  1. Shell Parker January 18, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Dear Tanya,
    Words can’t begin to express the absolute excitement and joy I just felt when I saw you had shared our Personalised Cake Bunting, along side all these exceptionally talented businesses, this has truly made my day.

    Thank you & happy planning everyone. xo Shell


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